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Asian Women: Dating & Yellow Fever Examined

by The Masculine Traveler
Asian women

For westerners, Asian women have come a long way from misunderstood, nerdy women to exotic beauties. I recall a conversation I had with my well-traveled relative, years ago. In a recount of his player days, he firmly predicted that I would appreciate Asian women when I turn 40.

Although I have never had a strong case of Yellow Fever myself, I recognize the unique characteristics that women of Asian descent hold for western men. In a world where traditional gender roles have evaporated, Asian women provide an alternative to western women through their submissiveness, femininity, and endearing dispositions.

Nothing ruffles the feathers more of a White woman than gazing upon an attractive White man with an Asian woman. Despite their rising contempt for White males, seeing mixed couples as such these, engenders bitterness and supreme jealousy. Women competitive in nature, seek to guard what is rightly theirs, even if involves deplorable White men.

In any event, Asian women have grown widely popular for men of all backgrounds. In this article, we set to examine the unique characteristics of these women that make them so sought after, currently. Moreover, we will provide our readers with the best methods of meeting and dating Asian women.

Characteristics of Asian women

Asian women in fact, are not all the same physically. While they share the common features of dark hair, brown eyes, and flatter facial features than Caucasians, they have varied looks. For examples, Korean women are taller and lighter in skin than their shorter, browner Cambodian counterparts. Asia is a mix of diverse cultures, languages and customs. Consequently, there is no one size and shape with respect to women. Nevertheless, we can make some generalizations.

Generally speaking, Asian women are petite, thin, and short. They seem much more delicate physically than other races. They possess fewer curves than European and Latinas. Many men feel dominant in the company of them due to their slight figures.

Their delicate presentation matches their personalities. Asian women generally are more submissive than their western counterparts. They are raised to be subordinate to men. Men make most of the decisions in Asian households. Asian girls are expected to be loyal, amenable, and devoted to family.

Asians are typically shaped by their culture, to not stand out. This collectivist mentality shapes the personalities of Asian women. They are typically unassuming, straight-forward and conservative in behavior. They do not relish in rocking the boat or starting drama. One word comes to mind in representing their attitude: Demure.

Although they show restraint in behavior, they love to dress feminine. They are fond of wearing, shirts, heels and make-up. At their best, they can be stunningly beautiful.

Asian Persuasion: The Allure of Asian women

The following are salient factors that render Asian women highly alluring:

  • A nice alternative: As we describe the unique traits of Asian girls, the allure is easy to see. They offer an attractive alternative to the stale and toxic dating dynamic in the West. Asian women are a breath of fresh air. Men find them alluring due to the ease of communication and interaction. Asian women are not driven by drama. They tend to seek harmony in the home.
  • Anti-aging: Another allure is that they age very well. It is very difficult to guess the age of Asians. Due to their diet and genetics, Asians age better than any other races. It is common to see middle-aged Asian women look 10 to 20 years younger.
  • Sexuality: Although typically shy, Asian women are highly sexual. An Asian woman assumes a submissive role in bed and seeks to please her man. AfFulfilling sex life is a cornerstone to a healthy relationship. Asian women seem to have an inherent understanding of this axiom.
  • Adaptability: Asians have relocated all over the world. Asians more than any other race have demonstrated high adaptability and assimilation to other cultures. Asians have been prospering in the United States, Europe, and South America for a long time. Foreign Asian wives have a strong chance to adapt very well to a western lifestyle.
  • Education: Educational achievement is very important in Asian cultures. In fact, Asian children are instilled at a young age to place the highest importance on education. Due to their commitment to learning, Asian women are able to attain well-paying jobs and contribute financially to the home. This factor also influences their success in adapting to new cultures.

Yellow Fever Defined 

Yellow Fever first had its appearance in the lexicon when it was named after a virus in the southeast tropics.

Yellow Fever for our purposes refers to a strong preference for dating Asian women. Some even define it as an obsession. Men with self-diagnosed Yellow Fever state a strong desire to exclusively date Asian women. Aside from the physical and personality traits of Asian women, these men develop a strong interest in all things Asian: ranging from food, language and film.

