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The Guide To Dating Argentinian Women: Are They Worth It In 2021

by Dantes

It is well established that Argentinian women are among the most beautiful in Latin America. Argentinian women also rank among the most stunning in the world. Located at the southern point of South America, Argentina has experienced vast numbers of immigration from Europe in the 1900s. Most of the immigrants came from the countries of Italy, Spain, and GermanyTherefore, a lot of the population of Argentina is of European descent.

In this article, we discuss what Argentinian women are like and if it is worth your time seducing them. After reading this article, you should have a solid grasp on whether the women of Argentina are worth the effort (spoiler, they are). The recent pandemic has made dating in general more difficult but it’s still worth the effort.

Upon the first impression, Argentinian women will blow you away with their striking looks. The volume and high quality of the women is pretty impressive. Despite, their well-earned reputation for looks, many men shy away from Argentina as a destination or from dating Argentinian women in their own cities. This is mainly due to the reputation the women have gained for being snobbish and stuck-up princesses.



The looks of Argentinian women

Argentinian Women

Let’s jump right into the most alluring element for Argentinian women. Due to their mixed European heritage, they tend to look like a cross between Southern European and Northern European. Their skin tones range from pale to olive and a mixture of the two.

Argentinian women are mostly natural brunettes, but blondes are not uncommon. Argentinian women with blonde hair and olive skin can truly be stunning. You will see more models in Argentina than any other country in Latin America. In fact, the beauty of the women of Argentina rivals the beauty of Ukrainian women.

Fashion in Argentina is very important for both men and women. Argentinian women carry themselves well with trendy, cosmopolitan clothing and high heels. Their bodies tend to be taller and more slender than their Brazilian and Colombian counterparts. While we value the attractiveness of Brazilian and Colombian women, the women of Argentina are the most beautiful in Latin America. There is also much less obesity in Argentina than other parts of the region.


How they compare with other women

Within South America, they have the prettiest faces of all countries including Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Argentinian women also blow away the talent in Chile, Bolivia, and Uruguay. Argentina has a European feel and so do the women. Argentinian women have a strong resemblance to European women. Their facial features and style of dress is more European-like than South American. At the top-end, they stack up very well with Russian and Ukrainian women. However, on average, I rate the eastern European beauties higher than the women of Argentina.

Their bodies are different than other Latinas. Argentinian women have classic model-like figures. They are thin, slender and elegant. You won’t be blown away by giant booties like in Cali or Santo Domingo. However, there are times you will feel like you are in a fashion show in Milan


Attitudes of Argentinian women

Argentinian women know their value. They are proud of their European heritage, but they also display more arrogance than women in neighboring countries. They consider themselves separate genetically and culturally from Latinas. Walking around Buenos Aires will feel like Rome, Paris or London. Argentines like to compare themselves to suave and sophisticated Europeans. This attitude comes across as snotty to other Latinos. In my travels within Latin America, Argentines have the worst reputation and often considered arrogant.

Men often complain about the arrogance of Argentine women. This is partially due to the social dynamics in Argentina. The culture in Argentina values social norms and social standing. Having a solid social circle is key in Argentina. It signals to women that you are a high-value man who is well respected in the community. One night stands do occur of course, but it is not common in Argentina. Men who are in the country for a short time and try to pick up women at nightclubs often fail despite solid game. This illustrates how important the social circle is for the women of Argentina in selecting a man to date.

Despite the sustained economic problems in Argentina, there is a sizable middle class. Along with Chile, Argentina has historically been the most prosperous counties in South America. Thus, women are less likely to be impressed with money and an American passport. Argentinian women are more likely to be swayed by fashion sense and Spanish language skills than your wallet.

Overall, their attitudes are quite different than typical Latinas. However, they possess one important trait with their cousins in Latin America. They can be flaky. Expect Argentinian girls to be late for dates. As in Colombia and Brazil, time is fluid in Argentina. Despite being more European, Argentines adopt a more Latin concept of time when it comes to socialization. It is common for women to show up late and even cancel last minute.

This is not always indicative of a lack of interest on their part. Their flakiness is a cultural manifestation of living in the moment. To illustrate, it is customary for Argentines to show up to parties and meeting with their friends late. Dating is no different. It is important to moderate your expectations, don’t take it personally, and adapt to the culture.

