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Meeting Hot Dominican Girls in Santiago, Dominican Republic

by The Masculine Traveler
Santiago Dominican Republic

Many of our readers ask which is best cit to meet for hot Dominican girls. While there are certainly many hot Dominican girls in Santo Domingo, based on my trips to DR, I find that Santiago has the best looking women. Hot Dominican girls are in abundance in Santiago.

If you are in search of hot Dominican girls, Santiago is the number one city. While you can do worse by traveling to Santo Domingo, on average the girls of Santiago are more impressive. There also seems to be less Ghetto girls; the women are more sophisticated and upscale on average.

Dominican women in general, have the nicest bodies in all of Latin American. While their faces are less pretty than Colombian girls for example, they exude sexuality like no other Latina.

How do the girls in Santiago compare with other cities in Latin America?

  • The average girls is cuter in Santiago compared with Mexico City. However, Mexico City has more stunners at the high-end due to a larger and more diverse population.
  • The women of Medellin are hotter across all levels. Santiago girls; however, are lighter in skin tone than of areas of Dominican Republic. They remind me of Paisas.
  • The girls in Santiago are more attractive than most Central American women including :

The following will provide all you need to know for to meeting hot Dominican girls in Santiago.


The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 3.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3.5 / 5
Logistics: 2.5 / 5
Cost: 3 / 5
English Levels: 2.5 / 5



Typical Caribbean tropical weather. Due to the altitude, it is slightly cooler and more comfortable than Santo Domingo.



Meeting Hot Dominican Girls in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Santiago de los Caballeros is the 2nd largest city in Dominican Republic behind Santo Domingo with a population of roughly half a million. Santiago is a historic colonial city, dating back to the early 1500s. It was once the capital and played an important part in the Independence War.

Santiago is a hilly city in the middle of the Dominican part of the island of Hispaniola. It is about 2 hours by bus from Santo Domingo. The northern coast can also be reached in about 1.5 hours to Puerto Plata and 2 hours to Cabarete and Sosua.

From the U.S., you can fly into Cibao International Airport. The airport is small and easy to navigate. You need to purchase a tourist card in the Dominican Republic. The tourist card will cost $10 and is purchased at the airport, directly before entering immigration.

The city feels quite spread out, considering it is not a large city. There really is no center of town. Downtown Santiago is a bit seedy and turns into a ghost town after dark. The Monument is the closest thing to a center which is surrounded by a park and a few restaurants at the bottom of the hill.

You will need a car or will have to rely on taxis to get around the city. Public transportation is not convenient and locations are too far to walk in Santiago.

Uber is up and running and is your best option for taxis services. Uber is not permitted as a pick up from the airport. The price of a regular taxi will cost 20 dollars from the airport. You are able to take Uber from downtown to the airport.

Gym: Gold’s Gym: located in Plaza International is located on the top floor. You can pay per day, costing $9.



Finding a quality apartment with solid logistics is difficult. You are better off with a hotel for your stay in Santiago. However, make sure that your hotel is guest friendly.

I recommend Hotel Matum.

Hotel Matum is located within a 5-minute walk of the Monument. The amenities include, air conditioner, a pool, breakfast, a casino and two nightclubs next to the hotel. Be warned that the internet is not reliable. The price for one night should cost between $50-$60 dollars. You can prepay $3 per night in case you bring home a guest, otherwise they will charge you $25.


Tourist Attractions

  • The Monument of Santiago
  • Kaskada Park: water park



Typical of Latin America, English is not widely spoken. A basic foundation of Spanish will greatly improve your experience and chance of hooking up with quality women. Spanish is an easy language to learn.

I recommend the Pimsleur Learning Program for learning Spanish. I am not great with languages, but have become conversational in Spanish with Pimsleur.



The women are an attractive mix of European and African descent. The chicas have well-proportioned bodies. As compared with the girls in Santo Domingo, they lighter skinned and slimmer.

