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Greek Women: Dating Truths From The Birth Place Of Western Civilization

by The Masculine Traveler
Greek girls

Greek girls – beautiful, mysterious, alluring, but not easy. These are my impressions of after spending a few months vacationing in the birth place of western civilization.

Greek civilization and culture has influenced all present day western cultures. The magnitude of Greek influence cannot be quantified or done any justice in this humble blog.

Greek contributions are so epically influential that we must consider them in the context of meeting and dating Greek women. For starters, Greeks are a proud people. They possses nationalists pride. In their contemporary economic challenges, their glorious history is a source of solace and inspiration.

The Greek economic system has not recovered from the 2008-2009 recession. Greeks continue to struggle to maintain a western standard of living, as their wages are below other western European countries. Despite their challenges, Greeks are a lively and fun lot. Family, nature, deliocus food and drink, and living in the moment are cornerstones to Greek life.

So, what are Greek girls like? In the following section, I will break down the physical and personality traits of Greek women.

Greek Girls Defined

Greek women are endowed with classic Mediterranean beauty. Their mysterious eyes, olive complexion , long dark hair and ample body proportions are magnificent. Their curvy bodies are absent in obesity. While not gym rats, they have a natural propensity to maintain curvy, yet fit figures.

Greek women love to dress in skirts and dresses, especial when drinking and dancing. Overall they take great pride in their appearances.

Their physical endowments are complimented by internal qualities that most men seek. Greek women are fiercely loyal. Infidelity is not a problem in Greek culture.

Greek women tend to marry in their early to mid twenties. Raising a family seems to be their top aspiration. However, they are also highly educated and hard-working.

Greek women occupy some of the most important positions in science, medicine, business, and politics. They do this all while maintaining a feminine essence. No wonder Greek men hold their women in such esteem. They know the value of their women and protect their wives, sisters, and friends.

Passion is the best word to describe Greek women. Running through their blood is passion – about work, family, and life itself. Greek women hold strong opinions and they won’t be reticent for a contentious debate.

Despite, their assertiveness, they still expect men to lead. Patriarchy is alive and well in Greece, despite some indicators of rising feminism. Men are expected to take care of women to the best of their ability. Greek fathers still need to give their formal approval for the engagement and marriage for their daughters.

The importance of family in Greek life cannot be overstated. Large family gathering are weekly occurrences. If you are dating a Greek girl, expect to be invited and attendance will be mandatory! If her parents don’t like you, that will be the end of the relationship. So, be respectful and mindful in all interactions with her family members.

Greek parents are overprotective. They tend to spoil their their daughters. While, they aren’t prima donnas, a Greek girl will expect her man to treat her with high regard. This involves making her the center of his life.

With so much going for Greek women, it is not surprising that they are among the most challenging to date. For foreigner men the challenges are magnified. Greek women have a preference for marrying their own kind. Greek Orthodox religion and Greek culture are very important for women as they seek to pass on their traditions to their children.

Greece has been conquered and invaded by many foreign powers over the years. While Greeks are accustomed to tourism, they are slightly guarded against foreigners. In fact, the Greek word for “foreigner” is the same word for “stranger”. Greek vet foreigners heavily before incorporating them into their social circle. Social circles in Greece are strong exclusive groups usually consisting of relatives and lifelong friends.

The best advice for foreign men is to make friends with Greek men. Once they trust you and value your friendship they will make proper instructions to single women.

The Challenges of Dating Greek Women

Meeting women in Greece through cold approaches is not viable. The best method for meeting single women is to invest in staying long-term in Greece or to at least have some kind of business or educational reason for frequent visits. Men who visit Greece on short holidays don’t fare well with local women, despite what you read on the internet.

Meeting women through day game and nightlife is possible like any country. However, establishing enough comfort and rapport on a short stay to move forward in the dating process is an uphill battle. Men who are on a holiday are best directed to picking-up other tourist women. They will have much better success with the loads of Northern European women who hit the sandy beaches for holiday.

Men who aspire to find a beautiful Greek woman, are advised to invest in social circle and maintaining somewhat of a regular presence in Greece to be considered for a relationship.

Closing Thoughts on Greek Women

Greek girls meet the physical and intrinsic criteria for what most men seek. They are beautiful, fit, stylish, and loyal to their men. Like the famous song “you know it doesn’t come easy”, love and affection doen’t come easy with Greek women.

Foreigners must invest in building a life in Greece in order to have a crack at a high quality, single greek woman.

The best way forward will require time, effort, and investment in building social circles. An introduction from a male friend or relative is the best way to meet a single Greek woman. Other blogs will try to convince you that it possible to meet quality Greek girls at bars and online.

Anyone who has spent considerable time in Greece knows this to be false. Guys on short-term vacations in Greece should focus their efforts on other tourists. From that perspective, Tinder and Nightlife work just fine for hook-ups.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Drop me a line in the comments section if you have any noteworthy dating experiences in Greece.


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