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Finding a Foreign Wife: A How-to Guide

by The Masculine Traveler

Finding a foreign wife has become a hot topic for an increasing number of men. Men from western nations have become disillusioned with their dating prospects and ability to find a feminine woman for marriage. Present day cultural tends, the rise of feminism and changes in the behavior of women have created societies where finding fast sex is much easier than finding a quality woman for marriage.

Western societies now favor the fast hook-up culture as opposed to loving, committed relationships. While the fast lane suits many men, particularly in their 20s, most men come to a point when they realize they are looking to settle down and create a family. Unfortunately, in the last decade, we have experienced a dearth of women in western societies that exude the traditional and feminine values that most men seek.

While the situation appears bleak for many men, it is important to shed light on the situation that there are numerous foreign women who are seeking marriage with high-quality men from aboard. While the reasons for such a search in these women vary among individuals, a deep need on the side of many women exists for seeking to find suitable husbands.

We have established that the need exists on both sides of the coin. In an ideal world, we recommend to our readers to spend a minimum of 6 months in a given country if they are serious about finding a foreign wife. However, we recognize that this is not realistic for most men due to work and familial responsibilities. Many romance companies cater to these men.

There have been some companies that have attempted to introduce foreign men to local women in certain counties through “Romance Tours”. Men would pay an all-inclusive service to have introductions to women. While the concept seems appealing on the surface, it has been proven that many of these companies were fraudulent. Women were often compensated for their time and have a sincere desire for relationships.

While the prospect of meeting a special woman from across the world may seem daunting, for many men the reality of finding a foreign wife has proved to very attainable for men who have a sincere desire.

Fortunately, we live in a technological age where men can get the ball rolling with the few clicks of a mouse. We get countless emails from our readership about which is the best country for finding a foreign wife. There are not generalizations that will suffice here. This is such an individual decision and many factors mulct be taken into consideration. In this article, we will review our top countries for finding a foreign wife and how to go about the process.

If you conduct a google search on finding a foreign wife, most of the results will indicate that you should be looking in Ukraine or Russia. Generally, this is solid advice as these women are highly regarded as beautiful and feminine. However, based on our dating experiences aboard over the past few years, we have also identified a few less known countries with women who would make a great foreign wife.

To further illustrate why we selected these countries, let’s examine our criteria for what traits we identify as making a good foreign wife:


Conservative culture

Women are highly influenced by their surroundings. Men are leaders and innovators; whereas women are followers and their behavior is informed by those around them, Therefore, the social norms and conventional standards of behavior in their respective country has a strong influence on behavior.

Women from conservative countries tend to value marriage and family. In fact, entering into a loving relationship with a man and having children represent true meaning and purpose in life for these women. Conservative cultures also encourage people to marry young.

When single women are considered old at the age of 30, it reinforces women to find the best man possible at a young age. It creates an environment where women make better and healthier choices in their romantic relationships. Women tend to value hard-working, responsible, and kind men as opposed to “bad boys”. The United States is an excellent example of women wasting their young adult years “finding themselves”, engaging in meaningless relationships at the expense of a committed relationship with a family oriented man.

Conservative cultures also keep women in check. In the west, women have no social repercussions to their behavior. Without social consequences, they are free to engage in promiscuous behavior with reproach. Women from conservative countries are held to a higher moral and ethical standard.

The key is to find cultures that retain their conservative values but do not repress their civil liberties of its people too much. The balance between conventional values and a free society is difficult to strike. However, there are nations that have done just that.


Beautiful and youthful women

All men desire beauty and youth. From an evolutionary perspective, we are hard-wired to seek these traits in women. Men searching for a foreign wife tend to rank this characteristic very high. The countries we will endorse in this article have a solid population of young and attractive women.


Feminine women

Femininity is often the second quality that men search for in a prospective foreign wife. Masculine men seek their counterpart in feminine women.  There must be a balancing feminine energy for men high in masculinity. The women in our list of for top foreign wife meet all the indicators for femininity including their energy, ideological attitude, and style of dress.