Many western media outlets attempt to shame White men for their predilection for dating Asians. These men are characterized as unsuccessful with “their own kind” and whose only chance at consummating relationships are with Asian women. This criticism is an extension of society’s castigation for White men who date outside their race. If the shoes were on the other foot, would women receive such excoriation? Even scientific publications such as Psychology Today shame men for their preference in Asian women, citing, “They distort reality and create an environment of misunderstanding and even oppression.”

Asian women

Online Dating

There are countless dating websites and apps that cater to linking men with Asian women. The value and utility of these websites vary. Some are outright fraudulent. While others are a legitimate business that have real Asian women as users. The best website for dating Asian women that I have used is Asian Dating.

In addition to boasting over 2.5 million registered users, Asian Dating is a part of Cupid Media, which is a well-established business for International Dating.

Asian dating is a premier dating website that links men to Asian women from all over the world. What sets this site apart from the competition, is the opportunity to meet Asian women from all over the world. There is a larger representation from Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, among other countries. Many Asian women living in western countries are registered on Asian dating. It is fairly common for men in fact, to meet Asian girls on Asian Date who live in their own backyard.

The Different Types of Asian Women

Asian women share commonalities, but also distinct cultural differences. These cultural differences are observed the vast geographical areas in Asia. They can be broken down into the following groups:

North Asian women are considered to be from the Asia part of Russia. These women are from countries such as Russia, Mongolia and China. The women generally resemble East Asians. East Asians tend to be taller and lighter in skin complexion. East Asian women are from countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, parts of China, and Hong Kong. East Asian women are generally regarded as more attractive, intelligent and educated.

The women from Southeast Asia garner the most attention in the international dating community. Southeast Asians are known to be physically shorter and darker in complexion. They also have the reputation for being more open towards dating foreigners. Southeastern Asian women hail from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Central Asian women are often overlooked. In my experience, they are some of the most beautiful Asian women. Taller and curvier than most Asian women, they owe more of their genetic composition to Russian genes. In fact, many of Central Asian counties such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan where part of the former Soviet Union. These countries are off the beaten path for most travelers. However, the beauty of the local women and their receptiveness to meeting foreigners is special.

West Asians are also overlooked or flatly dismissed as being Asian. These countries include Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The middle eastern countries are also categorized as West Asian sometimes. The women from this region have a different physical appearances and look much more Caucasian. There are some true gems to be explored in this region. In particular, we hold Baku, Yerevan, and Tbilisi and a great destination to meeting women for long-term relationships.

Where to Meet Asian women

There are voluminous Asian women living, working and studying in western cities such as New YorkLondonChicago, and San Fransisco. These cities have a high population of Asians. They can be met in traditional ways such as online dating, bars, malls, and through social circle. Many of these Asians become very westernized after one generation. For this reason, many men target FOB (Fresh off the Boat) Asians as they retain more of their culture and values.

Men who are searching abroad should sign up for an Asian Dating account and start considering a trip to the following destinations:

Asian women


Japanese women symbolize Asian beauty and submissiveness. They are perhaps considered the most beautiful among  Asians. In short, they have the following pros and cons:


  • Highly attractive
  • Slim
  • Beautiful complexions


  • Language barrier
  • Japan is expensive.
  • Cultural barriers


Korean women are not far behind Japanese women in terms of looks.


  • Korean women have the best bodies in Asia.
  • They raise the bar for Asian beauty through cosmetics, plastic surgery and fashion.
  • They are tall and slender.


  • They do not like to date outside their religion (Catholic).
  • Many Korean women prefer Korean men.
  • They are materialistic.

The Philipines

Filipina women are the Latinas of Asia.


  • They are friendly, open and sweet.
  • Filipinas are more curvy in the body than other Asians.
  • They have a preference for meeting foreigners.
  • They speak English well.
  • Filipinos adapt well to living abroad.
  • They are caring and nurturing.
  • They have a preference for large age differences between a man and a woman.


  • The Philippines is a poor country. Be cautious about their intentions for meeting a foreigner.
  • The food is awful.


Vietnamese girls are a nice blend of new world with old world Asia


  • They are very traditional.
  • Vietnamese food  is outstanding.
  • They love to cook for their man.
  • They are not sexually promiscuous.
  • The talent is beautiful at the high-end.


  • The average woman in Vietnam is not attractive.
  • Although safe, Vietnam is a communist country.

Asian women


Thai girls are the easiest to get along with in Asia.


