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Cuban Girls: The Ultimate Dating Guide

by The Masculine Traveler
cuban girls

Cuban girls are some of the least known about in the international dating community. They are known to be sexy Latinas, but information on long-term relationships with Cuban girls is not ubiquitous. Until recently, travel to Cuba as off-limits for the majority of Americans. While Canadians and Europeans escaped their harsh winters for the sunny beaches of Cuba, the only exposure that Americans had to Cubans was in Miami and by watching Scarface. That all changed in December of 2015 when President Obama attempted to improve relations with Cuba. Americans were at last able to travel to Cuba worry free and with direct flights from the United States.

Cuba has been known to be a popular vacation spot for both European and Canadian tourists alike over the past decade. With the recent loosing of restrictions for American tourists starting in 2015 by the at-that-time Obama presidency, slowly more and more Americans have begun to pour in, hoping to catch a glimpse of the island and the day-to-day life of locals before it starts to lose its true flare.

In this article, we will provide you with the most comprehensive information on the web related to Cuban women and seducing them.



Life in Cuba

Upon my first trip to Cuba, I had the feeling of stepping back in time. A few things to note about life in Cuba:

Cell phone use is limited

  • Smartphones are substantially more expensive than the average salary permits.
  • Access to the internet is limited, connection speeds are slow, and cost of connectivity is expensive for average Cubans.
  • Infrastructure is extremely outdated.

The pace of life in Cuban is much slower than in North America. Cubans are industrious and clean people, but their non-capitalistic ideology has had an effect of creating a slower pace of life centered around social relationships. Cubans value family life and define themselves through their relationships, rather than occupation. The girls of Cuba tend to marry younger than their North American and European counterparts. Cuban women place a high emphasis on family life and having children.

Since the Cuban revolution, Cubans have had relatively little interactions with the outside world, particularly if they are not working in the tourism industry. Limited internet and a dearth of smartphones have contributed to virtual isolation as well. Nevertheless, Cubans are intelligent people.

They boast the most doctors per capita in the world. The healthcare system in Cuba is, in fact, one of the best in the world. Being inquisitive and intelligent people, Cubans have surprisingly more knowledge of the world than their limited resources would predict. Much of their familiarity with industrialized lifestyles come from their relatives who live abroad.

These relatives are considered very wealthy, despite their actual salaries. Upon their return to Cuba, they are expected to present gifts to their loved ones and pay for most expenses for the duration of their stay.

cuban women


A brief history of Cuba

Cuba With its population of roughly 11.2 million people, is mostly known for its collection of vintage cars, baseball players and assortment of world-renowned cigars and rum.  This communist country finds itself located in the Caribbean, roughly 90 miles/145 kilometers off the coast of Florida.

The story of the history of Cuba often dates back to the times of Christopher Columbus, who was the first European to reach the island back in the year of 1492.  Columbus and his crew quickly discovered the true fertility of the island, and that those indigenous to the island survived through crops and farming.  In 1511, Diego Velasquez conquered the island of Cuba and also founded a few very important settlements, including the today capitol of Havana. Starting in 1525, the Spanish begun to import African slaves in to Cuba, in order to help compensate for the massive loss of lives caused by European diseases brought over during the past three decades.

By the 18th century, Cuba had begun prospering due to its booming growth and export of sugar. The zafra would prove to provide immense financial spoils to the island, where slaves would work day and night to diligently prepare and properly process the harvest.  As time progressed, slaves began to seek their own independence on the island from plantation owners, so came about the Ten Year War.  Although the war ended in failure, slavery would become abolished a few years later starting in 1866.  In the end, slavery on the island would leave a deep cultural influence on everyday Cuban life.

A Second War of Independence started in 1895, and in 1898 the US would go to war with Spain.US forces invaded Cuba, and Spain would shortly surrender soon after.  The peace treaty that was signed would require Spain to abandon all claims to Cuba.  For the coming decades, Cuba would remain mostly dominated by the US and its relations with the island.  After a few attempts at installing leaders and a democratic institution through elections over the year, Fulgencio Batistia would prove successful in staging a coup 1952, becoming the countries own dictator.

Fulgencio Batista’s reign lasted until The Cuban Revolution, when he was removed from his power and office in 1959.  The revolutionary government then came in to power, led by Fidel Castro.  At this point in time, Castro introduced a communist regime where all political opponents were swiftly crushed.  Over the next decades, the Cuban economy would stagnate and many people suffered because of this exact reason.

Relations with the U.S. were also in the gutter, after the failed Bay of Pigs event in 1961 and the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.  With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the situation is Cuban became drastically worse, including the ordinary living conditions for those living on the island. Due to this reason, Fidel was forced to open up Cuba to allow in some tourism in order to generate some additional revenue flow for the country.

In 2008, Fidel would go on to re-assign, and his brother Raul would assume the position of power. Since then, relations with the U.S. and the rest of the world have been to loosen, with the first shipment of American goods being sent to Cuba for the first time in 50 years in 2012.


