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Dominican Cupid Review [June 2020]

by The Masculine Traveler

Dominican Cupid is one of the many ethnic dating sites offered by Cupid Media. We’ve been personally using Dominican Cupid for over a decade now while traveling to The DR, and can say that it is one of the best dating sites for meeting beautiful Dominican girls.

As many of our readers have experienced, Tinder does not provide the results it once did. It has become more of a woman’s mechanism for attention-seeking than for those genuinely interested in meeting a good man. Fortunately, there are niche-based websites that are designed for foreign men who are seeking to meet women from specific ethnic backgrounds. Dominican Cupid is one of those websites.

Dominican Cupid is one the most popular dating websites offered by Cupid Media. Cupid Media is a leader is dating connecting foreign men to local women through their various dating platforms.  Currently, Cupid media operates over 35 dating websites based on ethnicity, religion and special interests.

Initially, Cupid Media focused introduction platforms that liked foreign men to Asian women. Over the past ten years, Cupid Media has expanded its services to all parts of the globe-linking men to various ethnic women.  The Masculine Travelers have been using Russian Cupid, Latin American Cupid, Colombian Cupid, Brazil Cupid, and Ukraine Date for many years.

As with all dating sites, there are pros and cons associated with them. The following are our impressions specifically related to meeting women on Dominican Cupid based on my numerous trips to the Dominican Republic.

What kind of women are on Dominican Cupid?

Most women who are on Dominican Cupid are looking for real-life meetings with foreign men.  These women generally tend to state they are looking for relationships, but they are also open to mini-relationships and hook-ups with foreign men.

The women of the Dominican Republic are some of the sexiest in all of Latin American.

Passion and sex happen quickly in this country.

The women of the Dominican Republic are darker than the women in other Latin countries but are curvy as can be. You’re going to find plenty of younger Dominican women on Cupid that are sweet, sexy and open to a meeting.

There are plenty of girls who are bored of their everyday lives and need to spice it up a bit with by meeting that special foreign guy. If you’re a foreign guy with your act together, you can certainly do well in Dominican if you plan properly prior to your trip, get started by pipelining using Cupid, and spend in an optimal situation at least one week in the DR.

Who is Dominican Cupid good For?

If you fall into one or more of the following categories, these would be good reasons for considering signing up for Dominican Cupid:

  • It is great for men who are more relationship minded, older, and who are not killing it with Tinder.
  • Due to the volume of the women on the website and the liberal culture in the Dominican Republic, it also serves the younger man who wants to date several women at one time.
  • Men who are planning to visit the Dominican Republic on a short trip will find this site their most valuable tool in accessing local women. Time is of the essence. We advise that you start messaging girls 1-2 weeks prior to your arrival. This seems to be the optimal window in our experience.
  • You’re interested in meeting Dominican women from all around the country, rather than just the ones who hang out around the resort areas, where many are scared to venture from.
  • You are serious about wanting to meet and date sexy Dominican women

dominican cupid

What are the Advantages of Dominican Cupid?

So what is Cupid going to provide if you take the time to sign-up and set up a killer account? Here’s the offering:

  • Dominican Cupid is part of Cupid Media, which is a well established doing service with almost 20 years in the business. Dominican Cupid ensures your privacy as a user.
  • There are a voluminous amount of local women using this site. There are no shortages of women. Hundreds of women join every day.
  • Proximity: almost all of the women are based in the Dominican Republic.  No need to weed out profiles from undesirable countries.
  • Using Dominican Cupid is by far the easiest way of getting dates in the Dominican Republic on a short stay. You will have far better success with Dominican Cupid than with Tinder.
  • The women who are on this site are specifically looking for to date foreigners. This site is geared towards foreign men like Tinder is geared towards women.
  • If you are limited with Spanish, it will be difficult to approach in person. Using Dominican Cupid allows you to build a rapport before the first real-life meeting. The site also has a translation tool to facilitate communication.

On every trip so far to the Dominican Republic, we were able to land dates and have a great time with local Dominican women.

What are the Disadvantages of Dominican Cupid?

As always, there are a few disadvantages as with everything:

  • The Premium Version costs money, but it is well worth it to have full access to the site. The cost is very reasonable compared to other dating websites
  • There are some scams. Some girls will set up fake profiles or ask you to send them money. These profiles are easy to detect by using common sense and sound judgment. Click the report button to inform the administrators of such profiles.
  • The women will seem very interested, but we guarantee you will not be the only foreigner they are speaking with. Your best strategy is to obtain as many leads as possible and line up several dates during your stay to guard against flakes and insincere women.

