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Filipina Girls and The Cebu, Philippines City Guide

by The Masculine Traveler
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Filipina Girls and The Cebu, Philippines City Guide

Filipina girls are some of the cutest and feminine in all of Southeast Asia. In this article we will look at how to meet and  date Filipina girls in the city of Cebu.

Cebu is the  second largest city in the Philippines and personally my favorite city in the entire country. The traffic is not as bad as Manila but its still considered hectic. Each year people say the traffic is getting worse and worse. But for the time being its still better than Manila.

I like Cebu because it has comparable amenities and nightlife as Manila. Manila of course will have the best clubs/bars and volume of girls. But, Cebu holds its own and has its own charm to it. I like to think of Cebu as a smaller version of Manila but with less traffic and closer proximity to the beaches.

Cebu, Philippines - A Travel And Dating Guide



The local language is Cebuano also called Visaya, but Filipina girls speak basic to fluent English or Tagalog.



Try and find accommodation in this area:

When staying in Cebu city you want to be near Juana Osmena Circle (pictured above). This area has all the clubs, bars and restaurants. The Ayala and SM malls are all nearby as well so it makes a great central location. In the night game section of this guide I will mention Mandaue city, which is the next city over.

This city has 2 of the biggest clubs and my favorite bar located within it. The issue about getting accommodation in Mandaue city compared to Cebu city is that these 2 clubs and bar are only crowded on Friday and Saturday. So, getting accommodation in Mandaue is only useful for 2 days out of the week when it comes to night game. Where as in Cebu city, the clubs and bars will have people every night of the week.

I stayed at the Baseline Residences and got a studio through AirBnB. The residence is really nice, safe, modern and new. It’s right in the heart of Mango Ave. You can walk to all the clubs and bars. If I were to stay in Cebu City again I would stay here.



Uber and Grab are my go to ride sharing apps. It’s safe and I never had a problem.



I would consider the Filipina girls in Cebu to be similar to that of Manila. Only difference is that Manila has a higher volume because they have a much larger population. Meeting Filipina girls is just as easy as in Manila .  Cebu will have certain festivals and special parties that will attract Manila girls.

Also, Cebu is in close proximity to many different beaches and islands. It’s not uncommon to meet a Filipina girl from Manila spending a long weekend in Cebu. But the Filipina girls in Cebu are just as sweet and open-minded about sex as their Manila counter-parts.

Cebu, Philippines - A Travel And Dating Guide



Cebu is an exceptional city for meeting Filipina girls online. The quality might be a notch down compared with Manila, but men have numerous options with Filipino Cupid

Cebu, Philippines - A Travel And Dating Guide

Day Game

Below are the spots:

  • SM Seaside City Cebu Mall
  • Ayala Mall
  • SM City Cebu


Night Game

In the past Mango Ave was the best place for clubbing with places like J. Ave Club and Alcohology Club. Mango Ave is the name of a mall and a street where all the nightlife is located. Well times have changed as both J. Ave and Alcohology has closed down. J. Ave moved to Mandaue city and changed its name. They are now called “OQtagon by J. Ave”. But Mango Ave still has night life venues available. It’s just not as crowded on the weekends as it used to be. Weekdays Mango Ave is still the best place.



OQtagon By J. Ave

In Mandaue City. Only crowded on weekends. Not worth going on weekdays as its empty. Really big club, upscale and new. Lots of Koreans and Japanese. Could be a few pros here since many Koreans and Japanese are the main visitors. But I never met a girl asking for money here.

Good ratio of Filipina girls. I think it’s a 500-peso cover charge that includes 1 drink.

Cebu, Philippines - A Travel And Dating Guide



LIV Super Club

In Mandaue City. Crowded on weekends. Good ratio of Filipina girls. Not worth visiting on weekdays as it’s empty. Fairly big club like OQtagon but little smaller. Same kind of atmosphere though. Lots of Koreans and Japanese. I think I saw a few lady boys (maybe) there so be careful. A few pros as well. 200-peso cover charge with no drink. Good ratio of girls. Only crowded on weekends

Cebu, Philippines - A Travel And Dating Guide



In Cebu City. Medium size club. Good on weekends. Empty on weekdays. Middle class crowd. No Koreans or Japanese. Mainly local crowd. Good ratio of girls. 100-peso cover charge, I think that includes 1 drink. Not sure.


