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Chinese Dating: 28 Tips for Success

by Dantes
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Chinese dating is very different than dating women from western countries. There are several cultural factors that men need to be aware of in order to be successful with dating Chinese women. In this article, we will highlight the most salient factors that will contribute to your success with women from China.

Let’s dive right into in by listing the most important tips for Chinese dating.


1. Expectations of Chinese women

In China, women have much higher expectations than American women, for example. Dating is a relatively new trend in contemporary Chinese society. A generation ago, China was politically closed to the outside world. Most of the parents of young Chinese women today, married young, were virgins before meeting their husband and had only one sexual partner in their lifetime. Chinese women are more sexually conservative than western girls. They expect a long-term relationship to be the product of the relatively new, dating process.

2. Be honest

Chinese women are still ambivalent of dating foreigners. They value honesty from the people in their life. Being direct, open and honest with them will help them trust you.


3. Take initiative

Men should take control where dates will occur and what you will be doing. Always have a plan. In most cases, Chinese girls will follow your lead. Be confident in your decisions and display initiative.

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4. Pay for dates

It is customary for men to pay for dates in China. It will be a big turn off if you “go Dutch”, particularly early on in the dating process. She will also think you are cheap if you do not take care of the bill.


5. Politics

Do not discuss politics. Understand that China is a communist country that does not afford the same civil liberties and rights as most western nations. It is against the law to criticize the government.  tay clear of discussing political issues in China.


6. Avoid conversations on Japan

The Chinese generally do not like Japanese people or anything Japan related. Avoid discussing Japan and never make a comparison between Japan and China.


7. Develop a taste for Chinese cuisine

Chinese food is some of the best on the planet. There are diverse regional differences in how food is prepared within China. Take some time to learn about Chinese cuisine and display an interest. Chinese women love to discuss how their local dishes are prepared. They are very proud of their cuisine. Showing an interest in Chinese food will help you connect with Chinese girls.


8. Study the language

To further your connection with Chinese women, it is important to learn Mandarin. Mandarin is not the only language spoken in China, but it is the most common. Nothing will set you apart from other foreigners than learning some basic phrases and sentences at a minimum. This will signal to Chinese girls that you have a genuine interest in your culture. It also demonstrates that you are intelligent and educated.

The best program for learning the language is Pimsleur Chinese. In a few short months, you can have some basic conversation skills in Mandarin.


9. Embark on Online Chinese dating.

China Love Cupid is the best online dating website for Chinese dating. It boasts a robust number of Chinese women who are primarily registered to meet foreign men for relationships. Chinese Cupid can pay off in spades if men spend a little money and time in creating an interesting profile. The cost is nominal at under 30 bucks per month; and even lower if you sign up for a longer membership term.

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10. Download WeChat

WeChat is the main social messaging app in China. It is far and away a necessity if you plan on Chinese dating. Many social messaging apps are not common in China or are banned. WeChat is seminal to modern Chinese living. In addition to messaging, WeChat is used to pay bills and search the web.


11. Discuss your career

Chinese women place a high priority on a man who earns well. Nothing will signal to them that you are a high-value man like a solid career. Chinese women admire men who are ambitious and take work responsibilities seriously. Discussing business and real estate are not Buzzkill subjects like they are with western women. Display your achievements without boasting.


12. Discuss your education

Chinese place a premium of importance on educational attainment. Educated people in China are much more respected than those without advanced degrees. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences in school and how your value education.


13. Accept that you will always be a foreigner

Even western men who live in China long-term and speak the language are not fully integrated into Chinese culture. If you are not Chinese, you will never fully be accepted. Chinese have high levels of racism. They view races as hierarchical with China on top and people of European descent next. They have historically not been accepting of Blacks, but there is a unique niche of women who prefer Black men.


14. Shoes

Never wear your shoes in the home of a Chinese woman. This is considered extremely rude and disgusting.


15. Regarding children

Most Chinese women want to marry and have a family. While large families are very uncommon in China, most women wish to have at least one child. They seek men who will be solid providers and wish to raise a family.

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16. Physical affection

Chinese girls are not accustomed to making physical contact with people they don’t know well. Physical contact is reserved for their boyfriends. Early in the dating process, it is customary not to kiss on the cheek, hug or touch in general. As you progress in the dating process, she will be more open to physical affection.


17. Casual sex

Although a conservative country socially, one-night stands and fast sex are increasing in China. However, most women prefer to be in committed relationships. There are exceptions, however, and many foreign men in China enjoy sex with a variety of Chinese women. Generally speaking, you can expect sex to happen after about 3 days or so. This is similar to the dating culture in Russia.


18. Body hair

Chinese women have different attitudes toward their body hair. They are not hairy women to begin with. Most do not shave their pubic hair, while some do not shave their armpits. It is not advisable to force this issue. These are cultural trends that are the norm in China.


