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Dating Belarusian Girls in Minsk: The Best Kept Secret

by The Masculine Traveler
Single woman in Belarus

Belarusian girls in Minsk are some of the most consistently beautiful women I have come across. Roughly 97% of the population is comprised of Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian people and it’s the epicenter of concentrated Slavic women. It is difficult to find Asian or African minorities in Minsk, other than a few exchange students here and there.

I rate Belarusian Women slightly below their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts. The Belarusian girls in Minsk dress more conservatively than their cousins. What they lack in sex appeal, they more than makeup for in sweetness, genuineness and traditional values. They have a polite disposition about themselves and a tender shyness that makes them unique.

Overall, Belarus truly offers high-quality women suited for marriage material but you can still find casual fun too.

Minsk is perhaps the most isolated European capital and remains a part of one of the few Soviet time capsules that still exist today. Despite its recent 5 day visa free program, the city still remains relatively cut-off from western countries and their influences.

Having spent time in other FSU countries, including Russia and Ukraine, Belarus certainly retains more of a Soviet feel. In terms of cleanliness and safety, it is a relic of how society functioned in the Soviet era. Belarusians take pride in the beauty of their country and the pristine features of their capital.

Meeting single women in Belarus

Minsk is not the easiest place to get laid if you don’t speak the language or you’re new to the area. Many women of Minsk retain their traditional values and are primarily concerned with finding a suitable husband to start a family. Belarusian women open very easily and give the appearance of interest, however, this interest is often more so in practicing English and in you as a foreigner, and not necessarily in you as a man.

If you’re not meeting women online here you’re going to struggle

Pretty girl in Minsk

It is very easy to meet girls online in Belarus as long as you’re using the right apps and sites. Tinder will provide you with many matches, however, these girls are usually not interested in actually meeting up. Instead, they’re looking for compliments from foreign guys, an ego boost, or often are scammers and gold diggers. I have high hopes for Tinder but it’s pretty bad here.

However, there are a couple of options that have worked really well depending on what it is you want:

If you’re not looking for a relationship Adult FriendFinder is the best option here

After we saw what a nightmare Tinder is here we started using Adult FriendFinder, our consistent partner across many countries. It’s the most popular app in the world for casual dating if you speak a bit of English and it’s worked in just about every country we’ve tried. It has so many members (over 70 million) that even regular guys can find a lot of success using it both in Minsk and in your home town (assuming you live in a country with a decent English-speaking population).

AFF consistently attracts women that actually want to meet up and not those looking for attention. It’s a completely different experience and saves so much time and frustration. If you’re just looking for a more casual fling, in and outside of Minsk, you should check out their free trial first. It’s consistently worked around the world.

Guys that REALLY want a relationship should try Cupid

For girls who are looking to meet a man for a romantic relationship, I suggest using Russian Cupid. It’s the biggest app out there the focuses mainly only on local women dating foreign guys. We’ve seen a lot of success on it when we’re tired of casual fun and plan on sticking around for several months.

You will run into the usual scammers and gold diggers that you have to deal with on any app but they are really easy to spot on Cupid. Guys planning on being here long-term or looking for a long-distance relationship should try it out.

Meeting girls during the day in Minsk

The Minsk, Belarus City And Dating Guide

Daygame is best during the hours of 5 PM to 8 PM. Concentrate your activities near the main train station, Galleria mall and on the streets of Old Town. it will be easy to open and collect numbers. Your foreigners status is high in here so capitalize on this when rigging Daygame.

On the surface, meeting women at night in Minsk will appear easy. Beautiful women are in abundance with little competition and no harsh rejections to be had. At the same time, one-night stands are rare in Minsk and few girls will leave their friends at night to go home with a man, especially a foreigner.

Below are a few night-venues to check out during your visit to Minsk:

Richcat: Good on Friday and Saturday nights, and packed with people. Also a spot to check-out during the off days, as it’s open every day – just don’t expect too much during the weekdays. The talent here is very high, and sets are easy to open. Expect to pay a 20 BYR cover fee, and mixed drinks can run up to 35-40 BYN per drink.

Винилы шкаф (Wine Shelf): On a Friday night, this is where you will find the majority of the best talent in Minsk. Total stunners here, and along with that many older local well-off guys mixed into the crowd as well. There are 3-4 other bars on this street (Revolyutsionnaya)that are all worth checking out and posting up at for a Friday night. This street offers some good gutter game as well that can be running late int to the evening. Lots of oligarchs and rich types here — keep that in mind when approaching.

