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Hot Colombians: A Dating Guide to Medellin

by The Masculine Traveler
Medellin, Colombia

Hot Colombians are fairly common to see in Medellin if you know the right locations. Medellin, the land of Paisas is the second largest city in Colombia. Set in the valley of the mountainous region of Colombia, it is the most picturesque city in the country.

Below is a guide to the city, and what one can expect for meeting hot Colombian women


The Masculine Traveller Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 4/5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 4/5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 2/5
Logistics: 3.5/5
Cost: 3.5/5
English Levels: 2/5



Medellin is famously referred to as the “city of eternal spring’.  In reality, the city of eternal spring is a misnomer. Locals tell me that this was the case 10 years ago. The weather now is more like summer with temperatures in the 80s F during the day, while cooling off at night into the upper 60s F. The excess of cars and buses makes it seem even hotter. Most apartments are not air conditioned, which makes it uncomfortable if you are used to American standards.



Most Gringos prefer to stay in Poblado or Laurels which are upscale barrios. Envigado and Sabaneta are middle class neighborhoods which are less expensive and good options.

Hot Colombian Women: A Dating Guide to Medellin

I usually rent an apartment in Poblado close to Santa Fe and Oviedo malls. In my most recent trip, I was one block from Santa Fe Mall and 2 blocks from Oviedo Mall. This neighborhood is for upper-class Colombians, with very few Gringos considering it is Poblado. Most Gringos will congregate and stay in Pargue Lleras. Many apartments here will have great amenities such as a pool, sauna, and 24-hour security.

While this location is great, Poblado is all hills, which gets annoying if you like to walk around. This part of Poblado is also a 20-30 minute walk to the Metro. I choose this area to be close to the malls and it had a 24-hour supermarket across the street. Laureles in contrast is flatter, more walkable and close to the metro and bars.


Tourist Attractions, Day trips, and Events

Santa Fe De Antioquia
Ride the Metrocable
Pueblito Paisa
During August: Feria de Las Flores
During July: Colombia Moda (Check out my review)

Hot Colombian Women: A Dating Guide to Medellin



I had two years of Spanish in High School, which provided some fundamentals but was worthless in terms of speaking to people. In 2012 (my first Colombia trip), my Spanish was pitiful, but I stepped it in recent years and completed the first two levels on Pimsleur.

I am close to conversational. I can open in Spanish and carry out basic conversations but have difficulty with past tense. I am at a level conducive to dating if the girl is patient, but it becomes difficult to form meaningful connections. If you have had a conversation with a 10-year old, that is what is probably like to speak with me in Spanish.

The language spoken in the interior of Colombia is excellent for practicing and learning Spanish. They speak clearly and pronounce words completely. Most people do not speak English at a conversational level. 95% of my dates were in Spanish.

I highly recommend the Pimsleur Learning system for learning Spanish. Developing basic Spanish is easy and will help tremendously in Medellin.



The Metro is decent if you are staying in Laureles or Envigado. Usually, it is not viable for stays in Poblado. Taxis are generally cheap and most have meters. I have taken dozens of taxis and never had a problem with safety or getting ripped off. I usually hail them in the street, but locals have advised me to call a service. The few times I did, I used Easy Taxis.



Bodytech (Riosur):

  • Most expensive in Medellin
  • Lots of MILFS working out in the morning between the hours of 10-12
  • Overall talent is high
  • Super-upper class in Medellin
  • Got some numbers but they went nowhere
  • Equipment is great

Santellana Gym (Close to Oviedo):

  • 140 mil per month
  • Nice staff
  • Equipment is old but all you need
  • Solid talent
  • Middle to upper-class Colombians



Colombian women have a reputation for beauty, which is well deserved. However, the average girl is not much to write home about. If you have spent time in Eastern Europe or New York, the average Paisa will fall short of your expectations. But the 7s, 8s, and 9s have a special warmth and vibrant type of beauty. Their long dark hair is my favorite feature in them, something that is unmatched in my travels. Breast implants and butt injections are common.

Most attractive girls have boyfriends. However, Medellin is the city of perceptual being on the look-out for an upgrade. Cheating for both men and Colombian women is common. Girls are always on the watch for a better opportunity. Men are notoriously unfaithful. Attractive girls will prefer to date a rich, good-looking Colombian guy. They are open to Gringos, but would prefer a quality Colombian man.

Want to know more about Colombian women and what works best? Look no further.

