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Beautiful Ukrainian Girls: The Definitive Dating Guide to Odessa

by The Masculine Traveler

Beautiful Ukrainian girls are everywhere in Odessa. During my first trip to Odessa and I has impressed with how many beautiful Ukrainian girls were waking around the streets of Odessa. While, I though enjoyed my time dating in Kiev. The women of Odessa are a strong contender for having the most beautiful Ukrainian girls.

Lets take a brief look at the city of Odessa.

Odessa is a bustling port city with a population of roughly 1 million inhabitants, found in Southern Ukraine on the Black Sea. Heavily influenced by French and Italian styles, Odessa has a unique mixture of historical architecture that you won’t find in other parts of Ukraine.

Behind Kiev, Odessa is Ukraine’s next most touristed city, attracting tourists from around the world due to its charm and – well, of course, this goes without saying – its selection of beautiful Ukrainian women.

Is Odessa worth the visit, or is it better to stick to Kiev and other mid-sized cities? Read on to learn more.


The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 4.75/5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3/5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 2.5/5
Logistics: 4/5
Cost: 4/5
English Levels: 2/5



Odessa enjoys a warm climate in the summer months but still doesn’t become overbearingly hot compared to other
coastal cities. You can expect anywhere around the 69-71°F / 21-22°C on average during June and July, which is more than warm enough to enjoy the cooler water of the Black Sea. During the late fall and winter months, Odessa enjoys much warmer temperatures when compared to other places in Ukraine, yet nonetheless, dress warm and still expect temperatures around the 15°F / -10°C in the worst case during a harsh winter.


Tourist Attractions

Odessa is known for it’s 19th-century architecture, most of which is easily visitable by foot simply be strolling along through the city. Compared to the rest of Ukraine, it certainly has quite a different vibe and feel which you won’t find in other Ukrainian cities.

Below are a list of recommended sights to check-out during your time in Odessa:

  • Odessa Opera House
  • Privoz Bazar
  • Duke de Richelieu Monument
  • Dniester Delta National Park
  • Arkadia Beach
  • Pushkin Museum
  • Shevchenko Park
  • Odessa City Garden

In terms of beaches for the summer-time, below are recommended:

  • Arkadia is situated a bit further south, but it’s the most developer and largest beach that Odessa has to offer.
  • Lanzheron is centrally located, and packs in a lot of tourists.
  • Delphin is also quite central and is quite clean and worth a day visit as well.

The Guide to Odessa, Ukraine



Logistics in Odessa boil down to the following two scenarios and preferences:

  1. If you’re visiting in the summer, and plan on visiting the main night venues quite often, plan to find an apartment as close to “Arkadia” as possible.
  2. If you’re planning on visiting outside of the summer months (when not much is happening near Arkadia and the beach area) OR don’t plan on hitting any nightgame venues during your visit, then stay near “City Garden”/Derybasivska Street.

Near Arkadia you’ll find the infamous Ibiza club as well as other clubs and bars for nightgame, which we will cover later, whereas near City Garden you’ll find a few great daygame spots and be closer to the main restaurant and cafe options Odessa has on offer.

As with most coastal cities, expect a hike in prices during the summer months. In terms of Ukraine, you’ll also have the influx of sex tourists from around the globe flying in to get their sights on some of the planet’s finest women on offer.

AirBnB. is recommended in Ukraine since it’s familiar, and for the most secure. Prices have taken quite a hike in most destinations over the past years, but in Ukraine where scams are not unfamiliar, it’s best to pay a bit more and know AirBnB will have your back.



In general, prices are quite similar with what you’d find in Kiev. Rent prices are on average lower outside of the main tourists months in the summer, but overall, costs remain quite cheap when compared to other countries in Europe.

In the peak summer months, expect to pay around 500-600 EUR a month for a nice, well-located apartment, whereas you can expect the prices to be a bit cheaper in the fall and winter months with more room for negotiation.



Kiev has the “best” language levels in all of Ukraine, and still, that doesn’t say much. English levels in Odessa seemingly are even lower, and you really need Russian to help get around here. When it boils down to it – you’re simply going to have much better results in Ukraine if you can manage a conversation in Russian. This opens up the doors to so many other women than just those who speak English (often times can be scammers, semi-pros or pros in Odessa, and/or not always the in the quality department.

