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Can Men Be Alpha If They Have Not Played Competitive Sports?

by The Masculine Traveler

Can Men Be Alpha If They Have Not Played Competitive Sports?-Overview

One summer day while watching a pick-up basketball game, I noticed a difference with the level of aggression they were playing with and my experiences playing ball at that age. There was no trash talking or aggressive fouls. They were quite cordial, emotionless and didn’t push the envelope any way.

My childhood and teenager years playing sports seemed much different. With my friends, you didn’t make it to the rim without a hard foul, which was seldom called unless you completely were mauled. You paid the price for driving the lane. You earned respect through toughness and physical aggression. Things often got heated, but we were still buddies at the end of the day and your honor intact for standing your ground.

There was constant trash talking, even amongst your best friends and defense was played with the same amount of as offense. There was a pride in not letting someone else get the best of you.

Admittedly, I grew up with skilled athletes who hailed from blue-collar, middle-class fathers, serving as our coaches and mentors. These men were from a different generation, strong masculine role-models. They instilled a tough, aggressive approach to competition. I learned my greatest life lessons and sense of masculinity through competitive sports.

In reflection of my experiences growing up with sports playing baseball, football, and basketball., I came to a few conclusions:


  • Male relationships are developed through being in battle with and against each other.


  • Lessons on perseverance, dealing with adversity, and the art of bullshitting were cultivated.


  • Your sense of masculinity and self-confidence are strongly developed through athletics.

Can men develop their Alpha-self and masculinity as youngsters without playing competitive sports? Sure you can excel in academics, music, and art, but does it really give you the same masculine confidence?

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