The easiest way to meet them has been online dating for a while now

Online dating has become really popular in Argentina over the past few years, especially post-Covid, and is easily the best way to meet Argentinian girls if you don’t speak great Spanish. Whether you’re traveling to Argentina or looking to meet girls local to where you’re at dating apps can be a really easy way to meet a lot of single girls quickly.

There are a couple of great options for guys depending on what they’re into:

When you’re just looking for a hookup Adult FriendFinder is going to be #1

In my experience, there is only one truly global hookup app and that’s Adult FriendFinder. Tinder can be OK if you’re a really good-looking guy but AFF has consistently worked for me and a lot of the regular-looking guys I’ve traveled with. Tinder is mostly filled with girls looking for an ego boost, not to actually meet up. AFF has been the opposite and a great experience for me.

It’s really nice to have an app that works in just about any city that has an English-speaking population of any size. It’s probably the best hookup app in your city and works really well in the major metros of Argentina. Give their free trial a shot and see what I’m talking about.

If you’re more of a relationship guy use Latin American Cupid

There aren’t many apps out there like Cupid. I’ve had a lot of success using it when I’m looking for something more long-term and not just casual fun. It’s pretty well known for being full of women who are primarily interested in foreign guys so if that’s what you’re looking for you need to try it.

Where to meet girls in person

The three top cities to meet Argentinian women  are:

  • Buenos Aires: The capital of Argentina is the ideal city to be situated in for a first-time visitor. Palermo is the neighborhood to stay and hit the nightclubs. Buenos Aires has all the comforts as any European capital, at a reasonable cost.
  • Mendoza: This city of 100,000 inhabitants will provide you with the highest exotic factor. While that isn’t saying much in Argentina, this is the best you can hope in an exotic edge. The women have darker skin and are more pleasant to interact with. Moreover, the women of Mendoza have brighter personalities than their sullen sisters in the big capital. Concentrate your nightlife efforts around Independence Plaza.
  • Cordoba: The second largest city has the best-looking Argentinian women in the country. It also has a sizable university population, so the women tend to be younger. Overall, Cordoba is the place to be if you want to challenge yourself in cracking into the best talent in Argentina.

Argentinian Women


Strategies for seduction

  • The most important factor you will need to secure these beauties is time. Argentina is not a fast hook-up culture. There is a dating process that takes at least 3 or 4 dates for sex to occur. For high quality, you will need time to develop a social group and to schedule dates.
  • Learn Spanish: The English levels are relatively low in Argentina. Argentines are proud of their language. Learning Spanish will pay dividends in being accepted into their culture. Note, their dialect is different from other countries in South America, so you will need to adjust to their accents.
  • Maximize your fashion: As already noted, fashion is very important. It is essential to wear fashionable, well-fitted clothing. Argentina is a great place to rock out a custom suit with a cool watch.
  • Adjust to the culture. Argentines have a similar lifestyle to those in Spain. They tend to eat dinner late (after 10 p.m.). This means that Argentinian women will usually arrive to bars from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.  After hour parties usually get going at 3 a.m. Night game will require late nights and a tremendous effort cracking into social circles. For better results and an earlier evening, hit the language exchange events and hostel parties. The quality will be lower, but your chances of hooking up will increase.
  • Daygame: Meeting women during the day will help you offset a lack of social circle. Approaching during the day is a great opportunity to meet hot women if you don’t like and nightclubs and late evenings. The women are also more friendly and approachable during the day than night when attitudes are higher.

Competition in Argentina

The men in Argentina are handsome and very well dressed. In my travels, I have heard countless women sing the praises of Argentinian men. Bring your A-Game to Argentina because you will need it. In order to compete with the local men, you will need to be fashionable, handsome, and in shape.

Not only are they attractive, but Argentinian men are also aggressive and approach very well. They tend to be confident, outgoing, and socially adept. They have a lot going for them all around, so you need to find an edge.

Argentinian women are less impressed with white skin than other Latinas. They, in fact, have a preference for their men. They are also not keen on dating other races. They are less open to dating outside of their culture than other Latinas. Men of an Argentine background do best. A distant second would be Spanish and Italian men. Men from North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia will need to work harder than the local men to crack into quality talent.


Closing thoughts on Argentinian women

Argentinian women are not only the most beautiful in Latin American but they rival for the most stunning women in the world. The top talent in Argentina can compete with the beauties in Russia and Ukraine. The social circle is king in Argentina, so players need a long stay in the country in order to have access to high-quality women. If a player is going to invest time,  then he should go all out in developing a solid social circle and perfecting his Spanish ability. These endeavors will go far in helping to crack into the top talent.

