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International Dating: Everything You Need to Know

by Dantes
international dating

International dating is growing at exponential rates. Dating aboard was once considered for losers and desperate, poor women. I remember American talks shows would interview “Foreign Brides” and disclose to the world how women from Eastern Europe were being taken advantage of. While, we recognize that there are nefarious dating services and that women a generation ago were more desperate in Russia for example, times have changed. Reputable international dating sites have emerged and gained consider consumer confidence.

Furthermore, conditions in Eastern Europe have drastically improved. While not perfect societies, the women of Ukraine and Russia live relatively normal lives by western standards. They enjoy western goods and services while traveling the world with increasing passion.

In the few short months that I have been writing for The Masculine Traveler, I have met several men that have met their girlfriends and wives in foreign lands. Not all of these relationships are perfect, but most parties of these seemed fulfilled and satisfied with their choice.

The following discussion will review all you need to know about international dating. We will provide you with a realistic appraisal of the unique advantages and pitfalls of international dating.


Where to begin your search

 We recommend that men take a serious and hard look about the kind of woman and relationship he is interested in. We advise he consider the following:


  • Read this site and other reputable sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of the different countries that you should narrow your search to.


  • Start to define what kind of woman you are looking for. Appearances are important, but we find that men should identify which cultures they connect with most. For example, emotional Latinas make very different partners than sophisticated Russian women. Even within a region, there are stark differences. For instance, the laid-back Thai girls contrast with cosmopolitan women of Japan.


  • Take your geographical location into account. If you live in Texas and your preference is for Filipina women, you better have the flexibility to take vast amounts of time off from work, be location independent, or move to the Philippines. Your preferences are important, but so is practicality. Select a region that you connect with, but that is also pragmatic.


  • Spend as much time as possible in a given country or region. We recognize that some men don’t have the flexibility to travel. However, if they are serious about international dating, they will need to make some changes that will provide the opportunity to spend time abroad.

international dating


Be realistic

If you are out of shape, fashion clueless, and have little experience with women, don’t expect to land a Ukrainian 9 right off the bat. Moderate your expectations and pursue women that are within a realistic range for you.



Women from abroad have more options than you think. The local men in many counties like Czech Republic have really stepped up their Game. Women from Eastern Europe have more dating options than a decade ago. Never stop improving your mind, body, and spirit. Be the best version of yourself. Remember that high-quality women have options, wherever they live.

Date in your own country

Many men are fed up with the women from their home country. American men have a rough go in the ultra-feministic age and the “Me Too” movement. However, it is important to recognize that women are women. No woman is perfect. While international dating can be rewarding, we strongly feel that it is important to keep your options open on your home turf. Don’t close any doors.

Select the right dating website

There are so many international dating websites. Recognize that these sites are a business. Some provide their users with a valuable service, while others are misrepresenting their customers. In our experience, we feel that Cupid Media is the best and most reputable international dating sites out there. We like them for the following reasons:

  • They are relatively low cost-under 30 Dollars for a full membership.
  • The quality of the women is generally high.
  • They take active steps to remove fraudulent profiles.
  • They are well established and have been in business for a long time.
  • Cupid is easy to use and you can log in from anywhere.
  • Most of the women are specifically looking for foreign men for relationships and marriage.

We also like that they have many dating websites for almost every culture ad country. For example, some of their popular websites include:

In addition, these ethnic dating sites, they also have:


  • International Cupid: This site is particularly interesting because it provides access to women from all over the world. It is a great dating site for men who will be traveling to different countries just starting their International dating experience, wanting a sample of women.


If religion is important you, the following sites may be of interest:

international dating


Cupid versus Tinder

There is more investment with creating a Cupid profile then with Tinder. Women who use Cupid sites are generally motivated to find a relationship. The profiles take longer to complete , which suggests that they have a level of seriousness. Cupid is not linked with Instagram, so the motivation to increase followers is nonexistent on Cupid.


Tips for international online dating


  • Never, never send money to a woman you are not in a relationship with.


  • Utilize WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Facebook, and Instagram to communicate with women.


  • Familiarize yourself with the most common messaging apps in a given country. For example, Line is used exclusively in Thailand and WhatsApp in South America.


  • Build comfort with women on Skype or Facetime before your trip.


