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How To Meet African Women Online: The Best Dating App

by The Masculine Traveler
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Today, we discuss a relatively new trend in dating. Within the international dating community, most of the attention is centered around Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. While, we are still high on these destinations for meeting feminine women, African women deserve more consideration for men who seek long-term relationships with beautiful foreign women.

We have already covered the dating scene in Ethiopia and South Africa. These countries possess ample sweet and nurturing single women. In this article, we will expand our coverage in the identification of the best dating app to meet African women.

The Number 1 Dating App For Meeting African Girls

Afro Introductions was created in 2002 and is part of Cupid Media which has 30 different nice dating apps. Boasting a membership of over 4.5 million users, Afro Introductions is the premier dating app for African singles. The membership is represented from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Ethiopia , South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria to name a few.

This dating app is perhaps the oldest and most reputable with regard to meeting single women of African descent. However, in our experience not all dating apps live up to the hype. Consequently, we will review Afro Introductions and provide the key advantages and advantages of this app so men can make an informed decision before signing up for an account.

The Advantages of Afro Introductions

1. The main criteria we start with in assessing a dating app is reputation and credibility. In other words, does this dating app provide users with the experience it purports. In the case of Afro Introductions, it ticks most of the boxes for being a credible company.

As far as we are aware, Cupid Media is one of the oldest and most established dating sites. Many of our writers personally use Cupid to meet singe women all over the world. In our search, we haven’t found an African dating app that is more established than Afro Introductions.

2. Women sign up for free. This is an important aspect in dating in developing countries. Most of the nations in Africa still have a high level of poverty. Providing users from these countries with a low barrier to membership is important. The zero cost to female users ensures that women from African will indeed use this dating app and will not be shut out due to the cost.

3. Men will not be hit with hidden membership fees. Afro Introductions is straightforward. The 35 dollar cost per month comes with unlimited messaging capability to all registered women. Once you paid the initial fee, there are no other costs.

4. Afro Introductions has a diverse membership. We understand that not all men are keen to visiting Africa. Men from countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom have access to a healthy membership of African women in their respective countries.

5. The signup process is simple. Afro Introductions does not have a complicated signup process. The entire process can be completed in 10-15 minutes and men can start messaging women immediately after the process is completed.

6. Afro Introductions has a large membership. Anecdotally, we have noticed roughly 2000-2500 users at a given time of login.

7. There is a mobile app which enables users to login from a variety of devices including their phone.

8. Afro Introductions has cost averaging memberships. Men who wish to pay less over a longer prior of time will find that their monthly payment is significantly reduced for longer memberships.

Disadvantages of Afro Introductions

1. The interface is a bit outdated. The user interface of Afro Introductions is not the most state of the art. The live messaging application is really not worth the effort. It is best to obtain a women’s Whatsapp to correspond with her of the Afro Introductions platform for better communication.

2. The security background checks are cursory. While the low barrier to signing up for an account can be seen as an advantage, it also detracts from user security. Men will come across scammers and prostitutes on Afro Introductions.

The site administrators work hard to weep out users who have ulterior motives. However, some scammer profiles get through. Consequently, users need to exercise caution. Men should use action and discretion in their interactions. When something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. As always never send a woman money that you haven’t met in person. Women who seek genuine relationships don’t ask men they haven’t met for money.

There are reports of fraudulent users from Nigeria. It is important to be on guard when corresponding with women from this country.

3. Users are offered to login from their Facebook or email accounts. Always choose the latter as it will ensure a safer experience.

Closing Thoughts

There are certain drawbacks to using Afro Introductions. Users need to exercise caution with regard to ensuring their security. Scammers find ways to interact with other users who have sincere intentions. The security seems to be a bit too relaxed. Another notable con is the antiquated interface.

The disadvantages of using Afro Introductions should be taken into consideration. However, we conclude that the advantages out weight the limitations of this dating app. In our research and experience, Afro Introductions is the most reputable dating app for meeting African singles. In addition, it boasts a robust membership of African women from all over the world. Men who are not keen on traveling to Africa can meet women in their own backyard.

Furthermore, the sign up process is quick and easy. Membership comes with no hidden fees. A premium membership for one month runs 35 Dollars month. This fee decreases on a only basis with a longer memberships (6 or 12 months).

Overall, we recommend Afro Introductions for men seeking long-term relationships with an African woman. Please feel free to drop us a line on your experience with this dating app in the comments section.


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Russ Malloy June 30, 2020 - 11:06 AM

It’s now easier to date in your own country of residence. You save on the time, money, stress, language issues and a lot more…

15 years ago, it might have been different and 30 years ago it was exciting before the Internet.
Today you’re better off at home especially with the pandemic. International women are smarter now, they prefer their own, long term and only date foreign guys if you pay them lots ie the prozzies will always be around.


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