19. They are not all the same

Western fall into the trap of making broad generalizations about Chinese women. It is important to understand that China is a vast country geographically and home to more than 1.4 billion inhabitants. There are significant regional differences with respect to attitudes and behavior. Women from Shanghai are different from those in Shenzhen, for example.


20. Aging

Anyone who has spent time in China will notice that Chinese women age very well. When they reach 30 years of age (old for single women in China), they look much younger than White women.

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Chinese women are regarded as being very practical. They are good with money and analyze cost versus value when buying goods and services. They are particularly frugal when the get married and raise a family.


22. What are the qualities you should look for if you want to marry a Chinese woman?

  • She takes care of her parents and grandparents.
  • She has had less than 5 boyfriends.
  • She has money in her bank account.
  • She has a university degree.
  • She comes from an intact family (her parents are not divorced).
  • She cooks for you without asking.


23. Red flags in Chinese women

  • She does not get along with her parents.
  • She did not complete her high school studies.
  • She gossips about her friends.
  • She has piercings.
  • She has tattoos.
  • She lost her virginity at a young age.
  • She has never had a serious boyfriend by the time she is 30 years old.
  • She worked as a stripper
  • She worked in a KTV as a bottle girl.
  • Her hair is extremely short.
  • She gets physically aggressive with you.


24. What do Chinese women want in a man?

  • A man who is a good earner and generous with his money.
  • A man who is kind and considers a woman’s needs.
  • A man who is in control of his actions and has self-discipline. For example, a man who does not drink in excess.
  • A man who is responsible with his money and in his interactions with others.


25. What are turnoffs for Chinese women?

  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Spending money irresponsibly
  • Poor manners
  • Overly aggressive with women
  • Rude

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26. Chinese dating in Shanghai

Shanghai is the most international city in China. The women are cuter than those in most Chinese cities. Shanghai has a large population of Chinese girls are actively seeking relationships with foreigners. In addition, casual sex is much more common in Shanghai than any other city in China.

Shanghai boasts a robust nightlife 7 days a week. The following are the best nightclubs to meet Chinese women in Shanghai:

  • Myst: is one of the largest clubs in Shanghai. There is a good mix of foreign and Chinese talent. However, you may need to get bottle service for a good chance of hooking up.
  • Mint: is a very popular with Chinese girls who want to meet foreigners. Weekends night are incredibly packed. Wednesday is a great night to go to avoid large crowds.
  • M2: is frequented mostly by local Shanghai girls.
  • Monkey: is a solid hip-hop club. This a great venue for Black men to try their luck.
  • ASL: is another bar that has a lot of Chinese girls looking for foreign men.
  • Perry’s: is a college style bar that gets very packed. It is a solid place if looking for a one-night stand, but the talent is not super high.
  • Nest: is a high-end venue that has a reputation for gold-diggers.
  • Bar Rogue: is similar to ASL, but with an older crowd.
  • Apartment: is a solid club that is great for picking-up Chinese girls.
  • Unico: is another bar that caters to foreigners, but with a younger crowd.
  • Lola: if you strike out, this club gets going late, but it is frequented by ladies of the night. Be on guard.
  • Mansion: is a popular club for French folks.


27. Chinese dating in Beijing

The women in Beijing are noticeably less attractive than those in Shanghai. You won’t see enough targets to approach during the day. Your best bet for meeting women is to use China Love Cupid and to try your luck with nightlife. Check out the following night venues in Beijing:

  • Space one
  • Element
  • Club Vic’s
  • Club Mix

28. Chinese dating in Shenzhen

Shenzhen was a tiny, unpopulated city by Chinese standards a generation ago. Today, it is a cosmopolitan city with over 10 million people. It boasts solid infrastructure, accommodations, and a variety of things to do. The women in Shenzhen come from all over China.

Unlike Beijing, meeting girls in Shenzhen is worth the effort. You will see plenty of cute women roaming around the city during the day. Check out the following locations for Daygame:

  • Coco Park
  • DongMen Commercial Plaza
  • MIX City
  • OCT East
  • GuoMao

chinese dating


Closing thoughts on Chinese Dating

Chinese dating is very different than with other ethnicities. There are unique cultural factors at play that foreign men must digest before embarking on dating a Chinese girl. Chinese girls are known to be characterized as practical, traditional. There are many beautiful women in China, especially in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It is important to remember that Chinese women express their love through actions and not words.

Despite the complexities, Chinese dating can be very rewarding if men take the proper approach. If you are interested in Asian women, Chinese women are a solid choice as they are the most diverse of all the Asian countries. Chinese women fit the bill whether you are looking for casual sex, mini-relationships or marriage.

We hope you found this article valuable on Chinese dating.

Start meeting beautiful Chinese girls online with ChinaLove Cupid.

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