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Danish Women: 8 Dating Tips for 2020

by The Masculine Traveler
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In our coverage of dating in Scandinavia, we have one last group to shed light on – Danish women.

Dating in Demark is similar to Sweden and Norway. Denmark however is liberalism on steroids.

This Scandinavian country is perhaps the most egalitarian country on earth with regard to romantic relationships. 

Danish women are fiercely independent.

Feminism is the predominant school of philosophy and permeates all levels of culture and ideology. Autonomy is something that Danish women aggressively pursue.

They take pride in their careers and establish financial independence. Dominance in men is frowned upon. Submissiveness in women is scorned. 

In comparison to other Scandinavian women, Danish girls are not as sweet as Norwegian women or as attractive as Swedish women. However, they have typical Scandinavian genes with a cute presentation on average. 

The Looks of Danish Women

In thinking of the physical appearance of Danes, one conjures up an image of blonde hair and blue eyes.

While this appearance eyes not uncommon in Denmark, most Danes have brown hair, taller than average, and are average in weight. 

Walking around the capital, Copenhagen you will not observe quintessential model-like women with slim waists wearing heels, skits like in Kiev.

Danish girls prefer a more casual appearance and can be best described as cute. Casual attire is preferred for a more relaxed appearance. 

The Attitudes of Danish Women

As already mentioned, Danish girls are independent and socially conscious. Environmentalism and initiatives for the common good of society are common talking points.

It is best to avoid controversial topics and conservative viewpoints should not be brought up. Instead it is best to nod in agreement to her views on society.

Danish women prefer quiet, unassuming men.

Boisterous men who talk up their accomplishments will be dismissed harshly. Danish women are direct and have a tendency to be argumentative. Underneath it all, they desire respect from men. 

Compliments on their appearance is not necessary and won’t be taken well. Danish women oppose any attention that can be construed as objectifying women. It is best to display your intelligent and commitment to pro social issues. 

Let’s advance our discussion with a few dating tips that will help you be successful in Denmark.

Dating Tips for Danish Women

1.     Avoid Controversial Topics

Danish women hold strong beliefs and they are not reticent to express them.

Men should play it safe with sticking to safe points of conversation while avoiding the advocation on any controversial viewpoints. 

Topics suitable for conversation include:

  • Travel
  • Food
  • History 
  • Movies
  • Books

2.     Befriend Local Men in Denmark

Danes are rather cliquey. Social circles are tight, and they are not comfortable meeting strangers.

While they are cordial to foreigners, they aren’t warm and friendly like Brazilians.

Befriending local men is a great way to make inroads to Danish women through social circle. 

3.     Don’t Be Surprised if She Makes the First Move

Danish women are sexually liberated. Dating culture does not exist in Denmark. Romantic interactions fall into two categories:

  • Hook-ups at bars fueled by alcohol
  • Relationships which merged from long time friendships

One-night-stands are popular in Demark. Dating culture like in America is nonexistent.

Danes form relationships with people whom are in their social circle.

Sometimes, one-night-stands lead to the development of a relationship, but this process is absent in courting and in the traditional evolution of the dating process. 

4.     Don’t Invest in Day Game

Meeting women during the day is tough in Demark. Danes are wary of people they don’t know, especially when sober.

They are polite and quiet with new people they encounter during the day.

Interactions with Danish women during the day is typically awkward. Moreover, the absence of a dating culture really renders day game useless. It is more adventurous to focus on nightlife for meeting women.

5.     Be Prepared for Danish Nightlife Dynamics

Denmark is one of the only countries in the world where men can wait for women to make the first move.

It is still important to approach women at bars, but if they are interested, they will be the ones to suggest an after-party. As with other Scandinavian countries an after-party is a euphemism for an invitation for sex. 

It is also important to be prepared for late nights and intoxication. Danish women drink hard, but only on weekends. Moderate drinkers should be prepared for them drinking you under the table. 

6.     Understand the Competition

Danish men are tall, good locking and dress well. They are also intelligent and successful. 

They have all things going for them physically but they to not approach. Danish society has rendered them passive. This creates a great opportunity to beat them to the punch at bars and clubs.

Rest assured they will not approach a cute girl unless they hammered. Getting a step ahead of the competition is fairly easy just by taking some initiative to approach. 

7.     Dress Well

Danish women have a preference for well dressed, clean-cut men. Back-packer types do not fare well in Demark. Dress and act the part an unassuming, educated, socially conscious man. 

8.     Choose the Right Dating App

In the absence of a true dating culture, dating apps are not popular in Demark.

With that said, Danish girls who register for an account are probably serious about meeting a man online. 

International Cupid is a solid dating app for meeting eager Danish women, open to meeting foreign men.

Danish women are not represented in high numbers on International Cupid, but it is the best app that we are aware of in Denmark. 


Meeting Danish women is not without its challenges.

They are not the ideal choice for men seeking a traditional woman for a relationship. However, Danish women are the most liberal-minded and open to one-night stands, perhaps in the world.

Men who have the same mindset are directed to Denmark to experience this unique hook-up scene.

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