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The Best Women in Latin America

by The Masculine Traveler

The Best Women in Latin America – Overview

The women of Latin America marvel us with their stunning features, voluptuous bodies and sexuality. The old saying that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” only accounts for individual tastes and preferences regarding attractiveness in women. Objectively, most men agree on the features of what constitutes beauty.

In my extensive travels to South America, Central America and the Caribbean, there are clear winners in assessing the the average attractiveness as well as the numbers of stunners among the local women.

In the following article I rank the top five countries in Latin America for beauty among the local women.


1. Argentina

The Top Countries For The Most Beautiful Women In Latin America-

The perfect combination of European and Latin looks, Argentina boats the most gorgeous women in Latin America. Located at the southern  tip of South America, Argentina feels more European than any other country in the region. The women dazzle with style and sophistication giving a more cosmopolitan feel.  The women of Argentina are also the most difficult to crack, often appearing indifferent to “Gringo Status”. You will need a healthy combination of looks, Game and style to score with high end talent,  but the dividends are well worth it for these beauties.


2. Colombia

The Top Countries For The Most Beautiful Women In Latin America-

Colombian women represent the quintessential Latina. Their long dark hair, voluptuous endowments and fiery personalities make them some of the most sought after women in the world. Known for their flakiness, dating in Colombia is far from perfect. However, your foreigner status is among the highest in Latin America.


3. Brazil

The Top Countries For The Most Beautiful Women In Latin America-

Brazilian Women have for a long standing reputation for beauty and sexuality. Every man must spend time in Brazil before he dies.  Brazil is no longer the man’s paradise it once was. However, the sheer diversity of its women from the friendly, dark skin women in the north to the blonde bombshells in the south, Brazilian women exude a sexuality second to none.


4. Dominican Republic

The Top Countries For The Most Beautiful Women In Latin America-

Darker-skinned Latinas are not every man’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, Dominican Women boast the sexiest bodies in Latin America. Whether you are an ass or tits man, you will not be disappointed in these curvy, sexual women. Venture out of the resort areas to cities like Santo Domingo and Santiago for the best dating experiences.


5.  Peru

The Top Countries For The Most Beautiful Women In Latin America-

Rounding out or top 5 list is Peru.  Peru garners quite a bit of disagreement related to the beauty of the local women. Often criticized for their “indigenous” features, Peruvian women fall short of the other countries on this list. I was torn between Cuba and Peru, but ultimately decided to give Peru the nod due to the stunning white women in Lima. The average girl in Peru will not blow you away, but the top tier-end girls in Lima rival the top beauty in all of Latin America.


The Verdict

Latin America is a top destination for men seeking beautify women and fruitful dating experiences with the local women. These are the top countries for beauty in Latin America based on my extensive travels to the region.

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