  • Don’t sexualize the conversation before she does. This is especially important if you haven’t met her in person yet.


  • Set boundaries: Be direct and clear with your intentions.


  • Respect women. There is no need to be a jerk. Most of these women have sincere intentions. Treat them with respect even if you aren’t looking for anything serious.


  • Don’t get too serious before your meet in person. Virtual communication is very different than in real life. Many men fall in love with women before an in-person meeting, just to be disappointed. Do not overly invest in women you don’t know yet. Communicate enough to create rapport and build comfort.


Who is international dating good for?

International dating has had a drastic effect on the lives of many men. It has opened the door to a new world of fulfillment, excitement and adventure. Men who seem to benefit the most are:

  • Men who love to travel and seek novel experiences.
  • Men who are open-minded and interested in different cultures.
  • Men who have a strong desire for a varied sex life.
  • Men who value femininity.
  • Men who are looking for a marriage.
  • Men who are stuck in a rut and need something to awaken them.
  • Men who are dissatisfied with their current local dating options. Men who have a flexible mindset and can be open to different experiences.
  • Men who have disposable income to travel.
  • Men who have work flexibility or location independence.
  • Men who don’t have thin skin with regard to social stigmas.
  • Men who are comfortable learning another language.


Debunking the myths

There are many misconceptions about international dating. We will address some if the ill-conceived perceptions:


  • These relationships are doomed to fail. Research in fact provides evidence that 80% of international marriages in fact succeed. Statistically, these are far better results than the 50% divorce rate in the United States.


  • The women who seek men from aboard are “mail order brides”. The term “Mail-Order Bride” has it roots from the 19th century where women of the Victorian age listed themselves in magazines for wealthy men to buy. This term has been inappropriately applied to most cases in international dating. Modern international dating involves the process of two consenting adults from different counties who romantically get to know each other.


  • Not all international dating results in marriage. While some international daters are marriage focused, many men and women seek adventure, romance, sex, and novel experiences. The motives for international dating are nuanced just like the dating between a man and a woman from the same culture.


  • International dating is for weird men. I have met many handsome, successful, socially- tuned men who date internationally. Men of all backgrounds are attracted to this type of dating for various reasons.


  • Women are only interested in Green Cards: We conceded that there are some bad apples in the barrel. However, this generalization misrepresents the majority of women. All women seek to improve the quality their lives. This is true for women of wealthy and developing nations. Many women are seeking men from abroad for a better life. However, they also want love, commitment, and loyalty. Ultimately, men must make wise decisions and exercise solid judgement. Never rush into any marriage without knowing a woman very well.

international dating


 Social stigma

 We must acknowledge that there is a certain stigma to dating foreign women. Female friends and colleagues will be jealous. Your family may raise concerns. Male friends may give you a high-five but have suspicions that your girl is a slut. The world can be cruel, but this isn’t new information.

We all must make decisions that are in the best interest of our happiness and fulfillment. There will always be haters.


It is easier than it sounds

Despite the haters, international dating is more common than you think. It is also steadily increasing due to how easy it is to travel. Points hacking, and low-cost airlines have made travel more accessible. There is really no excuse not to get your boots on the ground in a country of your interest.

Meeting, a woman from overseas may seem a daunting prospect and somewhat unrealistic. However, the proof is in the pudding. Statistical research and anecdotal evidence suggests that more and more men are engaging in international dating. More importantly they are being successful.


Closing thoughts

International dating has a large appeal to many men. It is reported that over 40 million men currently use international dating websites. The media has a preoccupation with condemning international dating. However, they ignore the facts that international marriages are more successful than those that originate in one country. International dating is not without a social stigma. Nevertheless, the reality is that many high vale men are now dating women from aboard. These men realize the distinct advantages of dating beautiful and feminine women from such locations as Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

One of the key factors in successful international dating is choosing the right online dating site. In our experience, Cupid Media has several advantages over other sites. The most salient is that the women have genuine interest in developing a relationship with men from abroad.

In this article, we have provided a thorough review of international dating, highlighting the most effective ways for success. We hope that you found this article helpful. Please comment with your experiences with international dating.

Start your journey on international dating by creating a profile of the various niche dating sites offered by Cupid Dating Media.


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