Few sexual partners

There are obvious reasons for this variable. Marrying a woman with a long history of sexual partners is just a bad idea. The old expression: “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” is germane to this discussion. Fortunately, there are cultures that discourage sexual promiscuity and place a higher value on long-term relationships.



This factor is often neglected when men embark on their search for a foreign wife. Most men have to goal of meeting a woman from aboard and relocating her to his home country. This plan has district advantages and disadvantages (a discussion for another post) the efficacy of this plan is predicated on how your new wife will adapt to a new coulure, language and country.

Women need to have some flexibility in mindset, determination, and internal fortitude to make such a transition work. They must also not be overly tied to their own culture such that, they cannot live without their proximity to family, food, and various comforts from home. A prospective foreign wife needs to be able to adapt.

The following countries are listed in no particular order but represent that best countries for men who are serious about the process of finding a foreign wife. Most of these counties meet all or most of our criteria.


Finding a foreign wife in The Philippines

The Philippines is filled with cute, young women who relish the opportunities to marry a foreigner man. Filipina women speak English fluently, are educated and often work in industries such as healthcare, which is in need in just about every country. Therefore, they are highly adaptability. While some Filipina girls are loose sexually, many remain virgins until marriage. Catholic values have a strong influence on women and to some extent, inform their behavior. Another reason we are high on the Philippines is that your foreigner status is exceptionally high here. Therefore, most men have no trouble finding a foreign wife here.

Filipina women are some of the most nurturing and feminine in all of the world. What we like about the Philippines is that the women are open to relationships with a variety of men of all different ages and ethnic backgrounds. Also, their strong English ability renders them ideal potential wives to live, work and raise a family abroad. Many Filipina women have a medical background which is in high demand in western counties which facilities the acclimation process.  Meeting Filipina women online is rather easy with Filipino Cupid. Thousands of women have profiles with Filipina Cupid. Our readers often report that they receive so many messages on this site that it is impossible to keep up with.

The Philippines is quite far from most places around the works, except Australia. Therefore, meeting women online before your trip is essential. There is one dating website in particular that is an exception for meeting Filipina women. We recommend Filipino Cupid. Filipino Cupid will put you in direct contact with thousands of girls who are looking for marriage with men. You will need to do your due diligence in screening out women who are “serial daters”. However, there are many quality, traditional young women on Filipino Cupid.

There are so many cities in the Philippines to post up in if you are looking for a wife. Read our travel guides to Manila, Davao, and Cebu.

finding a foreign wife


Finding a foreign wife in Armenia

Armenia is a relatively unknown country. It is the oldest Christina nation and once under control of the Soviet Union. Most of the population speaks Russian.  In addition to Armenia. However, the younger generation speaks English as a second language. Armenian women are very traditional and value families. They also are very adaptable to other countries. Historically, they have had to leave their home country due to the Genocide in the early 1900s. It is in their blood to adapt to new locations and cultures.

Armenia women are also very educated, intelligent and sophisticated. They can hold conversations on many topics. Most Armenian have a very low number of sexual partners. They tick all of our boxes for a quality foreign wife.

Russian Cupid has a fair number of Armenian women. This website is your best shot at meeting an Armenian woman online who is looking to meet a foreigner.


Finding a foreign wife in Russia

An obvious favorite-Russia makes our list due to the sheet volume of single, beautiful and attractive women. There are a multitude of Russian women who seek marriage with foreigners. The only reason they fall a bit further on our list is due to some language barriers and time to adjust to Russian culture. While less sexually conservative generally speaking than other countries, Russia is a vast land filled with many women suitable for marriage.

Russia has long been touted as a top destination for finding a foreign wife. Russian women are world renown for their beauty, sophistication, and elegance. Men from around the world dream of having one of these beauties to call his wife. Russian women are highly feminine and value traditional gender roles.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, marriage agencies have realized the magnitude of Russian women and their value to foreign men. There are countless dating and marriage agencies that cater to marketing beautiful Russian girls. Some are solid and others are utterly fraudulent.

