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Hungarian Women – A Guide to Dating Europe’s Enigmatic Beauties

by The Masculine Traveler
hungarian women

So you are interested in Hungarian women? This article will break down all you need to know. Hungary is one of the stranger countries I’ve visited in Europe. I really don’t know how I feel about it or Hungarian women in general. It’s not a bad country by any means; it just feels like its own little universe in a way. This starts with the language itself, which is notoriously hard to learn unless you dedicate focused time to learning it.

You don’t feel like you’re in the West, but likewise it’s not truly the East either. This epicenter of Europe from where the Austro-Hungarian Empire came and went is home to some of the prettiest and most enigmatic girls in Europe.

What initially struck me the most about Hungary is just how awe-inspiring the architecture and general atmosphere feels. It can give off a Gothic vampiric backdrop with all the baroque ornamentation and dark pointy looking buildings. There seems to be a perpetual gloom clouding this country.

But don’t worry – Hungarians, while strange and introverted are actually very nice people. Despite the media ramblings of xenophobia, a little respect goes a long way and you’ll find Hungarians quite hospitable.


Hungarian Women: How They Look

Hungarian women come in various shapes and sizes that make it hard to pin down as a specific “type” compared to say a Swedish, Japanese or Spanish girl. Keeping in mind that the Austro-Hungarian Empire included modern Germanic, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Balkan and even some Italian territories, you can really see some interesting mixes in Hungary, especially in its diverse capital, Budapest.

If I had to aggregate Hungarian women into a type, I’d say natural dark hair with light eyes, pale to medium olive complexion and mixed combinations of tall or short, slim or curvy. You’ll also find blondes and redheads, though lighter shades of brunette are more common. The 8+ girls I’d see would be tall and slim with a model face, and almost always spoken for.

Sometimes I could go a long time without seeing a girl I liked, and then out of nowhere a genuine stunner would show up. Budapest can be strange like that.

hungarian women


Hungarian Women & Their Personality

Hungarian women seem more feminine than their sister German and Czech girls, with many having a shy, introverted nature and interest in intellectual things, not unlike their Russian sisters. They’re in-between the Polish on one side and the Slovaks and Ukrainians on the other in terms of westernization.

The politics and religion of Hungary play a role in this. Hungary is proud of its culture, history and association with the Roman Catholic Church and being a vanguard of Western values. Lots of scientists, artists and innovators came from Hungary. It takes a specific kind of mentality for a society to develop this way. I’d argue it’s the mix of introspective gloom (Hungary’s history was pretty brutal, even before Communism) mixed with the traditional Catholic nature of perseverance and transcendence leads to a unique development in this Central European country.

This doesn’t mean you won’t find naughty girls, especially in a big, anonymous city like Budapest. The capital is home to many different types of bars, venues, night clubs and festivals. And while I don’t advocate this, pay for play is very legal and very big in Budapest. Unfortunately being a foreigner can instantly toss you into that “John” box, even if those are not your intentions. The other extreme is being labeled a typical drunk foreigner looking to party hardy and thus being dismissed.

Compared to some other types of girls, Hungarians can require more time to warm up to you. While they’re not Slavic, they have a demeanor that can be compared as say, Slavic-light.


Best Cities in Hungary

Hungary is a relatively big country with lots of small towns and cities. Budapest is the largest and most foreigner-friendly in terms of getting around and English levels. Forgetting game for a second, the city itself is stunning. It’s a more epic version of Prague. While Prague seems to be going full-on Western-oriented, Budapest seems to have more of a unique atmosphere. Sure there’s Western influence like restaurant chains and boutiques but they fit into the Hungarian mold, rather than letting the advertisements overwhelm the pre-capitalist baroque splendor of the city itself.

Like many of my small city recommendations, when you’re dealing with a place that has less than half a million people, you have to take certain things into consideration. Asides Budapest, the majority of Hungarian cities and towns are on the wrong side of 200,000. This means you’ll encounter possible issues of language, lack of anonymity, close knit circles and low volume.

If you decide you don’t like Budapest but want to check out a small city, I’d highly recommend being very choosy about your approaches. Go for the girls you like who also show some sort of indicator of interest towards you. Don’t spam the streets and shops. Don’t become ‘that guy’ and burn your chances.

