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Frankfurt, Germany: A Guide For Picking-Up German Women

by The Masculine Traveler
Frankfurt Germany and German women

German women are some of the most asked about from our readers. The following city and dating guide to German women of Frankfurt is based on two long weekends in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is one of the most important financial centers and transportation hubs in Europe. This important financial center conjures up images of wealthy bankers, a modern skyline and a busy European airport. However, with its high university population, emphasis on fashion and shopping, and tourism, Frankfurt and the local German women have much more in store for the international player than to be expected.


Typical German climate with hot and humid summers and cold winters. Many hotels around the Central Rail Station do not have air conditioning. The best times to visit Frankfurt are in the early fall and late spring.


Frankfurt is the heart of Germany and one of the most important transportation hubs in all of Europe. Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is often ranked in the top ten busiest airports in the world. As a central transportation hub for Europe, almost every major airlines from all continents fly into Frankfurt.

Pubic transportation is very well organized, with buses and trains from the airport to the center of Frankfurt. The train from the airport to Frankfurt Central Station will take about 10 minutes and cost 4.65 Euros, one-way.

Hahn Airport is about 2 hours from city center. Hahn is served by RyanAir. Buses to Hahn lave every hour from FRA and Frankfurt Central Station and cost 14 Euros, one-way.

Frankfurt is also well connected by trains from other German cities, with two the main stations (Hauptbahnhof) and the Airport (Flughafen Fernbahnhof). Taxis are expensive. The best way to navigate Frankfurt is through the Metro, U-Bahn. The airport and suburbs are served by the S-Bahn.

Accommodations are not cheap, as hotels cater to business travelers. However, there are budget hotels located within walking distance of the Central Station for around 40 Euros per night. Booking has plenty of options in this area.

Things to do during the day

Romerberg: Historical buildings, shops and cafes

• Hauptwache: the modern area of Frankfurt, famous for shopping, including Zeil Street

• Main Rivers Bridge: offers the best view of the skyline

• Botanical Gardens: Palemgarten

• River Main: a Great way to spend a weekend afternoon with cafes, bars, and plenty of foot traffic.

• Messe Frankfurt: one of the world’s largest exhibition centers.

German Women

Along with Munich, Frankfurt has perhaps the best looking German women the country has to offer. There are plenty of young, stylish girls in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is an international city, so there are a variety of girls from all parts of Europe who come to study and work. Coming from Berlin “hipster heaven”, Frankfurt will feel like a breath of fresh air. German women have high English levels and are generally approachable during the day.

German Women


It is not the FSU, but Frankfurt is surprising solid for Daygame. Zeil street has both quantity and quality. It is a perfect layout for approaching during the day.


Zeil street in Frankfurt German and german women

Frankfurt Logistics


The Verdict

Despite, its reputation for being a banking capital and transportation hub, Frankfurt is a surprisingly young city. The local German women are much more stylish and fashion conscious than their cousins in Berlin. Frankfurt also has a large population of other European women living to work and study.

English levels are high and the local German women are friendly and approachable during the day. Zeil street has perfect for logistics for chatting up cute girls during the day. It was able to pull a hot German back to my hotel, but couldn’t close. My German flag still awaits me.






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