Read here about the top dating sites for Russian women. We recommend Russian Cupid as it is the most reputable dating for normal Russian women looking for sincere relationships with foreign men.

Investing in Russia takes some planning. Our guides to Moscow which will provide everything you need to know for your visit.

Finding a wife in Ukraine

Ukrainian women are they cousins of Russian women. Virtually the same generically, there are some cultural and increasing political difference between the two counties. However, the woman in these countries share in common being beautiful, cultures and chic. Due to a turbulent political and economic situation, many Ukrainian women seek to marry a foreign man for a chance at a better life, stable family, and true love.

As with Russian dating sites, there are countless websites for the Ukrainian dating market. Our pick is Ukraine Date which boasts an inordinate amount of beautiful, single women in their 20s who are looking for marriage.

If you plan to visit Ukraine, check out our comprehensive guides to Kiev and Odessa.

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Belarus for finding a wife

This former Soviet republic is the most isolated country in Europe. The political situation and difficult visas have helped to sustain a very homogeneous population of true Slavic people. The women are beautiful, sweet and conservative. The women of Belarus are much more relationship minded. They place great value of marriage and family life.

Men who have a preference for Slavic women with conservative values should invest time in Belarus. There man many solid singles Belarusian women on Russian Cupid.


Azerbaijani wives as partners

Azeri women are probably the least known about women. Men who appreciate long dark hair, olive skin, and voluptuous bodies will love the women in Baku. Azeri women are Muslim but not overly religious. They are, however, conservative and place great emphasis on maintaining harmony in their relationships and family. The women are feminine and nurturing, ideally suited for wives. They are also open to dating foreign men and place high-value on western men.


Long-term relationships and finding a wife in Georgia

While not as attractive as Azeri or Belarusian women, Georgian women more than make up for it with their charm and personalities. These women are similar to Azeri women but follow the Christian faith. Georgian women are very conservative. One night stands in Georgia are rare. Georgia is a great place for men who have a preference for olive complexions similar to Azeri women, but prefer them to be from the Christian faith.

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Mexico and Mexican wives

Mexico is often overlooked by men in North America because it is an obvious choice due to its proximity. We suggest giving Mexican women an honest shot due to how they value family life. Family is by far the most important facet in life for Mexican girls. Mexican girls have a well-founded reputation for being loyal, faithful and nurturing. While generalizations are never 100 % inclusive of every woman, Mexican women while perhaps not as beautiful as their eastern European counterparts are a very solid choice for men in search of a foreign bride.

Mexican Cupid is the best dating website we have found for finding quality Mexican women seeking marriage. Tinder has grown in popularity in Mexico; however, it is not a solid app for serious-minded Mexican women.

For more detailed information on visiting Mexico, read our Guides to Mexico City.

Vietnam for finding a foreign wife

Vietnamese women are not known to be stunners on average. However, they are usually more conservative than other women discussed in this article. Vietnamese women make reliable, honest and trustworthy wives. Casual sex is not common in Vietnam. Searching for family oriented women suitable for marriage in Vietnam is a worthwhile endeavor for men who are interested in Asian women. Vietnam Cupid is geared toward finding women who are interested in serious relationships.

Be sure to read our guide to Saigon.

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Closing Thoughts

Traveling around the world in search of adventure and sex with beautiful women is one of the most rewarding endeavors to partake in as masculine men. The world has become much more accessible in the past decade, due to cheaper flights, more airlines in the mix and the credit cards points game.

This has allowed men to experience the diversity of foreign women from around the globe. These types of adventures while exciting and gratifying, will not fulfill us forever. In time, most men will seek to settle down with a feminine woman from a more conservative background.

In this article, we provided a detailed list of countries that men should consider for finding a wife. Not all countries are perfect, and not all women are perfect. However, in our extensive travels, we have provided a blueprint for the criteria we feel is most important in looking for a foreign wife.

The counties listed here all have an abundance of feminine, beautiful women to begin your search.

Good Luck.



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