Club Holic

In Mango Ave. Medium size club. Really mixed crowd. Young, old, local, foreigner, ex-pats, tourists. A few gays and a few lady boys. But even with all these different kinds of people it’s still a fun club. People get down here and really go all out in dancing, drinking, smoking etc.

Good size dance floor. I went here on a weekday and it was crowded. I’ve never been on a weekend but I imagine it will be more crowded than a weekday. Weekdays they have no cover charge. Not sure about weekends. Good ratio of Filipina girls. You just have to sift through the lady boys, old chicks and pros. Best spot on the weekdays

Cebu, Philippines - A Travel And Dating Guide

Hype 2.0
In Mango Ave. Small size club. Really dark inside can barely see anything. Decent crowd. Okay ratio of Filipina girls. I just don’t like how dark it is inside. You have to be point blank to the girls face just to see what she looks like. No cover charge on weekdays. Not sure about weekends.




In Mango Ave. Next to Club Holic. They have a live band every day. Chill atmosphere. Good place to start the night and it’s a good date spot too.


Sentral Bar And Lounge

In Mandaue City. Inside Norkis Cyberpark. Medium size bar. I like it because it’s a new hip-hop bar. Only thing is that it gets really crowded on weekends. As in you can barely move inside. Good mix of locals and foreigners. Good ratio of Filipina girls. They have an outside lounge area which is pretty cool. Good setup to open girls. The inside of the bar gets so crowded that hanging outside is your only option really. I don’t know how it’s like on weekdays. No cover charge on any day.


Skydiving In Bantayan Island

Almost $400 USD. But it’s an awesome dive. The view of the tropical island is something else. One of the only places you can skydive in the Philippines. You have to drive to the Hagnayan port. Takes about 2.5 hours in a car from Cebu city. Almost 4 hours in a bus. From there you have to take a ferry to Bantayan island which is about 1 hour.


Monastery Of The Holy Eucharist

In Sibonga. About 2 hours’ drive from Cebu City. A little longer if you take a bus. This place is pretty cool, it’s basically a castle turned into a church. Good photo op.


Taoist Temple

Cool Buddhist temple. Definitely worth a visit. Good photo op.


Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino

Historic church that has a big courtyard that’s worth a photo. Also, Magellan’s Cross is right next to it.

My Experience

I really enjoyed Cebu. It offers the perfect mix of nightlife, tourist activities, Filipina girls and cost of living. But the traffic in Cebu is bad, not as bad as Manila or Jakarta. But still bad. One thing I noticed is that some of the nightlife is shifting towards Mandaue City. OQtagon, LIV and Sentral Bar and Lounge are in Mandaue. 2 of Cebu’s biggest clubs are in Mandaue (OQtagon, LIV).

If this trend continues and more clubs and bars are starting to open in Mandaue. I would consider finding accommodation in Mandaue rather than Cebu City. If you’re not into nightlife then I would stay in Cebu City. But I don’t regret my decision staying in Mango Ave. It still has enough nightlife to make it worth staying in, and its right in the center of Cebu City. Especially on the weekdays, Mango Ave is basically the only nightlife option.


Ideal Night Game Schedule:

Sunday – Thursday: Club Holic and see where the night takes you.

Friday – Saturday: Any club or bar will be good. Try OQtagon or LIV first. If it’s not your vibe, try Mango Ave.



The Philippines is a very popular destination for men of all ages. Everyone speaks English, the weather is always warm/hot and the cost of living is cheap. But of course, it’s mostly about the girls. Manila gets the most attention as it’s the capital city with the best nightlife.

But the traffic, lack of tourist attractions and the overall stress of navigating the city is daunting. I would highly recommend for you guys to explore the secondary cities of this country. Then go check out Manila and decide which city you like the most.

Heading to the Philippines and want to check out the local Filipina talent? Get started now.


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