Tourism is not big in Santiago, so there is some foreigner status. Women are friendly and personable. Santiago is the place to look for a girlfriend or wife if you like Dominican girls and are interested in such a relationship. The girls tend to be harder to score with than in the capital of Dominican Republic. However, the tradeoff is higher quality women in terms of looks and personality. The women in Santiago are also a bit more low-key. Santiago is less hectic than Santo Domingo. The more relaxed city influences a more chill vibe among the locals.

Meeting Hot Dominican Girls in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Online Game

This is the true sweet spot and what sets Dominican Republic apart from other countries. There are huge opportunities to meet cute, young chicas through online dating sites. I have had great success with DominicanCupid.com and have had a few mini-relationships with hot, sweet Dominican girls in Santiago. If you start messaging girls a few weeks prior to your trip, you will be able to line up a date very day of the week once you arrive in Santiago. There are so many opportunities to meet hot Dominican women on Dominican Cupid.

A word of caution, some girls will be on the site to lure a Gringo into sending them money. Never send a women money. No quality women will ever ask a man for money she has never met. Some Dominican women are experts at having multiple men send them money. Don’t be one of those guys. Screen carefully and you will reap the benefits of meeting cute girls on Dominican Cupid.

Read our compressive guide get the most out of Dominican Cupid.


Meeting Hot Dominican Girls in Santiago, Dominican Republic



Despite, there being a foreigner advantage in Santiago, Daygame is a mixed bag. The city is not set up logistically for Daygame. You will become tired and frustrated waiting for targets. Girls are also a bit shy during the day. I had mixed results with Direct Daygame. My best results came from Indirect openers, followed by a direct statement of interest once a rapport was established.

The three Daygame spots I recommend are:

• The Plaza International Mall
• Bella Terra Mall
• The Monument

Instead of making concerted efforts to meet women during the day, it is better to go about your business and approach when the opportunity arises. Dominican girls are very open and friendly. It is easy to strike up a conversation at the grocery store, grim, and malls. Make sure you download WhatsApp, the most common messaging app in Dominican republic. All women use it and it is essential you have it.



Levels in Bella Terra Mall is the best nightclub in Santiago. I have been there on Friday and Saturday nights. You should  arrive around midnight. Roughly 75% of the club is designated for bottle service. Bottle service is reasonably priced. Levels gets very loud, typical of Latin America. There is a patio by the front entrance which has a few couches that are well set up for escaping the noise. You should focus in on opening girls inside the club and asking them to speak in the front patio to build rapport and isolate her from their friends.

There are two clubs connected to Hotel Matum: Pure and Tabu. Tabu has a better crowd, but it is a late night (often not going until 2a.m.). It is also a prostitute hang out, but they are easy to identify.

To start your evening off, I suggest some of the restaurants and bars close to the Monument. There are about 5 or 6 places that are suitable for having a drink before going to Levels. You can also hit some of the Casinos at the hotels before going to Levels.

Nightlife can be great for meeting hot Dominican girls in Santiago. However, there are a lot of hookers selling their services in clubs. It is pretty easy to discern them from normal girls. Nonworking girls will be a bit more shy, but you can identify their interest through  eye contact. When Dominican women are interested, they make long sustained eye contact.

Be prepared to open large groups of girls. Dominican are highly social and are rarely alone unless they are working ladies. Dating is also very important as is, having a least basic Spanish to open girls.



The city of Santiago lacks charm, but it makes up for it with the slim, light skinned hot Dominican girls. To my surprise the local women are more relationship type girls than I anticipated. Their looks, charm and sweetness makes it a city that I keep returning to.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Datasheet and Dating Guide

Ample opportunities exist for meeting cute chicas via Dominican Cupid. Cute girls are in abundance on this dating app. it is widely regarded as the best site for meeting Dominican ladies.

For nightlife on the weekend, Levels is the best venue in town. During the week, you can supplement your online dates with some Daygame at Bella Terra Mall and Plaza International Mall.

I also recommend heading up to the northern coastal city of Cabrete for some beach time and world famous kite-surfing.

Read more on dating In Dominican Republic and a complete guide to Santo Domingo.




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