Bardot: Located inside the DoubleTree Hilton, this is an upscale bar with great views of Minsk and a great selection of drinks and cocktails. Women dress to impress her but be wary of pros that will line the bar. This makes for a great second date spot during the week, but also a good pre-game spot to have a drink prior to heading out to some of the other bars and clubs in Minsk. Prices are not bad for the high-quality cocktails here. Also, be sure to check out the patio and restaurant on the 7th floor.

Dozari: Another upscale nightclub located just north of the city center. Be sure to check out the venue’s events for the night, as it’s best to avoid nights with local performances as all focus will be honed in on that throughout the evening.

Blackhouse: Again, a solid option during the weekends, but also open throughout the week. Appears to be a level under RichCat in terms of talent.

Свобода 4 (Freedom 4): Popular spot to have a few drinks before a night out. Worth having a look here starting on Thursday evenings. Also, a great date venue.

Zibikitskaya Street : This is a full street/area located within the old town where you will find a wide selection of bars. Quality here is lower when compared to what can be found on Revolyutsionnaya Street, and overall there’s a much younger crowd in this area on the weekends. This is your best bet in the city for gutter game, and to do some number farming for later on during the week.

Date Spots in Minsk

The following are my favorite following date spots in Minsk:

Union Coffee: Ul. Yanka Kuala, 17

Located right by Gorky Park, noon Coffee is a perfect first date spot in Minsk. It has large indoor and outdoor seating areas. The couches indoor are perfect for sitting next to your date and building comfort. Its location next to Gorky Park makes it perfect for an afternoon date in combination with a stroll in the park.

Mockingbird Cafe

Within walking distance Old Town, this cafe should be your go-to date spot in Minsk for the third date. Its patio is perfect for a summer evening. They have a nice selection of wine and cocktails.


Located inside the DoubleTree Hilton, an upscale lounge with beautiful views of the city. Avoid as a date spot on weekends, but during the week it serves as a solid venue for a second or third date. During the week you should have ample seating at the bar, table, or couches.

Logistics in Minsk

Minsk is the capital and largest city in Belarus with a history dating back to the 11th century. Its population is just over 2 million people.

Minsk’s history is marked by foreign domination and turmoil. It has been a part of the Polish, Russian, and Lithuanian empires. Its people suffered great losses and the city was a battle site in both WWI and WWII. The suffering of its people during these wars left an indelible memory that still permeates today.

During the early 20th century, Minsk was a center for the Worker’s Party movement. During the Soviet era, Minsk became an important cultural and political city. Vast improvements in education, industry, and infrastructure during this period modernized Minsk into an important capital.

Belarus is easily accessible from Kiev, Moscow, Vilnius, Riga, Berlin and Frankfurt — Belavia Airlines has direct and affordable flights from all of these cities.

The center of the city is very walkable and Minsk is a pleasant and easy to navigate the city, even without Russian language ability. The main streets are extremely clean, and in impeccable condition. People here simply do not litter and keep the city in excellent overall condition.

You will most likely arrive in Minsk International Airport. The airport had some recent renovations to make it more modern. The scene at the airport is quiet and orderly, and taxis are readily available (40-45 BYR to the city center), but I advise taking an Uber to the center which will only around 10 EUR. Within the center, Uber is reliable and cheap, usually only costing between 1-2 EUR per trip.

Hotels in the center of Minsk tend to be expensive. I advise renting an apartment on AirBnB. Due to a lack of incoming tourists, it’s quite easy to negotiate on rent prices throughout the country.

Apartment rentals for a studio apartment, fully renovated will normally run around the 30-35 EUR per night mark for short to mid-term rentals.

Almost anywhere in the city center is prime logistics. Ideally, you will want to be within a 10-15 minute walk of Old Town and Galleria Mall. The prime spot for logistics is illustrated in the image below:


Minsk Belarus City Guide


If you’re in this area, you’re within easy walking distance to the main nightlife areas, and also some of the main day game spots Minsk has to offer.

Old Town is the most attractive and charming area. It is lined with cobblestone walkways, interesting architecture, and musicians.  It is also a solid area to bar-hop and stroll the early evening streets for talent. There are a few bars that are frequented by the students of Minsk, which you will find throughout Zibitskaya street. More to come on this later.