  • They are highly sexual.
  • Thai girls do not have guilt about premarital sex.
  • They are friendly, easy-going, and have a go-with-the-flow attitude.
  • Thailand is a beautiful destination.


  • Thailand has too much prostitution.
  • Thai women do not adapt as well abroad, as other Asian women.
  • They are lousy planners and do not think logically.


Cambodia women are easy-going and approachable.


  • A foreign man has high exotic factor in Cambodia.
  • Cambodia is a cheap destination.
  • Cambodian women are underrated in looks.
  • The high-end girls are often virgins before marriage.


  • The line is thin between prostitution and dating.
  • The upper-class girls are difficult to date without strong ties to Cambodia.


Chinese women are the largest and most diverse group of Asian women.


  • China is a vast country which produces a variety of looks in the local women.
  • Chinese women are said to make excellent wives. They are prudent and practical.


  • They are not spiritual/religious.
  • China is still very much a communist country.
  • Foreigners are not always received well in China.
  • Chinese are xenophobic.

Closing Thoughts on Asian Women

Asian women and White men couples are receiving a lot of attention. The evidence is clear statistically and anecdotally that White men have shown a stronger presence for dating Asian women over several years. There are various forces at play which impact this cultural tend. For starters, many men have become disenfranchised in their local dating markets.

These men look for an alternative to the toxic dating environment that plagues the United States and the United Kingdom. For some men, dating Asian women offer as welcomed shift. Asian women present with valuable traits such as refreshing femininity, the assumption of traditional gender roles, and a demure disposition.

White men and Asian women couples have attracted an onslaught of criticism from mainstream media. The men are excoriated for engaging in a racist fetish, while the women are quietly subjected to disapproval. Men who are open about their “Yellow Fever” are subjected to shame and contempt.

Men who have a sincere interest in meeting Asian women for relationships are encouraged to absorb the information presented in this article, designed to direct them towards fulfilling experiences with Asian women. They can start their journey by browsing Asian Dating.

Feel free to leave comments pertaining to your experiences dating Asian women, we’d like to hear your feedback.


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Marco March 24, 2019 - 2:55 PM

Nice, well-written, informative article. I think I’ve got yellow fever haha

I’ve had a question in my head for some time, I’d like to ask a well-traveled man: With the internet & international ultra-connectivity in today’s world, do you think the feminist cancer will infest Asia, Latinamerica, Africa in the near future? like it has infested the US/Canada/West Europe?

Foster March 25, 2019 - 3:03 PM

As an Asian man I see a lot more white guys wifh Asian girls than the reverse. I’m
Not hating, I prefer light skinned black girls like from Dominican Republic.

Dale Alexander June 22, 2019 - 12:24 AM

I am 62, and I have had an attraction to Asian women since I was 16. I met a South Korean woman 3 years ago that proved I was correct about what I felt about these beauties. I am now dating a Chinese/Vietnamese woman and couldn’t be happier. Many of the things you mention in your article are true and very refreshing considering what white women think they are “entitled” to. I find the conservative, strong family values wonderful. I joke about being the 5th person in her life, after her parents, and her children. If a white man can get used to not being the center of her universe for the small amount of time she is with her family, he WILL be the center at all other times. And make the honest attempt to learn her native language, it will win over her family and friends big time.

Farah Rea - Arifov July 26, 2019 - 3:58 AM

I was born in Philipines and I grew up here in the states … NOW

First of all, I strongly agree that Filipinos are the LATINOS of ASIA ( more than 400 years of Spanish Rule duh !)
but also strongly disagree with how you describe the and insulted this TRopical Island. Yes, It may not be as rich as Japan nor Korea, but this country s a thriving country and it is much more modernized than either Cambodia nor Vietnam ( Thank you, Uncle Sam, for that and duh it has the BIGGEST MALL in ASIA right now).

Now for FOOD? I so so strongly DISAGREE, the Philippines is a culture of a melting pot, and so thus our cuisine from Spanish to American and yes even Arab and Chinese are all rolled into a specific taste. So for you to say that Filipino food is GROSS or NASTY, I totally disagree on you on that!

And if you are also gonna mention ASIAN Countries, I think you need to tackle all Asian countries such as the following:

Myanmar (formerly Burma)
North Korea
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates (UAE)

there …
thanks and GOD BLESS!

Roel April 24, 2020 - 2:43 AM

What is the name of the girl in the first picture?


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