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Dominican Girls: The Dating Guide to Santo Domingo

by The Masculine Traveler
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Dominican girls very well have been put on this earth to personify sexuality in women. Perhaps no other city in Latin America boast such sexuality in local girls like Santo Domingo. The women of Santo Domingo come in all shapes and sizes. Sure you will find big-booty, voluptuous women in the capital of Santo Domingo, but the women are actually more diverse with regard to body types than advertised. The skin tone of the women varies among local women. Most of the upper-class girls have lighter skin, and women from poorer neighborhoods tend to be darker in complexion. Santo Domingo has a wide variety that will satisfy most men’s preferences.

How do Dominican girls in Santo Domingo stack up against their counterparts in Santiago? On average the women in Santiago are slimmer and lighter skinned versions of the women from the capital. Girls in Santo Domingo tend to be easier to score with. It is not unusual to have women who work at the airport flirt and make long sustained eye contact with you moments after arriving. This creates the impression that you have arrived in paradise. Well, for many men they have. Dominican girls in Santo Domingo tend to be some of the most flirtatious, sexual and friendly women. While, some of the upper-class women have attitudes, as a whole the local girls are quite chill.

The following sections will detail everything a player needs to know on how to meet, seduce, and date Dominican girls.


The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 3.25 / 5
Logistics: 2.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3.5 / 5
Cost: 3 / 5
English Levels: 2.5 / 5



A hot and humid climate, the best time to visit is December through March, which are the coolest months.



Dominican Girls: The Dating Guide to Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the financial, economic and cultural center of Dominican Republic. It is the capital and the largest city with a population of 1 million. This colonial city was one of the first to be founded in the Americas, dating back to 1496. Santo Domingo is typical of this region in that it lacks solid infrastructure and public transportation. Public transportation consists mainly of buses which are crowded and hot. Unless you rent a car, taxis will be your main source of transportation. Uber is your best bet in Santo Domingo.

Las Americas International Airport is located about 30 minutes outside the city center. A taxi from the airport to the center will cost between $25-$40. You will need to pay $10 for a Tourist Visa upon arrival. This is paid at the airport before entering Immigration.

Santo Domingo is a congested city with horrendous traffic. Housing runs the spectrum from slums to high-end condos in Naco and Piatini.

Zona Colonial is the most popular tourist destination. It is lined with budget hotels that were renovated in traditional colonial architecture. This is the most charming and historic part of the city.

Malecon also attracts tourists due to its proximity to the sea, hotels, and casinos. Malecon and Zona Colonial are relatively safe areas to walk around during the day.



For longer stays, you should find a suitable apartment in Naco or Piatini. These are the upscale neighborhoods with the best talent to be seen for local women. As previously communicated, it is quite difficult to navigate the city. For long-term stays, consideration should be given to renting a car.

For short stays, I recommend the following hotels:

Hotel Napolitano in Malecon – Guest friendly and great outdoor pool.

Hotel Villa Colonial in Zona Colonial – Guest friendly, air conditioned, airport transfer and outdoor pool.

Tourist Attractions:
• Zona Colonial
• Malecon
• Jardin Botanico



Despite the influence of American culture, English is not widely spoken. Upper-class Dominicans speak English fluently. English levels are a mixed bag for the middle and working classes. Dominican Spanish is very difficult to understand. Dominicans use a lot of slang and do not clearly pronounce words.

A basic foundation of Spanish will greatly improve your experience and chance of hooking up with quality women. Spanish is an easy language to learn, fortunately.

I recommend the Pimsleur Language Program for learning Spanish. I am not great with languages, but have become conversational in Spanish with Pimsleur.


Dominican Girls Defined

Dominican Girls: The Dating Guide to Santo Domingo

The women have darker complexions than their counterparts in Santiago. Their voluptuous, sexy bodies are among the best in Latin America. Santo Domingo is the easiest city in Latin America for fast hookups. There is a White God factor at play here. The women are open about their attraction for men of European descent. However, be wary of gold-diggers. There is a certain percentage of women who will be more interested in your wallet than your Gringo heart.

The women have children very young here. It is common for girls in their early 20’s to have children. They are often single mothers, raising their kids with the help of the child’s grandparents.

Online Game

This is online dating paradise. Girls are eager to meet a high-value foreigner.  The quality of your matches will vary, but there is vast opportunity to meet voluptuous and sexy Dominican girls on Tinder and Dominican Cupid.

I suggest that you start messaging girls 2-3  weeks prior to your arrival on Dominican Cupid. This is money well spent. I can’t think of another dating site that offers so much opportunity to meet sexy women. The number of cute, easy Dominican girls on Dominican Cupid is staggering. A word to the wise, many of these girls communicate with several Gringos, so don’t fall in love just yet.

For best results with Dominican Cupid, read our exclusive guide.

Dominican Girls: The Dating Guide to Santo Domingo



Girls are generally open to being approached during the day. There are vast opportunities through the city to meet sexy women during the day. Domino girls love being pursued. If you are coming from a MeToo movement like environment, the receptiveness of the local women towards masculine men who are direct will be a breathe of fresh air. The following spots seem to have potential for day approaches:

• Zona Colonial with the cafes and shopping
• Agora mall
• Blue Mall



The Dominican girls in the capital are generally friendly and approachable at night. Be prepared to open girls in large groups. Dance game is an asset, but not necessary to pick-up.

Zambra: is the best club in the capital. It Is a high-end club in Piatini which is frequented by upper class Dominicans. You will see lighter skinned Dominicans who can pass for Americans. The best place to approach is on the front Patio which has couches and permits smoking.

Honorable mentions are Gold’s club inside the Ramada Princess Hotel on the second floor and Mammas, both with quality talent.

Avoid the hotel Casinos in Malecon at night. They are filled with prostitutes.

There is a strip of clubs on Avenida Venezuela. This area gets seedy at night. I would advise only going if you are with a with a local wing or someone who has been in country awhile. The clubs in Piatini are better.



Santo Domingo, the Capital of Dominican Republic is a congested unattractive city, mediated by a touch of colonial charm in Zona Colonial. Naco and Piatini are the best locations for your stay and for nightlife. These areas will have the best looking Dominican girls. The girls in these areas will be tougher to crack than some of the Barrio girls. The upscale Dominican girls do not need a Gringo as a savior. They vacation in the United States. They typically have cars and all the access to luxury items that Americans do. However, they respond well to masculine, personable men with style.


Dominican Girls: The Dating Guide to Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the easiest hook-up city, perhaps outside of Asia to meet cute girls for a short stay. For longer stays, get off Tinder and hit some of the nightlife in Piatini and Daygame spots previously discussed. The highest quality girls are usually not found online. Nevertheless, the ease of online dating makes Santo Domingo a must visit for a short stay. A player can easily line up 2-3 dates per date on Dominican Cupid. If staying in a hotel, make sure you verify that they are guest friendly. The hotels previously discussed are guest friendly, but hotel policies change so it is best to verify before booking.

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