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Ethiopian Women: The Marque Women of Africa

by The Masculine Traveler
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Readers of TMT will have noticed a preference for eastern European women for their beauty, femininity and traditional values, espoused in this publication.  

As a new content writer for TMT, I am pleased to report on a new destination that will be of interest to men who seek a long-term relationship with a woman, embodying the above-mentioned qualities. Ethiopian girls possess all the critical characteristics that most men seek in a woman.

Africa as a destination for international dating has not been extensively covered here. 

In this article, readers will be presented with important information on what it is like dating Ethiopian girls and whether this African nation is right for them as a destination to meet a suitable long-term partner. 

A Mindset Shift

Western men typically view counties as nation-states. Within Europe, this viewpoint is a logical perspective. Despite some regional differences, nations in Europe typically conform to this viewpoint. Africa, on the other hand, must be viewed from a different lens. 

With respect to Ethiopia, there as 80 different languages.

In contrast, Germany has one national language.

As a consequence, it is difficult to define a typical Ethiopian woman due to the vast diversify in language and culture within Ethiopia.

To simplify, Ethiopia can be broken down into 3 sections:

  1. Northern Ethiopia consists of people referred to as Habesha. The Habesha are Christian Orthodox who represent to economic elite of Ethiopia
  2. The east of Ethiopia is inhabited by ethnic Muslim groups
  3. Central Ethiopia is inhabited by a group called the Oromo.

The south of Ethiopia is most diverse linguistically and culturally. It is also home to the most fertile lands. 

This brief description of the regional sections of Ethiopia highlights how diverse of a country it is. Most travelers will stay in the capital, Addis Ababa, so we will focus our attention on the dating scene here. 

Adidas Ababa has a population of about 2.5 million people. It has modernized rapidly in the past decade and attracted many large international corporations.

Despite the rapid modernization, most of its inhabitants are poor.

Poverty is rampant and ubiquitous in Ethiopia’s capital yet Adidas Ababa is the safest city in Africa. 

Logistics in Ethiopia

Despite the fact that Ethiopia is a poor country, Western hotels are surprisingly expensive.

For those on a budget, AirBnB is a great option with many options for private apartments and guest houses. Securing a clean, proper accommodation is essential in Ethiopia to ensure safety and health. 

Setting up logistics in the new part of the city will be optimal.

The new part of town consists of the districts of Wello Sefer, Sar Bet, Mexico, Bole, CMC and Ayat. Residents in these areas tend to be more affluent, with higher levels of English spoke.

Characteristics of Ethiopian Girls

As previously, discussed, Ethiopians women are diverse in terms of culture, language, and religion. Walking around Adidas Ababa, the diversity in physical appearance will become apparent.

Due to safety concerns, the most beautiful women in the capital will not be seen walking around during the day. Therefore, day game is not recommended as the main mechanism for meeting women.

Fortunately, nightlife is surprising robust and offers an opportunity to mix it up with the finest looking women.  

For our purposes, northern Ethiopia girls, Habeshas will be the most sought after. Habeshas typically have medium to light hair, brown eyes and slim figures. Their slim bodies are complemented by generous proportions in their hips and butts.

Habeshas are undoubtedly the most beautiful and sexiest women in all of Africa. The top tier women can rival any of the beauties from around the globe.

The best way to meet these gorgeous Ethiopian women is through online dating apps and nightlife. 

Online Dating in Ethiopia

Afro Introductions is the best dating app for meeting single, young women in Ethiopia.

Tinder has too many scam artists and gold diggers. Afro Introductions is a website that is specifically tailored for Ethiopian women who are interested in foreign men for long-term relationships.

The sign-up process is easy, and a full membership only runs about 30 Dollars per month with the option to cancel any time. 

Pro Tip 💡

Register for an account on Afro Introductions a few weeks prior to your trip.

This will give you enough time to establish rapport with girls so you can schedule dates within the first couple of days during your stay.

I suggest setting up lunch and dinner dates during the week so you can keep your weekend nights open for nightlife. 

Nightlife in Adidas Ababa

Basing up in the New City will place you in proximity to the best clubs in town.

Ideally, you should be within close distance to Bole Road, Edna Mall and Atlas.

Most of the women who frequent clubs will be of means, speak English and in their mid to late twenties.

If you encounter women outside of these demographics, proceed with caution as they likely will not be an ideal match for a westerner.

Adidas Ababa

For clubs, check out the following venues:

  • Mama’s Kitchen: is a great place to start the evening within inexpensive drinks. It is located next to the Golden Tulip Hotel.
  • Flirt Club: is a solid place to get bottle service and is close to other clubs if you need to bounce.
  • Kaya Lounge: is an outdoor bar with live music.
  • Black Rose Lounge: has some of the most beautiful women in town.
  • Surrender Night Club: is the Saturday night go-to spot for mixing it up with the locals.
  • AV Nightclub: is arguable the best venue for meeting women. Top tier beauties frequent this venue. 
  • Jolly Bar: is an expat venue and solid for meeting western women.

Summary of Ethiopian Women

Ethiopian girls are the most beautiful in Africa. At their best, they rival for the most beautiful in the world.

Meeting elite women in Ethiopia comes with challenges.

Foreign men who have the resources and time to invest in a stay here can position themselves to meet an intelligent beautiful and feminine woman, ideally suited for a long-term relationship.

While meeting women during the day is not optimal, online dating and nightlife are ripe for meeting quality women.

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