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Dubai Dating: A Guide to Meeting Beautiful Women

by The Masculine Traveler

Dubai dating is hard to master. Dubbed the “Vegas of the Middle East”,  Dubai boasts a robust nightlife 7 days per week. While the local women in Dubai are off limits, there are a plethora of foreign women living and vacationing to Dubai.

The best way to characterize Dubai is a mix between the world’s most decadent city in the veneer of modernity and wealth.

With 3 million inhabitants, Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai is a global city located on the Persian Gulf. Although located in a Muslim nation, Dubai has a Western style that attracts businesses and tourists from all over the world.

It is renowned for luxury, with its super-cars, skyscrapers, and glamorous, Dubai attracts the rich, famous and beautiful from all over the globe.

Dubai Nightlife is known to be rocking 7 days a week.

Nightlife runs the gamet with small English style pubs to glamorous hotel bars, Dubai Nightlife has it all. However, Dubai Nightlife is tough to master. The city is fairly large with countless venues to explore.

You will need to be living in the city for a at least a few months to truly master Dubai Nightlife.

The following is a Dubai Nightlife guide which will come in handy you are interested in Dubai dating.


Dubai dating: Where to meet women at night:

Barasti Beach Bar

This is the place to be during the day to drink, swim, hang out at the pool and mix is up with beautiful women. Barasti is frequented by a large number of Russian speaking women.


The Irish Village

This is a great spot to start off the evening. The outdoor seating and tables is a perfect way to start of the evening with a few beers. The crowd is very international and drinks are moderately priced. Due to the large table-seating arrangements, it can be difficult to approach.  Think of the  Irish Village as an appetizer to the main course in Dubai nightlife. Have a few drinks, chat with your friends, and get ready for the next venue.



Located Sheikh Zayed Road, this is a perfect location to base yourself for an evening on a short stay. With limited time, Sheikh Zayed Road offers the best logistics so you won’t have to spend unnecessary time in taxis. Stables has two main floors with live music usually on the lower (second floor). Monday night is ladies night and women drink select cocktails for free. Stables is a great place to mix it up with European women and some locals. The drinks are moderately priced for Dubai so it won’t break the bank. Stables is also just a 10-15 minute taxi ride from the Irish Village.


Fibber Maggies

Just a two-minute walk from Stables, Fibber is a back-up to Stables in case it is dead. It also serves as a bridge to hitting one of the nightclubs Sheikh Zayed Road. Fibber’s is hit or miss.  If you end up here, make it a quick stay and head onto the next venue with stunning women.


Zinc NightClub-Crown Plaza Hotel

Beautiful women frequent this venue, including the famed Emirates cabin crew girls. There are some pros mixed in so be on guard for women who appear too eager. This is a traditional nightclub with loud music.  Don’t plan on arriving before midnight. Check the Facebook page for information on special events. Zinc is a safe bet almost any night of the week.


Mercury Lounge

Located at the Four Seasons, this venue is a great place to start an evening with a solid and social crowd.


 Pier 7

This venue is a series of bars and cafes in the Marina. It is also a solid place to start an evening. This is a great place to meet young backpacker girls, as the price of drinks are cheap.



This is an upscale rooftop bar. There is strict face control here, so dress your best.


Habtoor Beach Club

Located at the Habtoor Grand hotel, this is a great place to spend the day  drinking and mixing it up with foreign girls during the day.


Bliss Lounge

This is also a solid beach bar to party during the daylight hours.


Sass Cafe

This is a great venue to meet Russian girls.


Billionaire Mansion

 As the name would suggest, it attracts a lot of Russian gold-diggers. However, there are some diamonds in the rough here if you are patient.


White Club

Impressively large club with great music. It should be your go to spot if looking for a one-night stand.


Cavalli Club

This club has a reputation for being a hooker club but ladies night has a some solid normal talent. It is worth a look on ladies night.

Online dating in Dubai

Tinder is a waste of time as it is filled softly with prostitutes and fraudulent profiles. As we previously discussed, there are women from all over the world in Dubai. You best at having access to so many nationalities of women is to use an inert national dating site that will put you in contact with many ethnicities. This is why we recommend International Cupid.  In addition, due to loads of beautiful Russian girls on holiday in Dubai, it is worth connecting with them online. Russian Cupid is the best site for meeting Russian girls online.


Dubai dating: Top date venues:


 Similar to the restaurant that bears the same name in London. Zuma is an upscale bar with great cocktails. Note that drinks and food prices are expensive.



This place has fine Peruvian cuisine and a solid bar area.


Atmosphere Burj Khalifa

Located on the 120th odd floor of the Wiz Khalifa, this place serves great drinks, food and has an amazing view.


Closing thoughts on Dubai dating

Dubai is truly a special destination due to its abundance of beautiful women and pumping nightlife every day of the week. However, the nightlife scene is tough to crack due to the cost and the abundance of venues. Tt is one of the few cities in the world where your main targets will be foreign women who are in Dubai working or on holiday., rather than local girls. In this article, we have provided you with a blueprint to mastering Dubai dating through an exhaustive list of the best night venues to meet women.

Want to give online a shot in Dubai?  Start messaging girls on International Cupid.

Dubai Dating: An Exclusive Guide to Meeting Beautiful Women (Updated 2019)

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