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Best Russian Dating Sites (2019)

by The Masculine Traveler
best russian dating websites

The Best Russian dating sites are what we categorize as one of the best places online to meet women prior to or during your trip to Russia. Russian women are some of the most sought after in the world and for good reason. Feminine, oozing sex appeal and in need of a man who can dominate and lead them. Lucky for those planning a trip to Russia, online game is alive and well, and pipelining prior to your trip can set you up with a few solid leads to work with once on the ground.

Online game has its biggest presence in some of Russia’s larger cities, including St. Petersburg and Moscow,  but is also worth a look once you get into the provinces as well.

Below is a breakdown of the best Russian dating sites currently out there on the market:


Best Russian Dating Sites – #1 Russian Cupid

The Best Russian Dating Websites - Overview

Russian Cupid is our go-to pick for online dating in Russia, whether its Moscow or Irkutsk. Boasting one of the largest dating pools of members from all of the online dating platforms at over 1.5 billion members, RussianCupid offers a huge amount of Russian women who are looking for relationships and finding the right one.

The sign-up process is easy, and as with most dating applications, you add your photo and need to fill out a bit of information regarding yourself and preferences. Within minutes, you can be inside of the application and browsing singles and sending out messages to those that appeal to you.

The premium version comes at a little cost and comes recommended as it unlocks some additional important features which can be useful in reaching out and communicating with Russian women on the app. The free membership, better known as “Standard” allows for you to send your interest and messages to paying members, but doesn’t allow you to send/receive messages to all members, rank above other members, or access the live chat. The platinum membership allows full access to all features, including all communication means, and this is the best option to get one used to the application and give you an idea of what type of women can be met on RussianCupid.

The interface of the application appears to be slightly dated, but the amount of quality active members certainly makes up for this fact. Additionally, RussianCupid is also popular outside of Russia, where you’ll also find it useful for Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet countries.

Russian Cupid seems like a solid choice for finding a serious relationship, or just someone to go out with and have fun. Recommended is the platinum membership for 3 months, which will give you a true taste of the application, and all of the tools needed to easily communicate and set updates with the Russian beauties you’ll find on the platform.

#2 Mamba

Mamba had gained its popularity in the late 2000’s as the go-to dating platform in Russia, but still continues to chug along as a solid option for meeting and dating Russian women online. Mamba offers a solid pool of Russian women open to dating and short-term meetups, albeit has a bit lower of usage when compared to RussianCupid. Nonetheless, with a sharp and easy-to-use interface, Mamba certainly wins in terms of eye candy of the general user interface when compared to RussianCupid or even the other apps we will cover later on.

Upon sign-up, you’re required to verify either by using your phone number or Facebook in order to proceed with using the application. This is a welcomed feature which will help to limit the number of fake accounts that are created and then dumped out on to dating platforms for scamming or other purposes.

Mamba works similar to that of the other applications, where you can browse and filter women based on your own preferences. You have the option to message and get in contact with the women of your choosing, and as always, we recommend first building a quick connection and then bouncing them to a messaging outside of the application once you have their contact info.

Mamba is pretty straight forward in terms of usage, and although not or favorite app, still is worth of recognition due to its wide usage and clean interface.

Best Russian Dating Websites


#3 Tinder

We all know Tinder by now, and that it has worked its way up to become one of the most popular dating apps over the past half-decade. This is also not the exception for Russia, where the application still flourishes and has a large pool of Russian women looking for male attention.

Although the quality seems to have declined in the past years, as has it across all continents, Tinder still presents a large amount of English speaking Russian girls who are looking to meet foreigners visiting Russia. The premium functionality gives you an unlimited number of swipes, along with the ability to hide your location and age, both useful features.

Overall, Tinder seems to have a bit more of a fun-going and less serious vibe when compared to RussianCupid, but it’s still a solid option to use to pipeline prior to a trip to Russia. Russian women match very easily on Tinder, which questions if many are actually interested in a meet-up, or simply for English practice or some quick validation from their thousands of matches. Although this is the case, Tinder still remains one of the best Russian dating sites for finding local women, as thousands of meetups and hookups occur every day, due to its easy to use nature.

Tinder has recently changed the application to combat spoofing on Android devices, therefore, for pipelining purposes, we’d recommend the monthly package in order to be able to spoof your location with ease prior to arrival in Russia.


#4 Badoo

Badoo is a very large player in the international dating market, and with its recent interface re-design, it competes with other dating apps with one of the cleanest and well-done interfaces on the market. Badoo is extremely easy to use, and really makes the process of searching through potential matches painless, and actually quite fun. According to the app, there are roughly 365 million users, and plenty of local Russian women to filter through and match with.

The premium side of the application works by allowing one to buy credits to push their profile to the top of the pile, get shown more often, and increase your general visibility within the application itself. These features are mostly not worth the investment, and the freemium side of the application should due to the normal user just fine to browse and contact profiles.

Badoo is a solid alternative to some of the other applications, and should definitely be used as a tool in the arsenal when dating online in Russia, for that reason, it makes it to the last position on our list of the best Russian dating sites.


Conclusion on The Best Russian Dating Sites

That’s a recap of the best Russian dating sites currently out there on the market. There’s a lot of different online dating options to choose from, and as always, it’s best to diversify and use all options that are out there.

Want to learn more about dating in Russia? Check out 5 dating tips and an overview of Russian women.


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