Pimsleur Learning Program has been an excellent tool for learning Russian, with huge improvements seen in just 6 months by simply listening to a lesson per day. That’s 30 minutes of your day, dedicated to helping you get results while on the ground in Ukraine.



The quality is certainly there, just as it is the rest of Ukraine, but is Odessa worth a visit despite it being known as a second-home to foreign men from all over the world? Overall, the rule appears to hold true as with the rest of Ukraine for your average, normal Ukrainian girl you’ll find in Ukraine – it’s going to take dates, and it’s going to take time on the ground.

Odessa is well-known for its P4P and bride industry, but certainly, there’s still plenty of local women to go along. Being a beach destination, many Ukrainians head here during the summer months to enjoy the warm weather and take on the sights of this coastal city.

Is it possible to find them? Of course. But overall, expect to spend a few weeks to have results with some high-quality women.

If you’re new to Ukraine and Ukrainian women, check out Top 5 Dating Tips for Ukrainian Women for more pointers to get you started.

The Guide to Odessa, Ukraine


Online Game

We recommend Ukraine Date as our go-to option in Ukraine, and for good reason. Tinder is a bit played out with a lack of quality, and VK inboxes are getting spammed by foreigners. Ukraine Date still has some life in it, and there are some gems to be had.

All-in-all, daygame and being on the ground for an extended period in Odessa will head best results as with most places, but Ukraine date is a great way to pipeline and try to hook before arriving on the ground in Odessa.

There’s a reason online made on our list of the best places to meet Ukrainian women.

Take our advice in stride, and ensure a fruitful trip to Odessa and other cities in Ukraine.



Odessa has a few good spots for daygame, which would be the following:

  • City Garden and the surrounding area (again, good spot if you want to focus on daygame)
  • An obvious one, but in the summer, the beaches are a great place to operate
  • The “Europa” mall
  • A few other smaller parks and small streets nearby Europa mall also offer some great possibilities

Regardless, one of the two above spots as mentioned in the logistics sections will keep you close to the action, with City Garden and the surrounding area being the better choice for daygame options.



Overall, nightlife in Ukraine isn’t so great – sure you’ll see lots of stunners, but many are simply out of reach since they’re semi-pros or pros working in the clubs. You won’t find many normal girls frequenting the clubs in Odessa, and it’ll be jam-packed in the summer with tons of foreign men sitting in the corner and staring at the sights. Moscow is still king when it comes to nightgame, and offers a large offering of both quality and reachable women where a ONS is often possible.

Nonetheless, it’s worth a look, and below are some venues to get you started:

Ibiza: Easily the best spot for nightgame in terms of pure talent. Here you’ll find a plethora of stunners, and it even might feel a bit overwhelming. The club has a few different levels, and an outside area with a pool near the beach that’s able to be visited during the day. Highest prices in terms of drinks and cover in Odessa, but you can’t leave without having a look inside this one.

Itaka: is situated right next to Ibiza, and is probably the second most popular club in Odessa. Since it’s in close proximity to Ibiza, expect to hit these on the same night. Quality inside rivals that of Ibiza, but due to its size might have a few less hotties when looking at pure quantity.

Palladium is another club that is a bit closer to Odessa’s center, and is also worth a look on the weekend.

The Guide to Odessa, Ukraine

In terms of bars, you’ll find a large selection in the city center near City Garden, with honorable mention including ShkaffGnezdo (solid cocktails) and Sabotage (open 24 hours, worth popping in here for a look after hours).



Odessa has a lot to offer in terms of looks, but with everywhere in Ukraine, time needs to be on your side in order to allow for some real damage to be done. There’s always exceptions to the rule, and Odessa certainly warrants a visit during the summer months to enjoy the beaches of the Black Sea.

Kiev is still the kingdom and the go-to destination in terms of sheer quality, but in the end, Odessa is still worth at least a one-off look to take it all in and make your own judgments.

Ready to meet the girls of Odessa now?


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Foreign Love Web September 10, 2018 - 10:43 PM

I have been to Odessa 4 months ago. It is much better than I have expected. There is a plethora of stores, restaurants, pedestrians, drivers, beautiful women, etc. Where I live is pretty much the total opposite. I plan to go back to Odessa next year and spend time with a woman whom I communicate on Skype every month.


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