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Colombian Girls: A Guide to Dating in Bogota, Colombia

by The Masculine Traveler
Bogota Colombia

Colombian girls in Bogota are overlooked compared with the women in Medellin and Cali. What I found from my time in Bogota, are that Colombian girls residing here offer more than I thought in terms of looks and personality.

Bogota is the largest city and capital of Colombia. Some have difficulty with the air quality due to the high altitude (almost 9,000 feet above sea level) and pollution. Bogota is the main economic and education center of Colombia.

The following will cover where to meet Colombian girls so your trip to Bogota will be successful.


The Masculine Traveller Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 3.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3.75 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3.75 / 5 
Logistics: 3 / 5
Cost: 3.5 / 5
English Levels: 2.5 / 5 



Perfect suit weather, with temperatures ranging from the mid- 40s to 70 degrees F. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella as it rains and is misty almost daily.



You will most likely arrive in El Dorado International Airport. The best way to get downtown is by taxi, which will take 20 minutes without traffic. Make sure to use a registered taxi for your safety.  Bogota is a huge sprawling South American capital. Traffic is horrendous, which makes finding proper logistics essential.

Colombian Girls: A Guide to Dating in Bogota, Colombia

I recommend the following three areas: La Candelaria, Chapinero and Zona Rosa.


La Candelaria:

Touristy during the day
Seedy and dangerous at night
Lots of hostels and backpackers
Most cost-effective


Middle class
A few decent bars
Can be dangerous and deserted at night

Zona Rosa:

Clean, organized and safe
Nice bars, restaurants and nightclubs
*This is my preferred area by far.


Tourist Attractions

The Gold Museum
The historic center of La Candelaria
Zona T
The Planetarium


English is not widely spoken. However, the upper class speak English fluently. Developing Basic Spanish is easy and will help tremendously in Bogota. The English levels are higher than Medellin and Cali, for sure. Nevertheless, your odds of hooking up will be greatly increased by learning some Spanish.

I recommend the Pimsleur Learning Program for learning Spanish.

Additionally, italki is also a great resource to setup one-on-one courses with professional and certified teachers.



The women on Bogota “Rolas”  are probably the most light-skinned of Colombia. The Colombian girl in the capital are typically short, with dark hair and brown eyes. There are plenty of cute girls in Bogota, but the top tier does not match up to the women from Medellin. There is a bit less plastic surgery than in Medellin and Cali. So if you are looking for a natural Colombian body, Bogota is your place.

Colombian Girls: A Guide to Dating in Bogota, Colombia

I like the girls better in Bogota than Medellin, personality wise. The girls in Bogota are more diverse and worldly. On my dates I had much more to talk about. Their English levels are higher. They aren’t as confined by their local culture like Paisas. If looking for Long Term Relationship, I suggest heading to Bogota. They seem easier to relate to than Paisas.

Want to know more about Colombian women and what works best? Look no further.


Online Game

Tinder is solid in Bogota. I have a had solid success meeting cute chicas . I also had good success with ColombianCupid which I can also recommend as a tool for online game while on the ground in Bogota.



I have had some great success with meeting women during the day in Bogota. They are generally approachable and as previously mentioned, their English levels are higher. My preference is for Direct Daygame, but I find that Indirect works well too. My most recent trip, I had 4 dates with girls in the 7-8.5 range, during one week. One was a 19-year old model that I met in Zona T.

Colombian Girls: A Guide to Dating in Bogota, Colombia



If you are into Nightgame, Bogota is your best option in Colombia. More girls speak English here and One Night Stands, while difficult by western standards, are possible. There are plenty of options for nightlife, Thursday through Saturday. The bars in Candeleria and Chapinero are solid for picking up cute girls. The higher quality will be concentrated in the bars around Zona T.

Be sure to check out La Villa on Tuesday night for Gringo Tuesdays: Language exchange and party afterwards. Lots of cute chicas open to meeting Gringos.


The Colombian girls in Bogota have the right combination of looks, personality and sweetness. They make good potential for long-term relationships. They have higher English levels and more worldly than their counterparts in Medellin and Cali.

Most importantly, you have the holy trinity of Game at your disposal: Online, Nightgame, and Daygame. This alone sets Bogota apart as the most complete city for dating in Colombia.

Ready for more insights and a deep look at attracting and picking up Colombian Women? Look no further.

Check out my article on  Game and Dating in Colombia.

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