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Chilean Women: The Dating Guide to the Overlooked Latinas

by The Masculine Traveler
Chilean girls

Covering the dating scene in Chile has been on the back-burner here at TMT for quite sometime. Most of our writers have spent considerable time in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. These countries famously boast the most beautiful Latinas in the world. Chilean women just aren’t in the same league in terms of raw sexuality and physical beauty. Frankly, most men and even our writers, overlook Chilean girls. However, a recent trip to Chile made me reconsider Chilean girls and I came to some surprising conclusions.

Chilean Women Defined

The women of Chile are clearly in the second tier in South America with consideration to their looks. The big three countries of Brazil, Colombia and Argentina possess the most beautiful girls. Even Peruvian girls edge out Chilean girls within the region.

Chilean girls simply don’t have an that alluring sex appeal as other Latinas. Their bodies tend to run the spectrum from thin to obese. Moreover, their modest attire perpetuates a very plain look.

The upper-class women tend to be more attractive and invest in cosmetics and time at the beauty salon. Meeting these women is not without its challenges. Men simply need to stay for a long time to gain access into Chile’s best women.

Overall, the looks of Chilean girls are nothing to write home about. Simply stated, Chilean women are mediocre. They don’t have the curves associated with Brazilian girls or dress up sexy for a night on the town like Colombian girls. Furthermore, the hipster culture has taken to Chile. Casual attire consisting of jeans and sneakers is the norm. They also won’t rock you with their caves like Dominican women.

However, dating a Chilean woman, comes with some surprising benefits.

The Benefits of Dating a Chilean Girls

Chile is the most modern country in South America. It overtook Argentina as the powerhouse of the region some twenty years ago. Argentina continues to have economy problems. The powerhouse Brazil also has perpetual economic and political challenges. Venezuela’s descent is well known. This leaves Chile as the only true modern and economically sound country in all of South America. That said, Uruguay probably secures second place.

The economic stability of Chile trickles down to the dating scene, ultimately influencing the women. Chilean women probably have the potential to lead the only true middle class life in South America. Most South Americans are widely divided by socio economic statues. There is an enormous divide between rich and poor. However, Chile actually has the resemblance of a true middle class.

The financial implications permeate the dating scene in Chile. Chilean girls are more financially solvent than other Latinas. Dating in Chile, allows men to relax a bit more related to the concern over being used by a girl as a means to a better life. The worries over gold-digging and passport hunting is minimized in Chile. Furthermore, men who seek a more egalitarian relationship, have a better chance of finding it in Chile.

Chilean women are still more feminine than American women. They want the man to lead and they assume a submissive role like other Latinas, just to a lesser degree. Feminism is on the move in Chile, like it is in Brazil. However, most Chilean women have only changed moderately towards being fully autonomous.

Consequently, Chilean girls strike a balance for men. Dating poorer women comes with a lot of challenges, particularly in the dust department. Dating a Chilean woman diminishes this concern.

Just as Chilean women are somewhere in the middle relative to beauty, they are also moderate in terms of their firery emotional reactions. If you have ever dated a Colombian woman, you will know how jealous and irrational she can be. Colombians are high emotional. Their behavior is dictated by emotional highs and lows.

Chilean women have more of an equilibrium emotionally. This is a welcomed changed for men who have experienced tumultuous emotional outbursts of Colombian women. Even Brazilian women challenge a man’s patience with their whimsical ways.

More Benefits of Dating in Chile

As described above, Chile is the economic powerhouse of South America. The favorable economic conditions attract young, attractive women from all over Latin America. Many Brazilian, Colombian, Mexican, and Venezuelan women settle in Chile due to higher-paying jobs.

The effect of this economic immigration benefits the prospects for men. Men who post up in Chile have unprecedented access to the finest women in Latin America. Perhaps no other country in Latin American possess this much diversity in women who stay long-term.

Men are the big winners of this immigration and can capitalize in perhaps the more diverse dating markets in Latin America.

Where to Meet Chilean Girls

Fortunately there as apple opportunities to meet women in Chile. Meeting local girls online, at night and during the day are are all in play.

Let’s take a closer look at the best methods.

Online Dating in Chile

Tinder isn’t taken very seriously in Chile. The best option for men is Latin American Cupid. We like this app for the following reasons:

  • Chilean girls who register for an account on Cupid tend to be serious about meeting man for a long-term relationship.
  • This is the best app to meet women from other Latin countries in Chile-all on the same platform. There is a solid representation of Colombian, Peruvian and Venezuelan women on Cupid.
  • It comes at an affordable price and it free to join if you want to browse registered women prior to paying.

Nightlife in Santiago

Santiago is the capital and educational, economic, and cultural center in Chile. Santiago is a unique blend of a modern city surrounded by beautiful nature. What sets Santiago apart from other cities is that you can hit the beach and sky all in the same day. Yes, Santiago is both a sky and beach destination all in one.

Be sure to set up proper logistics in Santiago. Like most South American cities, you want to ensure safety and be well located to nightlife when selecting accommodation. AirBnB has more affordable rates in Santiago. (Use our link to get 30 Dollars off your first apartment on AirBnB). Look to stay in Bellavista, where most of the nightlife is located.

be sure to check out the following venues for nightlife:

  •  Bunker: Located in Bellavista on Pio Nino Street, this venue is a great place to mine it up with local girls.
  • Maestra Vida : This venue is a great place to test your Salsa dancing skills and meet cute Chilean girls and Latinas from all over South America.
  • Bar Loreto: If hipster girls are your preference check out this bar.
  • Las Urracas: This is an upscale venue to test your skills with the upscale local women.

Day Game in Santiago

As with most South American cities, malls are your best friend when it comes to meet women in Santiago. Check out the following malls to give it a whirl with the best talent in Santiago during the day:

  • Parco Arauco
  • Costanera Centre 
  • Alto Las Condes 

In addition to malls you can try your luck with university girls. Some of the popular universities in Santiago are:

  • Universidad de Chile
  • Universidad de Concepcion
  • Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile

Closing Thoughts

Chilean girls are certainly the overlooked Latinas. However, a closer look indicates some interesting dynamics in the dating scene in Santiago. Men who seek more moderation in financial status and emotionality are directed to check out the dating scene in Chile. There are definitely less passport hunters in Chile and the local women are more balanced emotionally. Moreover, Santiago as a destination affords the opportunity for a rare modern lifestyle in South America and opportunities for beautiful nature.

If dating in Chile has peaked your interest, jump on over to Latin American Cupid and start browsing the membership profiles of Chilean girls and beauties from all over Latin America.

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