Hot Colombian Women: A Dating Guide to Medellin


Online Game

Prior to my trips, I spent a lot of time chatting on Skype and Whatsapp to build rapport and chemistry. This time paid off well, as this is the method to obtain fast sex in this country.

Pipelining before you get into town represents your best chance for fast hook ups. I highly recommend Colombian Cupid



This is where I met truly hot Colombians. These girls were not always actively looking for foreign boyfriends, but were open to the idea if I was staying for a long time. Surprising there are not many targets during the day. There were days when I didn’t see a quality target for hours. You have to focus on the hours of 5-8 pm.

These girls are busy. Many work full-time that includes a half-day on Saturday normally. Most of the 20-somethings are also taking classes.

Towards the end of my last trip, I started opening girls in groups, with their friends, mothers, father, etc (always indirect in these situations). I wish I had done this earlier, because there are not as many solo targets as you see in the US or Europe. Girls are less independent than girls in Europe and the US. You need to go for it when you see a girl you like, even in a group.

Malls are your best friend and represent the best place for meeting local Colombian women. I mainly concentrated around Oviedo and Santa Fe Malls as they were close to my apartment. Most of the girls are middle to upper class girls. I also found Molinas Mall to be excellent for middle to working class girls. Bus stops along Avenida Poblado between the hours of 5-7 pm are also good. Many of the girls were heading home after work to places like Sabaneta and Envigado.

While I do mostly Direct Daygame in New York, I found better success with Indirect. The girls seemed more responsive to this approach and I also didn’t feel like I had a strong enough command of the language to pull off a solid direct approach.



I do little Nightgame and did even less in Colombia. As mentioned, one-night stands are very rare. Girls are not taking the risk of going home with a stranger at night after drinking. They are also not going to lose face in front of their friends by going home with a Gringo. A good outcome is a make-out and a number. Solid Dancegame can help. Try to pick up Salsa and Merengue. Places are usually dead Sunday to Wednesday. Thursday through Saturday is party time.

Hot Colombian Women: A Dating Guide to Medellin

Colombians will drink and dance all night long. If you are with a group, it is common to order a bottle of Rum, Aguardente or Vodka. Aguardente is a local drink. If you haven’t tried it, it tastes like a poor man’s Sambuca and very cheap.

Most people go out in mixed groups and sit around tables until it is time to dance. It is not easy to break into these groups, especially with the super loud music. I know some guys who do ok asking a girl to dance. This isn’t a bad option, but remember you don’t get more than kiss and a number. Solo Nightgame can be tough.

Pargue Lleras gets a good crowd Thursday to Saturday. Lots of Gringos.

Bablyon has ladies night on Thursday.

Bendito Sea on Calle 10 is also good Thursday for ladies night.

Rio Sur is an upscale mall on Avenida Poblado. On the top floor there are a few clubs and restaurants. Plenty of upper class hot girls Saturday night.

Le Strada on Avenida Poblado was good  a few years ago. Rio Sur took all of its business. Don’t bother unless you want to take a girl to a quiet chill bar for a drink. There is a good Martini bar on the top floor.

Sabaneta is a nice middle class neighborhood. There are clusters of bars that are good on the weekends. No Gringos.

The Lab in Pargue Lleras: Tuesday night is a language exchange night. Some cute girls come to practice their English and hook up with Gringos.



Colombians are simply beautiful and feminine. This is not a great city if you are looking to get laid on a short stay. Longer stays will pay off once girls recognize you are not just a tourist blowing into town for a few days and looking for fast sex.

The Gringo exotic factor is mirroring what I witnessed firsthand in Rio years ago. Your status as a foreigner is not as high as you think. These girls are not waiting for their Gringo prince. In fact, some are cautious to be seen with a Gringo as they do not want to appear to be easy or a Prepago in front of their social circle.

One of the highlights of Medellin was developing a good social circle of Colombians. Colombian guys can be very cool and a few friends went out of their way to introduce me to girls. I didn’t sense any jealousy and there were no cockblock attempts. Perhaps nothing gives a Gringo more acceptability than having Colombian male friends. It legitimizes you as just not another thirsty sex tourist. I met some cool girls through friends. However, I found that it took longer than average to have sex with them. They wanted to keep face in their social circle and not appear too easy.

If you like this guide, be sure to check out my guides on Cali and Bogota as well. Also check out my latest Colombian article on Barranquilla.

Get started by meeting Colombian women now.

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