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Dating Dutch Women: Much More Than Weed and The Red Light District

by The Masculine Traveler
Dutch women

Drugs and prostitution are some of the first things that come to mind about the Netherlands. Casting those vices aside, we delve into what is it like to date Dutch girls in their home country. The Netherlands is known for many things. In addition, to debauchery, the Netherlands boasts beautiful landscapes, canals, and world-famed flowers. The natural wonders of the Netherlands get even better when we consider the local women.

Let’s move forward to discuss the dating scene in the Netherlands.

Dating in the Netherlands

Dutch girls are the tallest in the world. They are also very beautiful. In comparing them to women from other northern European countries, they are more attractive on average than Danish women. They tend to be slimmer and more fashion conscious than Danes. There is also more variability with regards to looks. The Netherlands is very multi-cultural and this can be seen with regard to the diversity in the looks of the women.

Swedish and Norwegian women have a leg-up in Dutch women. However, I find the latter to be more relatable.

Culture wise, there are similarities to Scandinavia. The Netherlands is one of the most liberal countries in the world. Women are raised to be independent. Nevertheless, Dutch girls seem to find a balance between being autonomous and still appearing to be feminine.

That said, there is a reason for the expression, “Let’s go Dutch.” In comparison to dating in Eastern Europe, it is like night and day. Dutch women do not expect men to take care of them financially. Splitting the check for dinner and drinks is common. Men with dating experience further east need to adjust their expectations. Going with the flow in this more egalitarian society is key.

Dutch women are assertive and direct. They speak their minds and will challenge viewpoints in which they disagree with. It is best for men to avoid controversial topics and to play it safe conversation wise. Conservative viewpoints are not received well in the Netherlands.

The liberalism in the Netherlands influences sexual dynamics. Dutch women are open to casual sex. They seem to have a preference for dating Dutch men. The competition in the Netherlands is high. Dutch men are tall and handsome. However, foreign men can distinguish themselves with charisma and a sense of humor. Dutch men tend to be on the shy side and boring. Foreign men can use their outgoing personalities to distinguish themselves.

In terms of interacting with local girls, almost 75% percent of Dutch speak English fluently. Men might get some bonus points for seeking some Dutch phrases, but there really isn’t a need to invest heavily in this language. Unlike Russian and Ukraine, there isn’t a language barrier.

Now that we have provided an overview on dating in the Netherlands, lets discuss the best places to meet Dutch girls.

The Best Places to Meet Dutch Women

In the following sections, we will provide the 3 best locations for meeting Dutch girls: online dating and two top cities in the Netherlands for dating.

Online Dating in the Netherlands

Online dating is accepted and very common in Dutch culture. Due to their physical traits and continuity of culture, Dutch men have an advantage when it comes to meeting women online. Tinder is a solid dating app in the Netherlands but it favors Dutch men and young foreigner men who can stand out their profile pictures.

Dutch women are all too familiar with foreigner men and their Amsterdam jaunts. Therefore, visitors to the Netherlands are advised to:

  • Stay for long periods of time. This will open doors to the best talent and will provide an impetus for Dutch girls to meet you.
  • Select a dating app that favors you. International Cupid caters to foreign women who want to meet men from abroad for long-term relationships. Guys from abroad will get much more traction on International Cupid than on Tinder. Moreover, you can use International Cupid to meet women from all over Europe, not just in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam for Meeting Dutch Women

As we started this article, Amsterdam can be much more than drugs and brothels. Meeting women during the day and at select nightlife venues are both viable options.

With beautiful canals and world-renowned museums, Amsterdam is the quintessential cosmopolitan European city. If you have spent time in Germany, Amsterdam will feel like a breath of fresh air. It is a vibrant city with beautiful local girls and a nice mix of tourists gals.

Meeting women during the day has a few challenges. For starters, everyone in Amsterdam rides a bike. Bicycles are the main mode of transportation unlike walking and the metro like other European cities. This transportation dynamic is not conducive for the foot traffic needed to meet women on the streets.

Moreover, Dutch women while polite, and not very open to meeting stingers doing the day. They come across as shy and reserved. If you are a real day gamer enthusiast, then check out the parks and museums. Check out Vondel Park on the weekends. Shopping mall culture is also not big in Amsterdam so day gamers need to get creative.

Nightlife in Amsterdam

Fortunately, nightlife offers better opportunities for meeting local girls. The following is a short list of the best venues to meet Dutch girls:

  • The Box
  • Club Up
  • Escape
  • Air Amsterdam
  • De School

Rotterdam for Meeting Dutch Girls

Its its population of 600,000, Rotterdam seems less international than Amsterdam. More pedestrian friendly, Rotterdam is a better day game city. Local girls also seem more open and friendly to tourists than in Amsterdam. Rotterdam also boasts solid nightlife. Check out the following venues:

  • Bed
  • Worm
  • Vie
  • Bird
  • Toffler

Closing Thoughts

The Netherlands is the quintessential European country. Amsterdam and Rotterdam are solid cities for meeting local women.

Dutch girls are cute and friendly. Dating in the Netherlands is not without its challenges. The dating dynamics favor out-going men who are charismatic to get an edge on the competition.

Dutch women are independent. While this may not be a draw for many men, the key advantage to this is when a girl is interested in you it is usually genuine- not predicated on ulterior motives.

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