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Guatemala Women: Dating Tips for the Obscure Latinas

by The Masculine Traveler
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In our coverage of dating in Latin America, we would be remiss if we didn’t include a guide to Guatemala. Guatemalan girls don’t receive much praise for their beauty. We concede that they don’t compare favorably to the attractiveness of Colombian, Brazilian, and Argentinian women. Even within the region, Guatemalan girls are overshadowed by Mexican and Costa Rican women. 

However, what sets a Guatemalan woman apart is their friendliness and sweet personality. Guatemala is one of the most sexually conservative cultures in Latin America. Guatemalans are not as sexually open as Brazilians or Colombians. Hence, men who are seeking casual sex are directed to other Latin American destinations. 

Men who are more long-term relationship minded should consider Guatemalan girls. Guatemala is not a top tourist destination. Consequently, western men will really stand out.

How to approach Guatemalan girls

Guatemalan girls present as shy and reserved. They are not accustomed to meeting strangers, especially foreign men. Therefore, direct and aggressive approaches do not work. 

Nightlife is usually for hanging out with friends, not for meeting new people. To meet Guatemalan girls at night, a proper introduction is needed, and all the better if it comes from a male friend or relative. Moreover, due to security concerns, Guatemalan are wary of being robbed during the day. Direct approaches even in the daytime are not recommended. It is best to start up a casual conversation, indirectly at a shopping mall or café during the day. 

The goal is always to establish comfort and build a rapport. 

Online Dating in Guatemala 

To ease through some of the barriers to dating in Guatemala, online dating is most effective. Latin American Cupid will be the best dating app for meeting Guatemalan girls. We suggest signing up for an account a few weeks prior to your trip. This will give enough time to build rapport with women so you can schedule dates upon arrival.

Men who are planning to visit other countries in Latin America can use this app to connect with women from all over the region. This app has a robust membership of Colombia, Dominican, and Mexican women. Hence, you won’t be limited to only women from Guatemala. 

Where should you stay in Guatemala?

Guatemala actually has the largest population in Central America. It is boarder by Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. 

The capital, Guatemala City will be your main point of entry. The local women in Guatemala City will not turn your head, on average. Their faces are less cute than Mexican girls. However, the talent increases in nicer neighborhoods such as Zona 9 and Zona 10.

Nightlife in the capital is disappointing and not nearly as popping as in Managua, for instance. It is best to pipeline women with Latin American Cupid. If you don’t get much traction in the capital, consider a the more interesting city of Antigua. 

The girls in Antigua are more approachable and receptive than in the capital. We haven’t pinpointed why, but there is a noticeable difference in the receptiveness of women.

The nightlife in Antigua is also more conducive to meeting women in smaller groups. Antigua is smaller than the capital, so there are few options. This actually works in your favor as single women tend to frequent a handful of clubs.

Check out the following nightlife venues:

·      La Sala: is club is popping Thursday through Saturday. It is a small venue but can be packed with single women.

·      Reilly’s: is a large Irish pub close to La Sala. It is a solid venue to start the evening.

·      Mono Loco: is located close to Parque Central. Be sure to check out Lady’s Night on Tuesday.

·      La Sin Ventura: is located close to Mono Loco. There is live music and Salsa dancing.

·      Lucky Rabbit: is also located close to Mono Loco. This venue to frequented by university students. 

·      Punto Cielo: is one of the best pick-up spots in Antigua

·      Red, White and Brew is an upscale venue.

Closing Thoughts

In what they lack in sheer beauty, Guatemalan girls are suited for long-term relationships. As a sexually conservative society, the hook-up culture has not emerged in Guatemala. Shy in meeting men during the day, they are more open at night in the bars and clubs in Antigua. 

Online dating is the way to go in Guatemala. Latin American Cupid will afford men the opportunity to work through the shyness and build a rapport a few weeks prior to arrival. It is critical to establish comfort and safety with Guatemala girls. Once trust is established, they will open up and display their affectionate, playful side of their personality. 

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