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Indonesian Women: 4 Simple Dating Tips [2020]

by The Masculine Traveler
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Since we are all on a forced hiatus from traveling, this article will cover important dating tips for Indonesian women so our readers can hit the ground running with a vengeance in 2021.

Indonesia has blown up as a tourist destination over the past decade.

While most men pursue western women on holiday, we will cover all you need to know about dating local Indonesian women which makes for the most fulfilling dating experience in this southeast Asian destination.

This guide will help you prepare for the post-Covid-19 rush to Indonesia, covering the best methods for meeting beautiful local girls during the day, at night and online

So let’s get to it.

First, we will dive into the characteristics that male Indonesian women the most alluring in all of Asia.

Characteristics of Indonesian Women

Indonesian women are perhaps the most beautiful in Asia and they exude a sexuality only seen in Latin America.

Their looks can be characterized as a fusion of Arabic, Chinese and Latina.

While the average Japanese and Korean girl is more attractive, Indonesia boasts more top tier women than anywhere in Asia. Their voluptuous bodies make them the sexiest women in Asia.

Indonesian women are the thickest in Asia. Men who have a preference for Latinas tend to prefer Indonesian girls.

Another striking feature is their skin. Indonesian women do not need to wear a lot of make-up but they use just enough cosmetics to complement their features.

In terms of personality, Indonesian women are submissive in nature due to their religious background and conservative culture.

They seek men who display dominance. Indonesian women have a preference for long-term relationships and marriage.

Family and children are of the utmost importance in Indonesian life. Men are expected lead; whereas women assume a passive role.

Upper-class girls have excellent English levels and are down for partying like the most liberal, westernized woman. The higher on the economic ladder, the more personality and less conservative the woman are.

With those traits, comes more selectiveness in men. Consequently, to score to talent men need to dress and act the part of a high valued man. 

Business travelers tend to stay two days maximum. Compared to Manila and Bangkok, there are very few White men to be seen in the day. This creates a great situation to meet women during the day.

Indonesian Women Dating Tips

1. Understand the Dating Scene

Indonesia is a conservative nation with the highest population of Muslims in the world.

In fact 13 percent of all Muslims live in Indonesia. This may be off-putting for some western men. However, it is important to note that most young women do not adhere to the strict form of Islam. Roughly a third of women wear a Jilbab.

It is important to conceded that some girls will be off limits for western men. However, many men who visit Indonesia are astonished by how many local women behave like westerns behind closed doors and in select nightlife venues.

In Indonesia it all comes down to context. Women who frequent clubs and are registered for online dating apps are less conservative and open to dating foreign men. Always take context into consideration before moving forward with an Indonesian women.

Despite the conservative culture, Indonesian women are keenly interested in meeting foreign men.

Ubiquitous options are available for meeting women during the day, night and online. However, western men need to excerice discretion in public. Respect for the Islam and conservative Indonesia culture is a prerequisite to successful dating.

Public displays of affection are frowned upon. It is of the upmost importance to respect how women need to conduct themselves to save face in their society.

Kissing, touching and hand-holding should be avoided in public. Do not mistake her lack of affection in public for a lack of interest. Indonesian women need to face.

The presumption is that good Indonesian women do not engage in premarital sex. But rest assured, that behind closed doors, Indonesian women are affectionate and attentive to their man.

Men who are long-term relationship minded should understand that an Indonesian woman to not live with her boyfriend before marriage. Do not expect to spend long weekends together.

Most local women live with their parents until they are married. Taking things a step further, her parents will need to formally approve on any marriage proposals.

2. Select the Best Dating App

Tinder has gained widespread use in Indonesia. However,Tinder does not attract the highest quality.

Fortunately, Indonesian Cupid is available to foreign men and is the premier dating app that caters towards Indonesian women who seek longterm relationships with foreign men.

The overall caliber of women on Indonesian Cupid is significantly higher than Cupid. The women on this app require more effort and attention in forming a connection, but this process is all worth it for the opportunity to meet Indonesia’s finest, and most feminine women.

Men will be astonished by the amount of attention they receive with a membership from Indonesian Cupid. Once more, Indonesian Cupid is part of the reputable Cupid Media company providing affordable membership subscriptions while maintaining user privacy.

Once you have exchanged a few messages on Cupid, take the conversation to WhatsApp or Line. If a girl agrees to this suggestion, she is likely interested in meeting you .From there you should schedule a date.

Pro Tip 💡

Invest in creating an account on Indonesian Cupid that will make you stand out.

Featuring yourself with high-quality pictures in a suit or simply well dressed will make your profile stand out.

3. Conquering Bali

Women from all over the world have been flocking to Bali over the past decade.

