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The Full Guide To Dating & Attracting Azeri Women Around Baku Azerbaijan in 2021

by The Masculine Traveler
Group of Azeri women on the streets of Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan is one of the least reported about destinations in the Former Soviet Union. Prior to my trip, I spent hours searching for reputable content on this mysterious destination (and of course, Azeri women). My search yielded few reliable reports and I was relegated to reading lame reviews on TripAdvisor.

I knew very little about Baku and its people. I read reports of its oil wealth and fancy hotels. However, what of its culture, mentality and looks and attitudes of its women? I set out to Baku with an open mind and did very little planning for my trip.

What I discovered was a relatively untouched city with beautiful and exotic local women.

The following Azeri Girls And Baku City Guide is based on a recent stay during the summer. Learn from my experience and drastically improve your ability to meet single girls even in a post-Covid world.


The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local Azeri women: 3.75 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 4 / 5
Receptiveness to Night game approach: 3/ 5
Logistics: 4 / 5
Cost: 3.5 / 5
English Levels: 3.25 / 5

Azeri Women – Impressions from Baku

azeri women

Now for the part you have been waiting for – Azeri women.

If you like light-skinned, Middle-Eastern looking women, Baku will be a paradise for you. Azeri women have long dark hair, seductive brown eyes, and beautiful tanned skin. Obesity is not a problem overall, despite the numerous fast-food chains in Baku. Women are generally thin but come in different proportions.

I was pleasantly surprised that Azeri women had amazing bodies. Their bodies remind me a little of Romanian girls. Girls from Baku take care of themselves with regard to fashion, high heels, make-up,  manicures, and hair. They take great pride in being a beautiful woman.

English levels are similar to FSU and perhaps slightly higher. Most people are able to communicate in basic English. The first language is Azeri which is similar to Turkish. Russian is the second language and widely spoken and understood. Like all the FSU countries, a knowledge of Russian goes a long way.

We recommend the Russian Pimsleur Language Program.

Russian and Turkish culture have left indelible marks on Azeri culture. Azeri people have some resentment towards Russia due to the Soviet Union’s past control and support of Armenia. They look at Turkish people as their cousins. They feel similar to them with respect to culture and even language. Azeris love traveling to Turkey for holidays in the summer. Turkish restaurants are in multitude in Baku.


It is important to note that Azerbaijan although secular, is still a Muslim country. Always keep this in mind with regard to women. Public displays of affection are not acceptable. Do not touch or kiss women in public unless you are married to them.

Azeri women exude sexuality and seductiveness, but they have restraint and expect men to act like gentlemen in public.

Meeting Azeri girls the easy way

If you’re not fluent in Azerbaijani the easiest way to meet Azeri girls is going to be online. Fortunately, there are a couple of popular sites that have really taken off with the locals. They’re also great for meeting Azeri women in many Western countries.

There are a lot of Azeri women that are open to meeting and dating foreigners but they aren’t always easy to spot around the city. It’s MUCH faster and easier to use an app or site and find dozens of them very quickly. Now, these are the two best options right now for guys who want to meet Azeri women:

Guys that only want a hookup or casual fun should use Adult FriendFinder

When it comes to finding a more casual relationship in Baku, especially for a visitor, Adult FriendFinder is the best app right now. It’s really popular among English speakers and tends to attract girls that actually want to meet up not those that are just looking for attention (like on Tinder). It’s been my favorite options across many different cities, both in Asia and many Western countries. Being able to consistently meet women while traveling and back in the West is pretty great.

What really sets it apart though is that “normal” guys have had a lot of success using it. If you’re really hot Tinder will work for you but average guys usually strike out. With AFF, it tends to be much different.  Check out their free trial and see why it works for so many guys.

When you ONLY want a long-term relationship Russian Cupid is the best

Cupid has become THE dating site for women to meet foreign guys for long-term relationships, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. It’s really popular for this and Western guys tend to do really well using it.

If you really want a relationship, even a long-distance one, this is the first site you should try. It’s great for several different countries so don’t be afraid to branch out if you plan on visiting different spots. Check it out here.


There are very few western foreigners in Baku for tourism. There is a small population of European and American ex-pats working in the Oil industry. Baku doesn’t receive much tourism from Western counties, which makes this destination extremely unknown for players. Most of its tourists are from Middle Eastern countries. The men from these countries prefer to go the p4p route, so it is easy to differentiate yourself from them.

Baku is not a paradise for women currently. Cultural and religious factors still hold women back from embracing their full sexuality. However, the culture and attitudes of its women are changing. Most of them want more independence from their families to travel and date. They are far more opened-minded than their parent’s generation.

Many women are virgins before marriage and this is what society expects from them. In speaking with local men, they all state their expectation that a suitable wife is a virgin. Despite this attitude, local men sleep with as many girls as possible.  Baku has many contradictions once you scratch beneath its surface.