The qualities of Cuban girls

Most perceptions of the physical attributes of Cuban girls comes from the representation of the sexy, voluptuous, and beautiful Cubans in Miami. While the top tier of Cuban girls can rival any other nationality in term of attractiveness, not all Cuban women are gorgeous. Walking the streets in Havana for example, you will see all shapes, sizes and levels of attractiveness in Cuban girls. The average girl, in fact, is much less attractive than in Eastern Europe and slightly less attractive than other Latin American countries. Limited resources and importation of goods, means that women have significantly less access to cosmetics, fashion, and items of comfort. Most Cuban girls rely on very little make-up and fashion accessories.

While the average Cuban girl may not impress, there are plenty of single, beautiful women to go around. The biggest advantage of Cuban girls is their openness to dating foreign men. Also, you will observe many beautiful Cuban women with much older men. Many men are able to punch above their weight class in Cuba.

The women in Cuba are widely diverse. The diversity reminds me of Brazil. As with, Brazilian girls the girls in Cuba possess varying body types (slim to curvy) and a full spectrum of skin tone. Cuban girls range from black skin tone to light skin with blonde hair and blue eyes. If you have traveled to the Dominican Republic you will observe that Cuban women have lighter complexions. Whatever your preference is, you will probably find it in Cuba.

We recommend that men be direct with Cuban girls. Approaching women boldly and making your intentions clear is definitely the way to go. Cuban women respect masculine men and respond well to those who communicate what they want. No need to beat around the bush with Cuban girls.

Cuban men are wildly aggressive. Cuban women are used to being pursued hard. However, no need to mimic local men, be straightforward, direct and confident in your interactions. In return, girls will also let you know if they like you. Flirting and the expression of sexuality is the norm in Cuba. Cuban women love to make strong eye contact and touch when they are interested in a man.

Most Cuban girls have a sincere desire for long-term relationships and marriage. With that said, men should be cautious to the economic realities of the women in Cuba. Most of the population is surviving on poverty level wages. Therefore, men must always take into account the economic disadvantage when evaluating if a Cuban girl has a sincere interest or if they are motivated by ulterior factors.

To illustrate how low salaries are, I met an airport immigration worker who revealed that he made 40 U.S. Dollars per month. This is a government job that most Cubans would kill to obtain. While the government subsidizes food and housing costs, their overall life is way below the poverty line for most developed nations. It is common to see many Cuban men doing side hustles in Havana such as selling cigars and rum to tourists. Many Cubans make their living on tourism. They also rely financially on family members who live abroad.


cuban women


More on Cuban girls

Unbeknownst to many, Cuba boasts a wide range of women in assorted shapes, sizes and colors ranging from a much-lighter hazel skin tone all the way down to the darkest of the chocolates.  The weather is warm nearly year round, and as are the women who inhabit this sizable island.

The local women of Cuba are friendly and can be easily approached, but a strong command of the Spanish language is certainly a must.  You’ll notice that many Cuban men will catcall and stare down women in the streets, but more often than not, will not go all out and do a cold approach.  The women are used to attention and being hounded by horny Cuban men, but they certainly don’t get stopped for a pick-up attempt on a daily basis.

With a lack of tourism over the decades and a still somewhat restricted connection to the outside world, women have not been as exposed as their other Latin American peers when it comes to speaking English.  On one hand this can be an advantage, as a small handful of women will be interested in practicing their English with a gringo, whereas on the other hand if you’re looking for the more traditional type, you’ll want one of the many ones who only speak Spanish.  Come prepared, and certainly brush up to at least be able to handle a basic conversation, otherwise interactions can be tough with many local women.

Another important consideration is the level of prostitution. No honest account of Cuban girls can ignore the widespread, formal and informal prostitution. Although technically illegal in Cuba, prostitution is embedded in Cuban culture, where cash is king. While local police take action against prostitution, it is very common among locals and foreigners.

The ubiquitous levels of prostitution make it difficult for men to get an accurate appraisal of how genuine a Cuban girl’s interest is. Many Cuban girls don’t present as stereotypical prostitutes and most only sell their services based on opportunity.

If you come across such a woman, politely decline her suggestion for a transactional relationship and directly say that you are looking for a traditional relationship and you do not pay for sex.

This leads us to a discussion on marriage with Cuban girls.

cuban girls

Cuban girls have the types of qualities that most western men value:

  • Beautiful
  • Sexual
  • Value family and children
  • Respect and support traditional gender roles
  • Take responsibility for a comfortable home life

The local girls in Cuba, in fact tick most of the boxes for a traditional, feminine wife. They are also notoriously passionate and sexual women. They will keep things interesting between the sheets.

There are a few things we recommend if you are considering looking for a wife in Cuba.


Finding a Cuban wife

Here are the main things to keep in mind if you wish to find a Cuban wife during your time in Cuba:


  • Learn Spanish: Nothing will help you understand Cuban culture more than learning to speak and think in the local tongue. It will also set you apart from the stereotypical, clueless Gringo. Learning Spanish will open more doors towards long-term relationships with Cuban women than any other endeavor. We recommend the following Spanish learning program:  Pimsleur Spanish Language Program. Read our comprehensive guide on how to learn Spanish easily.