Bali attracts the most beautiful women from Europe including Russian and Ukrainian girls who come for yoga studios, beautiful beaches and nightlife.

Within Indonesia, Bali is the clear winner for men interested in mixing it up with an international crowd. It’s typical climate and natural beauty make for a much more comfortable stay than concrete jungle of Jakarta.

The distinct drawback is that the local women are not as attractive as they are in Jakarta. Indonesian women in Bali fail in comparison to the locals in Jakarta. Moreover, men receive much less exotic factors as Bali is packed with western men from Europe and Australia.

bali women

Nevertheless, many men have a predilection for the international dating opportunities in Bali. Bali tends to favor young, fit western men; whereas, Bali is better for older, established men.

With that said, there are a plethora of day game opportunities. Yoga studios, beaches, and coffee shops are abundance with young, attractive women.

Nightlife has something for everyone in Bali and you can find single women overnight of the week. Check out the following venues in Bali:

  • La Favela
  • Mirror
  • Sky Garden

4. Mastering Jakarta

Due to the sweltering heat and concrete jungle atmosphere, Jakarta does not rank high as a travel destination. The unbearable traffic jams and lousy infurstrucure render Jakarta as a repellent to tourists.

Lacking in modern conveniences, Jakarta makes up for its lack of comforts its undisputed reputation for being a city with exceedingly high novelty for foreign men.

In a city with millions or young attractive women, there are few commensurate high-quality foreign men to vie for their attention. Foreign men who are fit, well dressed, and with intelligence have an unparellel advantage in any city in Asia.

Day game in Jakarta

Most single dudes in Jakarta focus their attention on nightlife, neglecting that some the true gems are to be found during the day. Malls are your best friend.

Meeting women in the street is next to impossible due to the heat and lack on infrastructure. Malls provide a comfortable setting to approach women. Jakarta’s finest women hit the high-end malls to shop, meet friends and grab a bite to eat. 

Check out the following malls:

  • Plaza Indonesia
  • Grand Inonesia
  • Central Park Mall

Considering the recommendation for discretion in public, it is best to approach women in a discreet way. Indirect openers are the name of the game for the daytime.

jakarta dating

Indonesian women are shy and awkward when they are approached during the same. It is best to keep the conversation light and not overly flirtatious. 

Express your interest in seeing her again, grab her WhatsApp number, and schedule a date for the daytime if possible when there isn’t much going on.

Night Life in Jakarta

There are a few very important tips for successful nightlife game in Jakarta.

  1. Dress to impress: Nightlife in Jakarta is different than the casual scene in Bali. High-end nightclubs provides the best bang for your buck. Men need to dress well with nice shoes, a blazer or suit for these venues.
  2. Bottle service is a must: Buying a bottle won’t break the bank, but don’t be cheap in Jakarta. Buying bottle service is the name of the game in high end venues.
  3. Set up proper logistics: The last thing you want to to hit in traffic if you meet a nice woman at a club. Make sure you have a paper pad somewhere close to Grand Indonesia.

Select venues during the weekend in Jakarta represents one of the best nightlife scenes in the world for meeting beautiful girls. Check out the following venues:

  • Dragonfly: This is a staple in the Jakarta night scene. The layout is ideal for chatting up cute girls. However, there will be more competition from western men here than any other club. The quality and ease of hooking up with beautiful local women makes this a must visit.
  • Blowfish: The main reason to visit this club is you will likely be the only western dude there. The crowd tends to be on the young size and populated by Chinese. 
  • X-2: This club is as solid as it comes if you are young and looking to hook up with local girls in their early twenties. 
  • Skybar: This venue offers great views of the city and serves as a solid preparty venue.
  • Cloud: This rooftop bar is an alternative to Skybar for starting the venue out.

Summary of Dating in Indonesia

Indonesian women are perhaps the most beautiful in Asia and most definitely the sexiest.

Their voluptuous bodies and mysterious mannerisms make them well worth the long-distance traveling to meet them.

Their beauty is complimented by a feminine nature and submissiveness.

Men have ample methods at their disposable to meet young attractive women through online dating, nightlife and day game. Foreign men are highly sought after by the local women in this southeast Asia nation.

Men who invest time in understanding cultural norms and follow the actionable steps covered in this article will place themselves in a position for plenty of opportunities to meet beautiful Indonesian women.

In a nation with over 250 million people and 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a premier tourist destination.

We only scratched the surface in covering Bali and Jakarta in this article. Between the to cities, there are vast differences. From a dating perspective, it boils down to preference.

Bali is the clear winner for access to women from all over the world. Bali is an affordable beach destination subtle for young men interested in hook-ups.

Older men are directed towards Jakarta as their value among the local women will be higher than perhaps anywhere in Asia.

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