All local women told me that Azeri women are dying to meet men from Europe and the States. Their dream is to live in U.K or America. They see marriage with a western man as an elevation in status and an avenue to a better life. They also feel somewhat trapped living in Baku; living in a Western country means they can live a full, independent life without scrutiny and judgment.

Despite their yearning for a more western life, they are proud of their heritage and place importance on their relationships with family members and friends.

A foreign gentleman with solid Game can do quite well in Baku. It is a city and a culture where the attitudes on sex and dating are developing. The old system of decades ago has been shaken. However, it is not quite there yet. Although it happens, Azeri girls will take some time to bed if you are dating her in Baku. Outside Baku, sex will progress much faster. But in Baku, discretion in public is important.



The development of its dating culture is exemplified by its nightlife. Most of the top clubs have hard Face Control. Nightlife is set up as an avenue for couples and mixed groups to enjoy cocktails and music. Groups of guys and solo guys have a difficult time gaining entrance. Most of the top Nightclubs double as a restaurant and Discotech( later on).  I suggest the following:

  • Contact the club to make a reservation for a table. This is a solid strategy but one that does not always work. You may still be denied access if you are unaccompanied by a woman.
  • Arrive early in a jacket or suit. Be the best-dressed man in the club.
  • If the bouncer balks at your entrance, tell him that you plan to have a few drinks at the bar and your friends will be meeting you later on in the evening.

I advise you to check out the following clubs:

Eleven: located on the 11th floor of the Park Inn Hotel is currently the hottest venue in Baku. All girls would love to wine and dine at Eleven. Typically it is only open on Friday and Saturday. Eleven has the hardest face control in Baku. Unless you have a connection or you are with a girl, your entrance will be difficult.

Pacifico: another restaurant turned club, after hours. Pacifico has a great view of the Caspian Sea and the terrace is a great place to isolate a girl. The club is a bit small so it can get packed. I found it best at Pacifico after hours from around 3 a.m. to 6 am. on Saturday. It is easier to get in than Eleven.

Enerji Club: This should be your go-to club for meeting fine Azeri girls. The ratios are solid and there should be enough groups of girls, unaccompanied by men. Enerji is solid Friday, Saturday, and Thursday(call in advance to verify they are open).

Bars in Baku for talent is a bit disappointing. Many of the bars are tired, old ex-pat scenes. However, it is a great place to make friends and find a wing in Baku. Check out:

Shakespeare’s, Phoenix, Harbor Grill, Decanter Pub.

Shakespeare’s and Phoenix are ex-pat hangouts. Decanter Pub is solid on Wednesday night for “Quiz Night”. Harbor Grill, located in Baku Port is a solid upscale venue to hit on Friday and Saturday evenings before the clubs.

Daygame in Baku is the sweet spot. Girls are very friendly and approachable. Fountain Square with its pedestrian walkways has ideal logistics for running street approaches. Be wary: the Azeri men are harmless and don’t interfere, however, they take great interest in seeing you approach women. They will gawk, stare and offer comments which make the approach seem like you are doing it under a microscope.

Also, be cautious of police in Fountain Square. They are not aggressive, but my first Direct approach caught their eye and they questioned me on what I was doing. I responded with, “I am asking for directions to Old Town.”  This seemed to satisfy them playing the lost tourist card and they let me go. Try to be subtle when approaching in Fountain Square because all eyes will be on you. Spam approaching will not be possible or advisable. Select your targets wisely.

I found that opening girls Indirectly was a good way to establish comfort. Local women are not used to be approached directly by a man during the day. Thy only men in Baku who do this are soliciting hookers. The best strategy I found for Daygame was an Indirect opener (e.g. asking for directions), followed by a direct statement of interest. If a girl is interested, her face will light up when you tell her you are from USA, UK or Canada etc.

In addition to the streets by Fountain Square, Baku has several malls which are solid for meeting women during the day. Check out:

  • 28 of May mall
  • Baku Port Mall
  • Bulvar Shopping
  • Aff Mall

The verdict on Azeri women and Baku

The city of Baku is a cheap imitation, but the people are not. They are warm, genuine, and welcoming. The local men and women go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Being a western foreigner gives you an advantage with women. They dream of living in American and Scotland. They value their own culture but feel imprisoned by it. They long to break free of the cultural and religious shackles to live a life with less judgment. Azeri girls love American music, culture and film.

Game is not required for Azeri women. In fact, I suggest that you do not go for the close on the first date. This will differentiate you from the Middle Eastern men who seek to buy sex. Azeri women are not used to the “hook up” culture. But they respond well to a confident, worldly gentleman. If you like her, enjoy the good old-fashioned courting process.