In the end, is it still worth it? Yes – if you keep a level head on your shoulders and watch out for the last two points, you’ll be able to filter out these women. Really, this is the same as with most countries, so you need to be smart about it and know what to look for.

The Sign-up Process for Dominican Cupid

An easy sign-up process allows users to begin browsing sexy chicas from the Dominican Republic in minutes.  The whole process of uploading your photos and entering biographical information should take less than 10 minutes before you are able to start messaging women.

Remember, in order to fully use the application it’s best to have a premium account. The reason for this is in order to exchange messages with non-paying users, you’ll need to have this unlocked through a paid Dominican account.

There are three different types of membership levels, broken down by the falling chart:

dominican cupid

The main benefits for the platinum package in our opinion are as follows:

  1. If you do not speak Spanish, you can automatically translate messages into English. Some browsers support this already built-in, such as Chrome, but this can save a lot of time from switching back and forth between windows and trying to translate when chatting with Dominican women
  2. And the most important fact, you’ll be able to message all members. Meaning anything you see you like, you can go for it.

Having Success with Dominican Cupid after Signing-up

Once you’ve signed up, you should fill out your profile the best as possible.

With most dating apps, having a profile photo and ensuring that it’s one of your best ones is crucial. Looks are not the only thing or most important thing to Dominican women, but they’re going to certainly know how you look like. This is already one of the first connection building phasing to the online dating process.

Next, you want to fill out your profile as much as possible, to show that you’re active on the site and truly interested in meeting Dominican women.

You should keep the following tips in mind when filling out your profile and conversing with women on the platform:

  • List your interests, and show yourself as a high-value man. If you’re looking for a woman for a longer-term relationship, you’re going to want to show that you’re successful. Talk about (hint on) these different reasons to really intrigue her when she views your profile.
  • Always fill out the “about yourself” and “what you’re looking for in a partner” section. These are very important for women, and they will always scan it.
  • Spanish is going to go a long way, so if you have the ability to converse in Spanish make it apparent from the get-go on your profile. Most women can speak a little English and would be willing to use translate, but this is going to be a super value add for you just if you can say even a few words, especially on the date.
  • Tell her you will be visiting the Dominican Republic soon, so that she knows you are serious are not just chatting to waste her time. These women want to meet-up, and you need to let them know that this is a serious thing.

What cities is Dominican Cupid best for?

The Dominican Republic is overall not a huge country, but nonetheless, you’re going to find women on Dominican Cupid from all over the country.

The beauty of the internet is we now have the ability to connect with women in the Dominican Republic while sitting thousands of miles away in the comfort of our own homes.

Once you’re there and on the ground, If a girl likes you, it’s even common she will come and visit you from another location on the island, so it’s important to get on Cupid and start exchanging messages and building rapport prior to your trip.

Overall, we’d recommend that the best women are to be found in the less touristy cities of Santiago and Santo Domingo.

Once you get there, combine your online experience with some day and night game for best results, and don’t be afraid to go new places to meet different types of Dominican women.

The Verdict on Dominican Cupid

We’ve personally been using Dominican Cupid with success now for over a decade, and it still continues to pay huge dividends in terms of meeting, dating and bedding sexy Dominican women.

There’s no way we’re going to the Dominican Republic without previously pipelining on Cupid. Most people will jump on Tinder, or one of the other generic apps, but Dominican Cupid still remains king. It is far superior to dating apps like Tinder for dating in the Dominican Republic.

Point and case: Dominican Cupid is the best dating site that we have come across for accessing, dating and bedding local Dominican women.

Dominican Cupid is a great resource for older men as the culture supports a large age in relationships. It is also the quintessential tool for dating in this country on a short stay as it will allow you to line updates before you even have your boots on the ground.

Ready to start meeting Dominican women now? Look no further.

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KC March 6, 2019 - 2:23 AM

I’ve seen a lot of reviews praising this site and others for the beautiful women but the actual number that aren’t blatantly fake profiles are scattered.The common profiles I’ve seen are average looking girls many of which are from the ghetto regions.I haven’t signed up for a paid membership so I don’t know how much that play a part in finding higher quality women.


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