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Austrian Girls: Dating Where the Hills Are Alive With Cute Girls

by The Masculine Traveler
Austrian girls

As a feature writer for TMT, I never thought I would be covering Austrian girls. My first trip to Austria was ski trip with my ex-girlfirend. I was happy enough for a relaxing getaway in the Alps and really didn’t notice the caliber of local woman.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by a recent trip in which the Austrian girls caught my eye. Admittedly, I had low expectations, as I assumed Austrian women would be the same as the women in Germany. To my dismay, not only are Austrian women more attractive, they way cooler and relatable.

Having spent quite a bit of time in Germany, I found German women to be boring and almost asexual.

My faulty assumptions on Austrian women were colored by my experiences in Germany.

My trip to Vienna and Salzburg really changed my opinion of Austrian girls and Austria as a country. Austrians are a proud people and take great pride in their country. Their culture has been overshadowed by Germany culture for quite some time. However, if we take a closer examination, Austria has much more of a mix of neighboring regions. Czech, Hungarian, Slovakian, Italian and even traces from Romania are evident in Austria. It makes sense since the Austria-Hungarian empire was huge and encompasses people from multiple nationalities.

This interesting mix plays out in the looks and personalities of Austrian women. Although not as warm as Italians or Greeks, Austrians are friendly for the region they inhabit. I found my conversations with women to be smooth and easy going. Also, their English levels are very high.

In terms of their looks, they are surprisingly beautiful and definitely have a leg-up in German women. Blondes, Brunettes and even red-heads can be seen in Austria, with more diverse complexions than Germany. Austrian women also have more sex appeal than their Bavarian cousins.

Overall, Austrian girls are much more relatable. In addition, they are fun to party with.

On average they are more attractive than Swiss and German girls. They don’t quite peak in beauty the way Slavic girls do,so don’t expect the absolute smoke shows like in Kiev. However, they have a nice, even keeled personalities that makes me want to send more time in Central Europe.

In a nutshell, think of Austrian girls as better versions for German girls with some vibe and spiciness.

Meeting Girls in Vienna

Vienna is clean and well laid out just like most German cities. It is a solid city for walking so day game has ample oppounties. In meeting women during the day, check out these areas in Vienna:

  • Schwedenplatz
  • Stephanplatz area
  • Mariahilferstraße

In terms of Nightlife, check out the following venues:

  • Schwedenplatz: is an area with bars and clubs with plenty of options. it is known as one of the better pick-up areas in Vienna.
  • Loco: is a venue that is solid on Wednesdays.
  • Donau: an alternative venue that attracts a hipster crowd.
  • Rude Club: is a solid bar for meeting international students

Salzburg for Meeting Women

Salzburg not only has breathing taking nature, but the women also seem more relaxed. Perhaps the girls in Vienna fall victim to big city living. The girls in Salzburg and more relaxed and approachable during the day.

Check out the following areas for meeting women during the day in Salzburg:

  • Altstadt Salzburg (Old Town)
  • Salzburg Cathedral
  • Mozart’s Birthplace
  • Hohensalzburg Castle
  • The Residenzplatz

While day game is solid, nightlife is even better for meeting girls. Here is the short list for nightlife venues in Salzburg:

  • Half Moon 
  • Stagebar
  • Jazzit Lokal Göllner

Online Dating for Austrian Women

There are two main dating apps for finding Austrian women online:

International Cupid and Tinder

They both work fairly well, but the reason I prefer International Cupid is that I travel a lot and I can meet girls on this app from any country in the world. Variety is the space of life, so International Cupid is as solid as they come for apps that cater to multiethnic women.

Closing Thoughts

Austria isn’t a paradise for men. However, based on my experiences in Germany I was pleasantly surprised by the pleasant dispositions and cute looks of Austrian girls. Maybe you will give Austria a second look.

Feel free to drop us a line about your travel and dating experiences in Austria. We love hearing from our readers!


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1 comment

Dominic July 14, 2020 - 11:52 PM

I agree that Austrian women are friendlier and more easy to talk to than German women. In fact the same goes for Austrians in general. On my trip I made friends with several Austrian women and found them to be rather delightful, which was a surprise as i expected them just to be another version of Germans. I think Austrians are more easy going and enjoy the pleasures of life more than Germans. “Wein, Weibe und Gesang” is a famous Austrian saying after all
:” Wine , Women and Song.”


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