An alternative in small towns if you don’t have the patience for low volume daygame is to go to the clubs and nightlife areas and enjoy a night out. You can find more opportunities potential for adventure and it won’t have as much of a burnt out vibe as too much daygame in small towns.



Nightlife in Budapest

Budapest is a massive city with tons of nightlife options. The trendy, exclusive clubs with the largest volume of attractive girls will be found in the center by the main bridge. You’ll find intense competition here as there are lots of tall, rich foreign guys and tall, hungry Hungarian guys all looking for the same hot girls. You’ll need to bring your A game here as it feels like shark-infested waters.

If you don’t mind taking a taxi out of the center, there are some other clubs and lounges dispersed around the city. You can find more local atmospheres here and less of the party hordes that parade through the center. The quality and volume can be hit or miss, so it’s a choice you’ll have to make if you get sick of the center.

An alternative to the center clubs and off-center lounges are the ruin pubs and hipster bars. They’re scattered around District VII, are quite cheap, and have foreigners from all over. You’ll probably meet more European and American tourists than you will locals here. The quality is also hit or miss. It seems the most attractive Hungarian women go out in groups and have huge resting bitch face, or a serious boyfriend.

Sziget Festival is very popular in the summer with concerts taking place on the island. You’ll find a mix of locals and foreigners. In fact lots of foreigners plan trips to Hungary for precisely this festival, so if you’re interested in music, random fun and adventure, this may be a good event to check out.


Daygame Budapest

Since the fall of Communism, both Prague and Budapest have been flooded with expats looking for their pornstar girlfriend of the night. I mention this so are aware of the reality of the situation on the ground. Just because you’re not a sex tourist nor on a stag, doesn’t mean the local girls won’t put you in that box.

It also doesn’t help that some PUA companies (both foreign and domestic) have bootcamp residentials sometimes taking in dozens of students at a time. If you’re daygaming and you get a strange negative reaction on a normal approach with good vibe, don’t take it personally or do serious daygame diagnostics because, for some girls, the dance has gotten old. For others they might have had to walk through a bootcamp gauntlet of spammers. Just keep abreast of the situation and try and get out of the PUA sandpits.

With this preface in mind, if you’re going to Budapest you want to be cognizant of how you approach girls. Their shy, introverted and cautious nature will need some calibration, so over the top hammering home approaches may not be best. They may immediately try and put you in one of the above-mentioned boxes so have your story straight. What the hordes of suitors have in common is they’re very aggressive and brash. If you can come off as nice but confident, the girls will open up more easily.

Budapest is a beast of a city. You’ll have plenty of options for nightlife and daygame, though bizarrely enough I think more attractive Hungarian women show up for nightlife.

hungarian women

The city is big and sprawled out so daygame can be a bit of a chore. The shopping mall in District VI seems to have the most volume of not only attractive girls but PUAs and bootcamps. I can’t say I recommend it for this reason but it may be worth a shot if it’s not being presently burned.

The super center by the bridge separating Buda and Pest should logically be a good choice; however there are lots of chuggers, bootcampers and gypsies, making the atmosphere suboptimal for daygame. As always, keep your eyes open and see if a girl gives you a signal to approach.

That same shopping area where the chuggers idle in the daytime becomes OK for nightlife and evening approaches. Just be warned, Hungarian guys, while not having the best game themselves, are jealous and may try and cockblock. They are not as cool and laid back as say the Russians when it comes to their women. Perhaps the ratios simply aren’t as favorable. If they see you’re talking to a girl who’s a 7+, they’ll try and come right in and start speaking Hungarian.


Conclusion on Hungarian Women and Hungary

Hungary is a majestic and interesting country. You’ll find no shortage of things to do and see. There are some very attractive girls here if you can find them, get them interested and have the time to seal the deal. Budapest is a pretty intense city for game as the competition is all over. Daygame can be slow as it can be hard to find good sets. Nightlife is full of guys going out while the attractive girls watch the men fawn over them.

If you don’t mind traversing the smaller towns, you may be able to meet a nice Hungarian girl not fully influenced by the big city vibe as well as hordes of tourists. The tourism aspect of Hungary is worth the visit. For game and girls, it can be very hit or miss.

Like Prague, many guys I know find Budapest polarizing. Some love it, others can’t wait to leave. It’s up to you to explore and see if you’re compatible.

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