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Bolivian Women: Best Kept Secret or Bust?

by Dantes
Bolivian women

Bolivian women, in all honesty, did not enter my mind when I first embarked on my South American journey. With so many other beautiful women in South America, Bolivia did not register as a top destination. Brazilian, Colombian and Argentinian women are the undisputed queens south of the American border. Even Peruvian women hold a certain charm. When thinking of Bolivian women, they don’t stand out amongst the greats of South American.

What I  found in this relatively unknown country was shocking, despite my vast experience in Latin America.

In my quest to explore Bolivia from a travel adventure point of view, I discovered the best-kept secret in South America. In a country known for lackluster women, the Bolivian women in this city were beautiful, sexy, and revival the beauties of Rio, Medellin and Lima.

Without further ado, we introduce you to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Why is Santa Cruz so unknown

The Bolivian government requires visas for most tourists, including Americans. Most are able to fly direct and without a visa hassle to other cities such as Bogota, Medellin, and Lima. These destinations are thoroughly vetted for having beautiful, available women. Like me, most men don’t consider Bolivian women to be worth the effort.

The same holds true for traveling to Bolivia in general.


Perceptions of Bolivian women’s attractiveness

Let’s face it, do Bolivian women even crack the top 25, top 50 when you think of beautiful women around the world? They don’t get even a second thought when discussing the best in Latin America.

Bolivian women are generally regarded as short and indigenous looking. If you travel to  La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, you will have to search hard for young, pretty women. The women will certainly not blow you away in the looks department. They generally are not vibrant, nor sophisticated in dress. The average Bolivian girls fail in comparison to their Latina counterparts.

What makes the women of Santa Cruz so different?

Santa Cruz has a unique combination of isolationism and immigration from countries like Japan, the Netherlands and Germany. The mixing of these cultures significantly increased the attractiveness of the gene pool. Contrary to La Paz, the women in Santa Cruz are taller, more fashion conscious, and significantly more attractive. A man’s exotic value is much higher here due to the limited numbers of tourists coming through. Overall, Bolivian girls in Santa Cruz rank very well with the top beauties in South America.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there are distinct drawbacks to Santa Cruz that makes securing these beautiful women difficult.

Bolivian women


Barriers to success with Bolivian women

Santa Cruz sounds like a goldmine of uncorrupted, beautiful women for the taking. However, there are a few barriers to success that are important to note:


  • English levels are low. Even girls who speak English will prefer to speak Spanish. Having conversation Spanish in Santa Cruz is much more important here than other South American countries.
  • Santa Cruz is insular: Everyone seems to know each other. Women are highly conscious of who they are seen with in public. Strangers to social circle are met with polite guardedness until they are fully vetted. The unique mix of cultures also creates a bit of segregation. Ethnic Japanese, Lebanese, and Germans tend to hang out amongst themselves. Gossip is rampant, and everyone knows your business.
  • Casual sex is taboo. Santa Cruz society has retained its traditions. One-night stands are rare. Most Bolivian women in Santa Cruz prefer to be in long-term relationships.
  • Dating a high-quality woman will take significant amounts of time. Most men do not have this much time to spend in Santa Cruz. However, for those who do and have solid Spanish Skills, they have a solid shot at cracking into some top-tier talent.


Online dating

Dating through online sites and apps is not common. Most couples in Bolivia are introduced through social circle. There is a small percentage of women who use apps to meet men. There is even a minority of women who exclusively look to connect with foreign men. These women tend to be not from the upper-class. This minority is comprised of foreign students who study and work in Santa Cruz, many of them Brazilians.

Nevertheless, I was able to meet a few quality women using Latin American Cupid. There will not be a surplus of women in Santa Cruz, but the women who registered for a profile will be very inclined to meet a cool Gringo.

Bolivian women



Meeting women during the day is your best opportunity to mix it up with hot women. Bolivian women are not used to being approached in such a manner. They will be initially shy, but polite. It is quite easy to instant date them over a cup of coffee. Ventura Mall has the highest concentration of beautiful women during the day in Santa Cruz.



The top clubs in Santa Cruz boasts some of the best talent in the Americas. Dress your best as women will be dressed to the 9s. Without a strong social group, it will be difficult to get any traction going. Social circle is key for making introductions at night. Women are usually in groups of girls or mixed sets. Without the advantage of social circle, concentrate your efforts on Daygame.

Pro tip: Give strong consideration to visiting Santa Cruz during Carnival. This massive party consumes the entire city for one week. Bolivian women loosen up and party hard. Social circles become less of a barrier.


Closing Thoughts

Bolivia is the poorest country in South America. Considering the visa and lack of direct flights, it renders the country as undesirable for tourists. Furthermore, the average Bolivian woman is far below their Latina cousins. I was fortunate however to discover one amazing, hidden gem in Santa Cruz. The Bolivian women of Santa Cruz are feminine, beautiful, and sweet. They are worlds apart from their sisters in La Paz. Bolivia is a tale of two cities: The women in La Paz are significantly less attractive than the beautiful Bolivian women in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is not without its challenges. The city is underdeveloped and there is a lack of suitable accommodations. For men to be successful, they will need the following: solid Spanish, social connections and a lot of time to spend in the city. If men have these going for them, then Santa Cruz might be the best-kept secret in international dating.

Going to Bolivia? Start meeting some local girls now.


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