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Beautiful Colombian Girls: Dating in Cali, Colombia

by The Masculine Traveler
Cali Colombia Datasheet and Dating Guide

Beautiful Colombian women are in Cali, Colombia in force. The women of Cali are some of the most sexy in all of Colombia. Cali is a known as the “Capital de la Salsa” and is world renown for this popular music and dance. “La Feria de Cali” is the main cultural event in the city taking place from December 25th until the 30th. During this time, the streets are filled with parades, salsa concerts, bullfights, athletics and other cultural activities.

Officially Santiago de Cali, “Cali” is the 3rd largest city in Colombia with a population of 2.5 million.  Cali has a long history, founded in the 1500s, as it has developed into a major industrial and economic city in the southwest of Colombia.

The following is a guide to meeting and dating the beautiful Colombian women of Cali


The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 3.5/5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 4/5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 2/5
Logistics: 3.5/5
Cost: 4/5
English Levels: 2/5



Cali only has one season: hot!  Average highs during the day approach 90F/32C



Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport is located 16km outside the city center.  This airport has many domestic flights and international fights from cities such as Panama City, Miami, Lima, Madrid, Amsterdam, and San Salvador.  VivaColombia is a budget airline that has daily flights to Medellin, Bogota, and Cartagena.

Terminal de Transportes is the main bus terminal serving Cali.  Expreso Bolivariano is the most reputable bus company offering routes to Bogota, Medellin, and many other cities within Colombia.  The bus to Bogota is roughly 10 hours and 8 hours to Medellin.  Both routes offer overnight passages.  Fares can be bought at the bus station prior to departure.

Taxis are numerous and cheap.  However, taxis in Cali can be dangerous. It is best to use official taxis and Uber, as opposed to unregistered taxis.

Beautiful Colombian Girls: Dating in Cali, Colombia

Granada is the best place to rent an apartment. I was able to stay at the Hotel Intercontinental Cali for about $35 dollars per night when IHG was running their Pointsbreak Promotion.  Pointsbreak by IHG is one of the best hotel redemptions at only 5k points.

Hotel Intercontinental is well located just outside Granada and boasts a huge pool, beautiful grounds and a full gym.

Hotel Cuarta Avenida is a moderately priced studio apartment complex, well situated in Granada.


Things to Do in Cali/Sites

  • Salsa Dancing: Cali is one of the most famous Salsa cities in the world. It is world renown for its salsa clubs and dance schools.
  • Cristo Rey: The statue of Christ, similar to Cristo de Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. This site offers a great city views.
  • Iglesia de San Antonio: Great colonial architecture in downtown.
  • Zoological de Cali: One of South America’s best zoos.
  • Plaza de Cayzedo: The main square in downtown Cali.
  • San Antonio: Charming neighborhood with colonial architecture. There is local entertainment on the weekends.  It is best to avoid at night as it gets dangerous.


Although Cali has come along way from its drug cartel days in the 80s and 90s, theft, robbery and other violent crimes do occur.  Tourists are usually not targeted, but it is best to stay in safe areas and to take licensed taxis or Uber at night.  Do not use any flashy jewelry and be cautious when using your Smartphone.  Phones and jewelry make you a target in Cali.



English levels are quite low in Cali. They are in fact lower than Medellin and significantly lower than Bogota.  Learning Spanish will enhance your experience in Colombia and improve your dating prospects with Colombian women.

We recommend the Pimsleur Language program for learning Spanish as a great first stepping stone to getting a good command of the language.



The women of Cali, “Calenas” tend to be Morenas. They are short, curvy with beautiful long dark hair. I rate Calenas slightly below the women of Medellin, “Paisas”.  Breast and butt implants are common for the women in Cali.  hey tend to wear tight, sexy clothing, not shy to highlight their sexy assets.

As with most of the women in Colombia, they are eager to meet. However, Flakiness is a problem.  They are less flaky than Pasias, but their flakiness is ingrained in their culture.


Beautiful Colombian Girls: Dating in Cali, Colombia



Like most Colombian cities, Online Game and Day game are the best methods for meeting the women of Cali. It is difficult to pull at night due to girls going out in large social groups.

Meeting girls online through Tinder and ColombianCupid.com are both viable options. Sex happens quickly in Cali; however, girls are flaky. Arriving late and canceling dates are common traits among Colombian women. You best bet is to schedule multiple dates for the date in anticipation of girls flaking.

Daygame represents the best option for meeting the quality Colombian women in Cali. Colombian women in Cali are generally sweet, friendly and open to being approached. Due to a history of violence in Cali, they are more comfortable being approached in daylight in a controlled environment as opposed to night.

Street approaches are difficult due to the heat.

I recommend the following Daygame venues for meeting the women of  Cali:

  • Chipichape Mall: a large upscale big shopping center with indoor and outdoor areas. In addition to the various shops, there are several outdoor bars and cafes for instant dates.
  • Unicentro Mall is the largest mall in Cali, located in the South. Unicentro boasts over 200 stores and several cafes and bars for instant dates.
  • Palmetto Plaza: Many outdoor bars and cafes. Popular with younger girls from Cali.
  • Centro commercial Centenario: Indoor mall located in Granada. Talent is hit or miss, but worth a look if you are staying in Granada as it will be the closest mall to your pad.

Want more information on Colombian women? Look no further.



Nightlife in Cali revolves around Salsa clubs.

Women from Cali go out in large and often mixed groups. Due to the strong social dynamics, it is difficult to pull at night in Cali.  Some of the clubs have a great vibe. However, Online Game and Daygame in Cali will be much better options for meeting girls in Cali.

For Nightlife in Cali, check out some of the open air space clubs in Menga which are upscale with several different Salsa clubs. Avenida Sexta also has some decent clubs, but the area is a bit rougher.Beautiful Colombian Girls: Dating in Cali, Colombia


The Verdict

Besides, some colonial charm in San Antonio and Grenada, Cali  is an uninteresting and dull city. There is very little to do during the day, but it has a vibrant night scene, famous for Salsa.

I rate the women of Cali right behind those of Medellin for the best looking Colombian girls. I like the vibe of the girls and their look. They are slightly thicker than the girls in Medellin. Plastic surgery is very common, so expect to see artificially enhanced breasts and butts.

I was able to pull twice in my 5 days in Cali: one from online with ColombianCupid.com and the other my first day approach at Chipichape Mall. The latter girl lives in a smaller city in Colombia and developed into a mini-relationship.

I would like to spend more time here before I can make a full assessment. My initial impressions indicate that Cali is an easy place to pull, particularly when comparing it to Medellin.  The women of Cali are sexy, curvy and friendly.

Beautiful Colombian Girls: Dating in Cali, Colombia

Cali is easy to navigate and cheap. The Salsa clubs and schools give Cali some cultural class in an otherwise dull town.  The best aspect of Cali is the sexy, friendly, laid-back girls that are easy to meet through Daygame and with Colombian Cupid.

Ready for more insights and a deep look at attracting and picking up Colombian Women? Look no further.

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