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Jamaican Women: Soulful Dating for the Tropics

by The Masculine Traveler
Jamaican women

Ahhh the Caribbean, sandy beaches and crystal blue ocean water. Since you are here, we take it that you are not just interested in lounging around at your hotel resort while on holiday in Jamaica. If you are interested in what it is like to meet and date Jamaican girls, then you found the right blog. We will break down all you need to know about meeting a cute girl while on vacation in this Caribbean island.

First a word on Jamaica as a destination.

Famed for its beautiful beaches and world class resorts, Jamaica is a fantastic destination to escape the harsh winters in North America. Jamaica is one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean Sea. This small island nation has a population of just over 3 million people. It is a short flight of a few hours from the United States and Canada. While there is a Creole influence, English is the main language spoke and you will et around just fine only speaking English. Jamaican nights are lived with lively Reggae music and a festive atmosphere.

Jamaican Girls Defined

Jamaicans are an interesting mix. Most present with dark skin color, but these islanders are actually an interesting mix of Africa, European, and Asian heritage. As a former slave state, Jamaica in its early days had a strong Spanish influence. However, compared to other island countries in he region, such as Dominican Republic and Cuba, Jamaica is has a significantly less Latin feel.

Local girls are quite attractive. They are less curvy than Dominican Women and openly flirtatious. Jamaican women can be direct and assertive in their interactions with men. However, they also are easy-going especially at night, loving to sing and dance the night away.

Jamaican girls are feminine and expect men to care take of them. They are full of positive vibes. Friendly and engaging, dating in Jamaica is truly a soulful experience. Jamaican girls seem like they are always on vacation and love to be in the center of social activity.

There is no “going Dutch” in Jamaican dating culture. Men are expected to lead and pick-up the tab for dates. Being a top tourist designation, nights out are not cheap. Men need to be ready to open the wallet for a good time at bars, clubs and restaurants.

Jamaican women respect and seek ambitious men. Earning a healthy living is an important factor for women. However, they don’t give off the impression as gold-diggers. They can be open to casual sex, but they tend to be more long-term mixed when it comes to meeting men.

As you progress in a relationship with a Jamaican women, she will cook for you and take care of household responsibilities.

Online Dating in Jamaica

Online dating in Jamaica is mainstream. Dating apps like Tinder have gain traction over the past few years.

Caribbean Cupid is also a solid option for meeting Jamaica girls online. It boasts a robust number if Jamaican women who have registered for an account and are actively seeking a foreign man for a relationship.

Men who are interested in a relationship should check out Caribbean Cupid. It is free to join so you can browse Jamaican women and other Caribbean women such as Cuban girls. A full membership runs about 30 Dollars per month which will put you in contact with women from all over the Caribbean with unlimited messaging access.

Other Ways to Meet Jamaican Women

Day game isn’t the best method for meeting women. Most prefer to kick it back on the beach with a cocktail during the day. Also, most guys want to enjoy the sunshine an relax.

Besides, nightlife in Jamaica is popping and there are a plethora of options to choose from. Mixing it up with single women at night is fun and fairly easy in Jamaica. The laid back culture fosters conditions conducive to mingling at night with ease.

In Kingston, check out these venues:

  • Asylum
  • The Quad
  • Dub Clud
  • Weddy Weddy
  • Hot Tuesdays

Pro Tip: Be sure to hit the Sound Systems parties in Kington for the wildest, crazy nights.

For Nightlife in Montego Bay, make sure to hit the following venues:

  • Lava Bar
  • Pier One
  • Blue Beat Ultra Lounge

Closing Thoughts

Jamaica is a premiere tropical destination just a few hours flight away from North America. Overall the women are less attractive than Cuban and Dominican girls. However, they are cute and fun enough to hang with on a vacation. Furthermore, guys will encounter less gold-digging than the aforementioned girls.

Men who are interested in long-term relationships will find that Jamaican girls are solid partners, loyal and respectful.

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