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Colombian Girls: 4 Events to Meet Them (2019)

by The Masculine Traveler

So, you’re looking to meet Colombian girls,  but want something different rather than the standard day or night game options?

Luckily, there are a few special events in Colombia that we can personally highly recommend for meeting Colombian women.

Colombia is reported to have the most national holidays than any other country in the world. For that reason, Colombian parties are world renowned and are a great way to meet local women who are in a lively, festive mood.

Here are the top 4 special events you can attend to meet some stunning Colombian girls.

1. Fashion Week in Medellin – Colombia Moda

Colombia Moda is essentially fashion week in Medellin.

This is the one event in Colombia you can’t miss if you’re looking for a unique place to meet stunning Colombian women.

It kicks off in July and lasts for 3 days, and is comprised of runway shows, vendors selling their items, events, and parties. Most of the action during the day takes place at Plaza Mayor, which is a short taxi ride from Poblado.  There are other events at hotels, but during the day, Plaza Mayor is the place to be.

The entrance fee for 3 days is roughly 50 bucks at the gate, although you can probably find a cheaper price if you look online.  My first time at Colombia Moda was in 2012 and I was amazed by the talent.  I have been back twice since 2012.  Every year I go back, I think the talent of the Colombian girls I see trumps my previous experience.

I have never seen more hot Colombian girls concentrated in one area.  

The sweet spot for Day game is not necessarily the models, but the countless beautiful Colombian women who attend the event.  The women in attendance consist of clothing vendors, fashion students, and those just interested in checking out the events.

Also, you can take a stab at approaching runway models.  You will see them walking around the exhibition.  The models are sometimes accompanied by gay orbiters or a female manager. However, some walk around unaccompanied.  Most of us won’t be in proximity with this kind of collective talent too often, so it is worth putting your best Game forward and taking a shot!

Most of the people who attend are women (more than 80%).  As mentioned, some legitimate runway models, the other “models” are hot girls that companies and stores hire to sell products. The rest are comprised of fashion students, general university students, women working in the fashion industry, girls curious about the event and gay guys.

I had a blast day gaming with the Colombian girls in attendance.

I got some solid numbers and a few led to a few sexual relationships with cute Colombian girls.

I haven’t seen anyone else approach at this event.

The day usually extends into parties at night in various places.  Some are open to the general public, but the best are by invitation only.  This should serve as motivation to network and develop a solid social circle to attend these parties.

There are a few bars and restaurants in the actual event and also outside which are perfect for an instant date.  Also, the talent directly outside the entrance and by the restaurants is great as well. You can actually never step foot inside the event and still have solid targets along the perimeter.


2. La Feria de las Flores

 La Feria is Colombia’s biggest festival which generally runs from late July through the first week in August in Medellin.  Officially, it is the celebration of flowers, but in essence, it is the celebration of Medellin’s Paisa culture. The first celebration took place in 1956. It was instituted to support the growing flower business in Colombia.

There are over 100 official events consisting of concerts, flower parades, a classic car show.  There are also numerous unofficial events where the locals’ party until the wee hours of the morning.

Alcohol, local Colombian girls, yeah – you can see where this is going and why La Feria de las Flores is worth checking out.

For some official events, you will need to purchase tickets in advance.  For others, you can attend without tickets but expect long lines.

These events are great for meeting local women who are relaxed and in party mode.

If you’re planning a trip to Colombia in late July through August, keep this one on your radar as a solid option for meeting the local chicas.


3. Feria de Cali

The Feria de Calitakes place in Cali from December 25th through the 30th.  Thousands of locals and tourists come to experience the 6-day long salsa festival.

Non-salsa fans do not fear – this event is great for anything who has the willingness to approach, as everyone is open and simply looking to have a good time.

Alot of these types of events go unattended by foreigners visiting Colombia, but this is another goldmine which can’t be missed if you’re in Cali during this time period.

Cali is the world’s top city for salsa and it puts its greatest cultural achievement on display for the Feria.  There is a great opportunity to meet local women as well as other women coming from all around Colombia for who are down to party and have a good time.

Nights get crazy during La Feria de Cali and the entire city is shut down to partake in this week-long party.

La Feria de Cali is one of South America’s best festivals.

4. Carnival in Barranquilla

The Paisas is Medellin certainly know how to party. Colombian girls in Medellin have the reputation for being the most beautiful. Costeños is reared to as the people who live on the coast of Colombia. In Barranquilla, they are referred to as   Barranquilleros. Barranquilla is about 1.5 hours from Medellin and Bogota. It is important to note that the culture on the coast is different than in Medellin for example. For one matter, Spanish i much more difficult to understand. While the Spanish isMedellin is soft and clear, the people of Barranquilla speak quickly and shortened words. In addition to the language differences, Barranquilla culture is a mix of Spanish, African, and other various indigenous. The Colombian girls in Barranquilla are warm and welcoming. They are darker skinned than the girls in Bogota for example and even Cali for the matter. In fact they resemble Dominican women to a degree.

Let’s talk about the part. The city of Barranquilla shuts down for 4 days. Carnival seems less typical culture and more  a blending of of diverse  cultures . In the early2000s, Carnival in Barranquilla was proclaimed a UNESCO as a Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.The official dates for 2019 are from March 2 through the 5th. However, there are several early unofficial events starting as early as February  22.

For a complete guide to Carnaval and ticket information check out  Carnival de Barranquilla website. Pro tip:

  • Book your hotel in advance. Accommodations fill up quickly.
  • Buy your ticket early. You can buy tickets at the parade but there are many fake tickets being sold.
  • Do not display cellphones, money, watches and Jewry. Pick-pocketing is common.

Colombian girls are everywhere during Carnaval. You can meet them at the parades and the various after-parties.

Be sure to read our full report on Barranquilla which will tell you everything you need to know from where to book your hotel and where to met cute Colombian girls.

Summary of Meeting Girls in Colombia

Colombia has a lot to offer in terms of culture and women, and all of the above events are a excellent ideas for getting in contact with the local women. If you’re interested in pipelining some local Colombian girls prior to your trip, jump on Cupid and you can start meeting them prior to your arrival.

If it’s your first time to Colombia, remember – Colombian girls are extremely clingy and after a few hangouts will already consider you as their girlfriend and that you’re both in a relationship. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, this can be great. If not, she’s going to try and lock you down.

Interested in more south american destinations? Read our guide to Rio.



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