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Brest, Belarus City Guide And Datasheet

by The Masculine Traveler
Brest Belarus City Guide

The Brest, Belarus Travel Guide And Datasheet – Overview

The following Brest city guide and datasheet is based on a recent stay during the summer.

The city was originally founded by the Slavs and is located on the boarder with Poland. Due to its geography, Brest is a historical city which has been under the control of several countries including the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, Poland and Lithuania. It was also invaded by the Mongols in the 13th century.

The citizens of Brest are proud of their their ancient heritage. Like most cities in the former Soviet Union, the people of Brest are very proud of their accomplishments in fighting the German army during WWII, and take great pride in commemorating their fallen heroes of war.

Despite the jokes, the name Brest does not have its origin from the English word, “Breast”, but rather from Slavic root beresta meaning “birch”, or “bark”.



The official currency of Belarus is the Belarusian Ruble, BYN.

Currently, 1 Euro is equal to 23 Rubles.

Check currency currency rates here.



In the past, it waas quite difficult to travel to Belarus. Recent changes by the Belarusian government has made the process for entering The Republic of Belarus much easier.  There are two main options for visiting Belarus.

Read these guides to visa free travel in Belarus and to how to obtain a Belarusian visa.



The local airport has limited international flights options, aside from Kaliningrad, Russia. For most travelers, the only option is to enter Belarus through Minsk International Airport. From Minsk you can take a train to Brest for roughly 7.60 BYN. The trains are relics from the Soviet era, with cramped and uncomfortable seating.

The journey will take a little over 4 hours.

Water, coffee, tea and light snacks are all served on the train. Brest can be reached from Minsk by car in a little over two hours.

You can leave Belarus through Brest via trains to Warsaw, KievMoscow, and St. Petersburg.

The center of Brest is easily reached from the train station by taxi which should cost about 5 BYN. The center is very walkable and you will only need a taxi to reach the main train station. Brest does not have a metro, but there are plenty of taxis, buses and shared vans. You should stay as close to Sovietskaya Street as possible.


Brest, Belarus City Guide


Sovietskaya Street is a pedestrian street, lined with cafes and stores. It is also the main area that you should focus Daygame.

There are several cafes on Sovetskaya open for lunch and dinner. I’d recommend the following:

  • Times Cafe
  • The Loft
  • Golden Coffee
  • Retro Pizza


Brest Belarus City Guide


I recommend staying at Intourist Hotel. This hotel is guest friendly and only a 5 minute walk from Sovetskaya Street. The hotel has an old Soviet feel, and the rooms are small, but cozy. The prices should run you around 20 EUR per night. There is a small casino and nightclub attached to the hotel.

English levels are lower than Minsk.

For an more enjoyable stay in Brest and Belarus in general, I suggest learning some Russian.


Tourist Attractions

Brest is a historic city with an interesting past. Be sure to visit the Brest Fortress, which was a key battle for the Soviets during WWII.

Also check out the Berestye Archaeological Museum which has artifacts dating back to the original city during the 10th century.

For a walk, I suggest Brest City Park.

Brest, Belarus City Guide


The Women And Game

The women of Brest are pretty and friendly. They open just as easily as in Minsk. They will be highly curious as to why you are in Brest, but out of genuine curiosity, not in a confrontational way.

The higher tier talent is higher in Minsk, however, there are plenty of attractive girls strolling on Sovetskaya.

Nightlife options are severely limited. Check out Victory on the weekends, located on Sovetskaya Street.

The cafes start to close around 11PM and after midnight Sovetskaya has a deserted feel about itself. The best time to approach is during the hours of 12PM to 7PM when girls are more likely to be strolling Sovetskaya alone.

The early evening is date time and most of the attractive girls will be with their boyfriends.

Brest, Belarus City Guide


The Verdict

This city guide to Brest was based on a short stay to the city. Consider my impressions based on a limited duration of time spent within the city itself.

If you are in Minsk for longer than a few weeks, I strongly advise a trip to the provinces. For shorter stays, you should focus your travel experience and gaming on Minsk. This will provide you with much more to do and more women with which to interact.

Brest is a charming, quiet and peaceful city. The Fortress is a must see, especially if you have an interest in WWI. The fortress is surrounded by beautiful nature, located close to the border with Poland.

Sovetskaya Street has prime Daygame logistics.

The women of Brest are attractive and open very easily during the day. Your foreigner status will be on par with Minsk, but it will be just as difficult if not more, for ONSs.

Summer months are slow. With two universities in Brest, the Fall and Spring are ideal times for a visit. Feel free to comment on your experiences in Brest, particular during times when universities are in sessions.

For Online Dating opportunities in Brest and Belarus in general, check out RussianCupid.

For a more complete guide to dating Belarusian women, read my guide to dating in Belarus. 



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