The best spot in the city center for groceries can be found in Galleria mall on the bottom level. This is an upper-scale grocery store, and will have mostly everything you’ll need.


The Minsk, Belarus City And Dating Guide


Minsk has a few solid spots for food, and below are some recommendations to check out:

Пересмешник (Mockingbird): Great date spot, and also a spot to find some higher quality women. Excellent food, and cocktails.

Tapas Bar: Nice spot for dinner, with some solid wines to choose from.

Mai Thai: Good Thai cuisine, and offers something to mix it up after eating Belarusian cuisine every day.

Union Coffee: Solid lunch spot, with a great setup as well to get some work done. Coffee is good too.

Planet Sushi: Good food, but slow service. Nice outside area, with not too expensive prices.

If you’re looking for a gym during your visit to Minsk, be sure to check out Goldies Gym. Memberships run roughly 80 BYR a month, and you’ll have access to great facilities with everything you need for a solid workout. You can catch an Uber here from the center for roughly 3-4 BYR, or just hop on the metro and take it two stops to Frunzienskaja (Фрунзенская) metro.


Minsk has a frigidly cold winter with snowfall starting in October. Certainly more people will be in the city during this time period, but temperatures can drop to unbearable lows. This presents the classic trade-off, visiting the FSU in the summer with smaller crowds, or during the winter with extremely low temperatures but with more company in the city.

Its summers are comfortable with temperatures around the high teens into the mid-twenties Celsius.

It rains a lot in Minsk, so be prepared with an umbrella.

Summer evenings are perfect for wearing a blazer or suit. With that said, be sure to come prepared with your own clothes, as you won’t find any of the main brands you’d find in Europe during your stay in Belarus.

Currency of Belarus

The Belarusian Ruble, symbolized by BYN, underwent a redenomination in 2016 where the BYR was retired.

Currently, 1 USD is equivalent to 1.93 BYN. If you’d like to see the current market rate, check out XE currency for more information.

If you will be renting an apartment, be sure to ask before arriving if you will be required to pay in cash. Many apartment rentals will require a cash payment, and some will only accept USD or EUR.

In this case, it can be easier and potentially cheaper to withdraw this money and bring it with you, prior to arriving in Minsk. Some ATMs will disperse USD or EUR, but not all.

The vast majority of restaurants, stores, bars, and clubs all accept credit card payments. In essence, you could get away without needing any paper currency during your stay in Belarus, minus the odd payment for a metro token when needed.

Visas and Entry

Due to recent changes, it is now easier than ever to visit Belarus. The opportunity for visas has opened for many countries, and visa prices have been slashed for U.S. citizens.

The most common and easiest way to visit Belarus would be to visit visa-free for 5 days. The next option would be a short-term single entry tourist visa, which will allow you and 3 week to 1-month stay, depending on the person or agency giving the letter of invitation.

3-month business visas with double-entry are also possible to obtain, and only require that you are visiting Belarus to engage in business conversations with the expectation of looking to bring new capital into the country.

On the longer-end spectrum, it’s possible as a foreigner to purchase property in Belarus in order to obtain permanent residency. The risk of corruption is much lower than that of in Ukraine and Russia, but having a trusted local Belarusian contact will certainly prove to be a big advantage.

For more information on gaining access to visiting Belarus, read our complete guides to visa-free travel in Belarus and to how to obtain a Belarusian visa.

The Verdict 

Minsk is a charming city with beautiful and traditional women. They have a sweet, genuine, and shy disposition that renders them perfect for marriage material. They are thin, feminine and come comprised with beautiful features and faces.

That being said, Minsk is not the top city for one-night stands. Players can be disappointed and frustrated with how slowly physical escalation progresses within The Republic of Belarus.

If you are long-term-minded in regard to relationships, I strongly recommend the women of Minsk as suitable partners.

For results in Minsk, you should focus your dating efforts on Daygame and Russian Cupid and grind out dates. There are simply no shortcuts in Belarus, and escalation will take time.

Minsk is a great place to find a long-term relationship and marriage. Women feel monogamy and family values are quite important. There are greener pastures in other Eastern European countries if you are looking for fast fun.

For a complete guide to Belarusian women, check out Dating Tips For Meeting Beautiful Women In Belarus.


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