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German Girls: The Ultimate Dating Guide to Berlin

by The Masculine Traveler
Berlin City Guide

German girls are the red-headed stepchildren of Europe. Most men are more interested in Russian and Ukrainian girls. However, many of our readers request information on German girls in Berlin.

The following guide to meeting German girls in Berlin is based on a few years of living in the city. Berlin is the capital of Germany, with a population of over 4 million inhabitants. Known for its eclectic style and long-dated history, Berlin is very popular destination for both foreigners and Germans alike who wish to explore the cities gritty underground scene, and the display of remnants from its past. Different from Frankfurt, Munich, and other large cities in Germany, Berlin offers it’s own unique style which cannot be found anywhere else within the country. Overall, the city of Berlin feels to not even be a part of Germany, rather part of a parallel universe at times. In this Berlin city guide, we will give a breakdown of what you can expect for German girls in German capital.


The Masculine Traveler Rating Index For Berlin City Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 2/5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3/5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3/5
Logistics: 4/5
Cost: 3.5/5
English Levels: 4/5



Expect a very similar climate to other neighboring countries – hot summers and cold winters. It is highly recommended to avoid the winter season, as it’s extremely cold with a depressing vibe. Come in the fall or early spring if you wish to avoid the tourist influx, or visit during the summer for high season.


Logistics For Berlin City Guide

In writing this Berlin city guide, it is important to emphasize that Berlin is quite spread-out with many neighborhoods inside, including completely different vibes in each of the different areas. Mitte is considered the more up-scale location, whereas if you go slightly further you’ll find yourself in a hipster’s paradise once you enter Friedrichshain. Public transport and the general connectivity to different areas within the city is quite good, and you can easily make your way between different neighborhoods using both trains, trams and buses. All three of these three are not often controlled, and it’s quite common for locals and foreigners to not even pay to ride public transport.

Below is a breakdown of the most-known and visited neighborhoods within Berlin:


Mitte – This is the center of Berlin, and contains the majority of the most well-known attractions. Mitte has a large selection of cafes, restaurants and bars which can keep one busy during the duration of their stay. Nightlife opportunities here are decent, with a good selection of bars, and you will definitely find many tourists staying in the area as well. This is the most central neighborhood, meaning also the most expensive, but will give you quick and easy access to the neighborhoods below.

Prenzlauerberg – A residential neighborhood with lots of great apartments and a more young-professional vibe. Here are many nice cafes and bars, which have a less hipster vibe when compared with other ones you will find in Berlin. The nightlife is lacking in this area, but there will be day game opportunities to be had. This neighborhood borders Mitte, and offers a good substitute to staying in the center, normally for a slightly cheaper price.

Charlottenburg – Previously part of West Berlin, this area contains Europe’s second largest department store and has long, wide shopping streets with store after store. This area contains a lot of fancy cars and some posh restaurants, clubs and bars. You will also find a large presence of Russians here, hence the local name it has been given of “Charlottengrad”. This area offers a great selection of posh venues, and probably the best quality you will find in Berlin. The streets are busy during the week, and packed on the weekends, leaving a great opportunity for day game approaches as you walk down Kurfürstendammstr.

Friedrichshain – This is a known hipster area which is up and coming within the past 5-10 years. The area offers a large selection of underground clubs, which will be outlined below. Here, you will find cheaper prices than compared with the above three neighborhoods. This neighborhood has a large influx of tourists during the spring and summer months due to its proximity to many of the well-known Berlin clubs. Close to the Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery and Spree River this spot offers a great chance for pick-up of both locals and tourists alike.

Kreuzberg – Similar to Friedrichshain, with a large population of Turkish Germans living in this area. Here are also many bars and clubs, which have a grittier feel to them. When people think of Berlin, this is most likely the area of which they think.

My general recommendation would be to stick to Mitte (green circle) or Charlottenburg (red circle below).

AirBnB is not allowed for hosts who are providing vacation rentals or to renters who wish to rent out more than a room in their apartment. You will find rentals on AirBnB, but these have significantly decreased in the past months due to the new law. Booking.com still offers a solid selection of hotels, and some apartment rentals in the aforementioned areas.


German Girls: The Ultimate Dating Guide to Berlin


Attractions For Berlin City Guide

Brandenburger Tor – The most famous sight for which Berlin is known.
Reichstag – Sign-up online to be sure you get to check out the view from the top of the dome.
Museum Island – Endless museums, including the German History Museum, and Pergamon which are  both worth checking out.
Berlin Wall & East Side Gallery
Berliner Dom
Unter den Linden and Friedrichstraße
Wannsee & Potsdam (Day-Trip)
Treptower Park



German is the spoken language in Germany, but English is widely spoken in the capital. You will find a large amount of tourists from all over the world visiting in the spring and summers, where additional language skills can come in to play. The majority of locals will speak some English, and you will find normally good to great levels of English within the service industry.

Being able to communicate in German, at least a bit, will also help to DHV with the local girls from Berlin and other neighboring cities. In any case, knowledge of German is generally not needed other than for this specific reason.