Are the women of Argentina worth it?

It really boils down to how much time and energy are you willing to invest. Premium talent like the women of Argentina comes with a cost. Men who are just embarking on their Latin American travel experience should consider Peru and the Dominican Republic where their exotic factor will be in their favor. Many men have traveled to Argentina and felt disappointed in their results. However, players who speak Spanish and who are experienced with seducing Latinas can find of a paradise of beautiful Latinas in Argentina.

Remember, time is a critical factor in dating in Argentina. It takes time to crack into tight social circles. If you are short on time (less than 2 weeks), you are better off traveling to Peru, the Dominican Republic or Brazil. However, If you have a few months and possess the right traits, then Argentinian women are worth it.

Interested in more destinations in South America? Read our guide to Rio.



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Anda a Cagar February 12, 2019 - 8:33 PM

This article is sexist, shaming, and completely wrong. Some hurting white male went to argentina and got his feelings hurt and now he writes pointless and insulting articles like this one. “More chances to hook up” or “during the night when the btich shield comes out”. Newsflash idiot, nobody wants you.

The Masculine Traveler February 13, 2019 - 4:19 PM

Thank you for illustrating our point about attitudes.

Mark February 22, 2019 - 10:55 AM

They are tough but can be had. I spent 3 months in BA. These women require a big investment in time, but it sure is worth it!

TMT February 22, 2019 - 1:41 PM

Thanks for the comment Mark

Michelle February 23, 2019 - 4:01 PM

My boyfriend is Argentinian. The men there are very handsome. When will you write an article on them? lol

Louise Rhodes March 18, 2019 - 5:11 AM

Spot on article. We Argentine women don’t want you or your readers here. Do yourselves a favour, don’t come to Argentina.

TMT March 20, 2019 - 2:16 PM


Fortunately, we found Argentines more welcoming than the sentiment of your comment.

Ada June 15, 2019 - 8:05 PM

May I wonder where you are from and what’s your education?

Sean September 3, 2019 - 3:12 PM


Now why would you condemn us who simply read the article? It seems you read the article too.

this is rly toxic October 28, 2019 - 2:01 AM

Us Argentine women are all confident, resourceful, hardworking, extremely intelligent and loving human beings. Have you ever considered that our “attitude” and “arrogance” is because men like you insult our value and treat us like objects? We don’t need you. We are not dependent on you. If you want our respect in Argentina then actually get it through your head that we are human beings. Stop treating us like crap and then insulting us when we speak up. We are strong women with or without you imposing your sexist views upon us, so save your comments for someone who will take your crap.

TMT November 27, 2019 - 5:44 PM

If you read our blog, you will find that we have respect for Latin women and we think many of them make great partners.

Will November 26, 2019 - 11:12 AM

Great article, thanks for the insight. I’m Mexican/Irish mix from the U.S., but I speak Spanish fluently. Hopefully things go well when I head over there.

TMT November 27, 2019 - 5:35 PM

Have a great trip. Feel free to post here on your experiences.

Vishnu March 27, 2020 - 7:49 AM

Interesting, in my experience as North-Indian, Argentine women were attracted to my different appearance. I got hit on all …the time. (I look like a younger, slightly more muscular Hassan Minaj.. who is literally the basic template for ALL Punjabi guys.)

Furthermore, there was a widespread interest in my religion (Hindu) that served as a total closer for me. As such, I’d have to disagree that Argentine women are most interested in dating within their own culture.

Jackson Winchester October 31, 2020 - 8:11 PM

I’m a white male and had a great time in Argentina! Loved the women, they loved me. Had 3 or 4 different girlfriends when I was there. Absolutely amazing experience.

Tony September 7, 2020 - 9:23 AM

Well, my wife is Argentine (and we have now been married for 17 years), so I must have done something right!

Franco October 20, 2020 - 8:15 PM

Argentinean women are the most head strong, stubborn, arrogant, beings I have ever come across. BUT, my Argentinean wife is also the most amazing women I know and if you want to drive a Ferrari you need to be committed to the maintenance of having the best. If you want an easy going average looking average type of women that doesn’t require the effort, look elsewhere. Is it worth it? That’s up to the individual but for me it’s the only way to go!

Ezekiel Stein January 7, 2021 - 8:32 PM

Who is the girl in the header picture?


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