Along with Belarusian women, Azeri women are ideally suited for marriage. Men who are wife hunting abroad can do much worse than Azerbaijan. Generally, they are loyal, faithful, and assume a submissive role with men. This does not mean they are mere objects. I was impressed with Azeri’s feminine nature, sense of humor, and thirst for adventure.

Currently, it has favorable conditions to meet beautiful women for an LTR or marriage. Look for Baku to change over the next 5-10 to be more westernized in their attitudes towards sex. A barometer for this change will be when clubs start shifting from the couple’s model towards more emphasis on singles meeting singles.

Until then, come to Baku and enjoy your unique foreigner status with beautiful women who will be ideally suited for long-term relationships.

Meet Azeri women online now.

azeri women

The Visa Process

Americans and most Europeans need a Visa for Azerbaijan. The good news is that it’s fast to obtain one online. You can purchase an e-Visa here.

The application takes only 5 minutes to compete and the visa will be issued within 3 Business days.

The cost for a single-entry Visa for 30 days is $30 USD. Your visa will be emailed to you. Print it out and show the customs official upon arrival.  Also, keep a copy of the visa on your phone.

Remember to show your Visa upon exiting the country as well.



The official currency of Azerbaijan is the Manat.

As of August 2017, 1 USD is equal to 1.7 Manat.

Check here for current currency rates.

Credit cards are widely accepted in Azerbaijan. There also secure ATM machines in major hotels and in Fountain Square.


Climate of Azerbaijan

The average temperature is a comfortable 57 degrees F. The summer is hot and humid, but not unbearable with temperatures in the 80s F.

Baku is a windy city with provides a pleasant breeze in the summer.


Logistics of Baku

Located on the Caspian Sea and Caucasus region, Baku is the capital and largest city in Azerbaijan. It is situated almost 100 feet below sea level. Almost 25 percent of the country’s population resides in Baku, an estimated 2 million people. Baku is the country’s main industrial, cultural and educational center. It is also a major international trade port due to its unique location.

Oil was discovered in Azerbaijan in the late 1800s and it soon developed into an energy powerhouse in the region. Everything in Baku revolves around the energy sector. It is the one and only industry. Almost all successful locals and expats are working in this field.

Direct flights from Baku are available from New York, Istanbul, Tbilisi, Moscow and Riga, and Kiev. Heydar Aliyev International Airport is located about 15 miles outside the city center. A taxi ride will take about 20-30 minutes to reach the center. Uber is a solid option with plenty of cars available. Private taxis are also ubiquitous. Hailing a taxi from the street is more expensive than Uber, but not killer. You should negotiate your price before entering the car. It is also safe and reliable. The metro and buses are dirt cheap, about 20 cents for a ride. Most people in Baku use mass transit of some kind.

The best way to describe Baku is a Veneer. Baku has a nice city center with luxury shops, malls, pedestrian walkways and landmark buildings. However, step outside these locations and you will find the real Baku-ugly, dusty and old dilapidated Soviet buildings bereft of charm and style. Baku likens itself to an up-and-coming Dubai. In reality, it is a cheap imitation of the Middle East’s gem.

With this in mind, logistics are important. There are several nice hotels in the center, including:

Park Inn

Fairmont Hotel-Flame Towers

JW Marriott

One a short stay, it is worth staying in one of these quality properties in the city center. For longer stays, an apartment as close to Fountain Square is advisable.

Fountain Square is the main pedestrian walkway in the center. It is lined with shops, cafes, bars. Locals and tourists walk around endlessly through the loop. Fountain Square is the ideal location for a player’s stay. It is also a short walk from Old Town, the Caspian Sea, and 28 of May Shopping Mall.

Check out Powerhouse Gym in Aff Mall for 10 Manat per day.


Sightseeing in Baku

You’re coming for the Azeri women, we know – but just in case you want to see a few things around Baku during the visit:

  • Old Town: The oldest part of the city is a small, but a charming refuge from an otherwise modernizing city. There are a few sites within Old Town worth seeing: The Palace of the Shriven Shahs


  • Also in Old Town, Maiden’s Tower, an astronomical observatory, built between the 7th and 12th centuries.


  • Nizami (Torgovaya) St and Fountain Sq, (Near the Old City): is a pedestrian street along the center of Baku that has many shopping, dining, and sitting places. This is the best place for streets approaches.
  • Seaside Boulevard: a nice walkway parallel to the Caspian Sea.
  • The Flame Towers are the most famous landmark building in Baku. The three flame towers light up at night to give beautiful views.
  • Pools: for 50 Manat per day you can swim in the upscale Fairmont Hotel.


  • Aqua Park Shikhov: for 12 Manat you can have access all day to this aqua park. it is mainly for local middle to lower class Azeri’s who want to escape the summer heat.


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