As always, Pimsleur is recommended to help build a quick understanding of basic words and phrases that you can use during your visit. Both Duolingo and Lingvist are also solid applications to help build your language repertoire.



Berlin is considered to be one of the cheaper Western European capitals, boasting pretty good prices. The cost of living in Berlin has risen sharply in the past decade due to growing rental prices, but overall the cost of goods is still relatively low:

Breakfast (1 person) – $8-10
Dinner (mid-range 1 person – entree) – $11-13
Liquor (higher-end bar/club) – $9-12
Beer (higher-end bar/club) – $4-6
Coffee – $3-4
Cigarettes – $6-7
Chicken (2.2lbs. / 1kg) – $6-7
Cheese (2.2lbs / 1kg) – $3-4
Assorted Fruits (2.2lbs / 1kg) – $3-5
Metro Pass (90 min) – $3
Metro Pass (1 day) – $7.50



The quality of the German girls in Berlin is simply put, not great. Due to the rise of feminism and hipster culture, you’ll find a large selection of short haircuts, soft bodies accompanied by tattoos and piercings. This as a whole, is what you will find in most neighborhoods outside of Mitte, Charlottenburg and Prenzlauerberg (excluding tourists). If you are coming to Germany and women are on your mind, I highly recommend you head south and visit Munich and the surrounding area. Here you will find much better quality, and venues to boot.

Do not expect much if any IOI’s in Berlin or Germany in general from local women, as this is a repeated observance among many. Your best bet to find the top quality in Berlin will be hitting the upscale nightclubs outlined below, or by doing daygame in either Mitte, Charlottenburg, or even some areas of Prenzlauerberg.

German Girls: The Ultimate Dating Guide to Berlin



Overall, German women can come off a bit cold. If you interrupt with an indirect opener, they’ll most likely give you the quick answer to your question and put their head down and keep on walking their way. It’s best to stick to a direct opener, and make your intentions known off the bat.

There’s no exotic factor to be had in Berlin for most foreigners, as the city has plenty from all over the globe. Keep the humor and cockiness to a minimum, and push forward with direct style.



Day Game

The below are a few of the best areas for daygame:

Stretch between Alexanderplatz and Brandenburger Tor (Unter den Linden)
Mall of Berlin

German Girls: The Ultimate Dating Guide to Berlin

Refer to the Berlin city guide Logistics section for more detailed information on these areas.


Night Game

Berlin offers both a selection of underground clubs as well as a few upscale venues. If you want to try for higher quality, then you know which one of the two you should visit. You’ll certainly find more tourists visiting the underground venues, especially in the late spring and summer months.

Clubs normally have strict face control, for both underground and upscale venues. It’s best to dress the part for the type of venue you will be visiting. If possible, have a German speaker take care of the talking part at the door. Additionally, keep in mind the company you are with will affect your chances of entering the venue. A group of 3 or more guys are going to have a rough time getting in to most venues. Club entry fees varies between 10-20 EUR, sitting somewhere in the middle on average.


German Girls: The Ultimate Dating Guide to Berlin

Below are some venues to check out, based on the category they fall into:


Underground Clubs

Berghain – Most well known and famous club destination in Berlin. Long queues (1-2 hours), no logic to the face control and who gets let in or sent away.
Watergate – Another well known and popular tourist destination.
Tresor – Also visited often by tourists, and Germans alike.
Club der Visionäre – Outside summer location, sitting on the Spree. Tougher face control to get in. Next door is a similar location called Freischwimmer in case you get rejected here. There’s much easier to enter.
Arena – More German crowd here, when compared to the others.
Chalet – Close to Club der Visionäire. Outside open area in the back, best chance for chatting.


Upscale Clubs

Pearl – Highest concentration of better quality talent in Berlin. Dress sharp to get in. Round bar at the entrance offers a good location for some conversation.
Felix – Considered one of the top posh venues in Berlin. Hard inside to communicate, due to the proximity of the dance floor to the bar. Recommendation would be Pearl, over this place.
Weekend – Venue that has a balcony overlooking Alexanderplatz. Good spot in the summer, lots of tourists.
Chesire Cat – Small venue near Pearl in Charlottenburg. Often good talent, and frequented by EE women (mostly Russian).
Prince Charles



Monkey Bar
Kitty Cheng
Hops & Barley


German Girls: The Ultimate Dating Guide to Berlin


Online Game

Online game is mostly a bust, and I highly advise against it in Berlin as it can be a waste of time. The quality is very poor, and it would only be worth having a look to meet some passersby’s who are visiting the city. Nonetheless, if you want to give it a shot, checkout either InternationalCupid, Tinder, or Badoo.

Your best chance is sticking to day game in the center of the city, and other spots mentioned above, along with combining this with the nightlife.


The Verdict on German Girls

Berlin is a great city to visit for the history and sightseeing it offers. In terms of women, the overall quality is rather low, accompanied by the general boorishness and structured routines of German girls. Berlin can be a nice spot to check out for a few days, and then head onward to other spots in Europe or Southern Germany. In writing this Berlin city guide, I advise that visits on the premise of meeting women are highly discouraged, and you’ll simply want to head a bit further East for that.




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