  • Visit Cuba! Getting your boots on the ground in Cuba will give you access to the best quality of Cuban girls for marriage. While many Cubans live in the United States and Europe, the most traditional and feminine of Cuban girls live in their home country. Spend as much time as possible in this beautiful, tropical island country.


  • Learn to dance: like most Latinas Cuban girls have a passion for living. No cultural activity embraces passion like dancing. You don’t need to be a contender for Dancing With the Stars, but learning the basics of some Latin dancing demonstrates to Cuban women that you value and respect her culture.


  • Avoid discussing politics: Besides being a major buzzkill with women, discussing politics in a communistic country is a bad idea. Focus on learning about her life and interests instead of dead-end topics.


  • Meet the parents: Be prepared to meet and spend considerable time with her family. Be cautious that some of her relatives will expect you to pay for meals and may ask you directly for money. Proceeding on how much to give, if anything, is a personal decision and should be predicated on how serious you are about a Cuban Girl.


The best places to meet Cuban women

Best places are as follows:

  • Online dating: online dating is not huge in Cuba, but there are advantages to meeting Cuban girls online. We have found that there is much less competition for Cuban women through online dating than in other countries such as Ukraine. In most countries, we recommend messaging girls two weeks prior to your trip. However, considering limited internet access, we suggest you start messaging Cuban girls online 4-6 weeks prior to your trip to allow for lapses in internet connectivity. Latin American Cupid is the best online dating site for meeting Cuban girls. You can also use this site to meeting women from all over Latin America, not just Cuba.


  • Havana: The capital and most populated city in Cuba is the most visited destination on the island. The women of Havana will be the most beautiful at the top levels, but also the most accustomed to interacting with foreign me. Havana is a difficult place to navigate on a short stay, but no trip to Cuba is complete without a stop in the capital.


  • Holguin: To experience real Cuban life we recommend Holguin. It is a quiet, laid back city that has some of the most beautiful Cuban girls. The girls in Holguin also tend to be the fairest in completion. This is a popular spot for older men (50s-60s) who want to date younger women.


  • Varadero: A popular tourist spot, Varadero provides men with a good selection of local Cuban women and a mix of tourists to seduce.


  • Miami: Probably the largest population outside Cuba resides in southern Florida, Miami boasts top-level Cuban talent. In Miami, you will see some of the most stunning Cuban women at nightclubs and on the beaches.


How to overcome the unique obstacles in Cuba

No country is perfect and Cuba certainly has its drawbacks. One of the most frustrating facets of staying in Cuba is finding suitable accommodation. Bringing a Cuban girl back to your hotel creates a big problem. The hotel is legally obliged to register the girl, to which the local authorities will likely be notified. This is obviously a huge risk for the woman with a host of legal and social consequences.

Renting a Casa Particular is your best bet for securing accommodation. Unfortunately, the owner of the Casa may have to register visitors, but a cool Casa Particular host may not always register the girl. All girls will understand the registration process if they go home with you. There are some “friendly” casas that do not register girls but to find a reputable host, you will need time in Cuba to make solid connections. First timers in Cuba are encouraged to always follow the law, despite its inconvenience.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way around the registration process and it is a barrier that you will have to deal with in Cuba.

cuban girls


Things to watch out for in Cuba

Keep these in mind during your visit to Cuba:

  • There are often shortages in food. Restaurants will never be able to offer you their full menu.


  • Two currencies: This confuses most tourists. There are Cuban Convertible Pesos for tourists and national pesos for locals. Tourists can carry the national currency. It is best to carry both, but be cautious not to mix them up as they vary significantly in value.


  • When arranging a date, make sure you are specific with time and location. There are often communication delays through texting.


  • Cuba is very safe, even the poorest areas.


  • If you get sick, Cuba has an incredible healthcare system.


  • Most nightclubs have a heavy concentration of hookers.


  • Cuban women are open to dating all races. They are some of the least racist people.


  • Most women from Cuba have a dream to live in the United States.


  • Stores and restaurants close down during Christmas and New Year’s. Make sure you stock up on food before those holidays.


Closing thoughts

Cuban girls exude sexuality and femininity. Cuba has been accessible to Americans recently. This island country remains a communist and an undeveloped. Meeting women in Cuba is not without its challenges. One must spend long periods of time in this country to fully understand the unique cultural and dating factors.

Fortunately, with dating sites like Latin American Cupid, men can ease the dating process, especially if they don’t have months to spend in Cuba.

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The best ones are in Miami but there are some smoke shows in Havana .

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It is very transactional in Cuba. You need local connections to avoid this.

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found a light-skinned cubana outside of florida in the southern US. Very traditional and hard to date, even if they really want you. I met her family before we even started dating, after 2 months of hardcore hitting on her, and we’re in our late 20s. A lot of hassle but worth it. Speaking some Spanish, or at least making the effort to try helps a lot.

The Masculine Traveler May 13, 2019 - 5:17 PM

There’s certainly a lot of diamonds in the rough there to be found. Thanks for the share.

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haha..been dating a Cuban beauty for 2 years and still cant figure her out..maybe time to move on to a Venezuelan princess..I do agree about their sexualtity and commitment to family..

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