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Japanese Women – A Guide to Seduction

by The Masculine Traveler
dating japanese women

Japanese women are something that all men should try at some point in their lives. Based on our extensive travels, Japanese women are the top-rated talent in Asia. If your preference is for Asian women, then Japanese women represent the most attractive in the region. It is no wonder that Japanese porn is one of the most searched categories on porn sites.

Japanese girls have a unique combination of innocence mixed with wild sexuality.

In this article, you will read a unique perspective on understanding Japanese women and the unique factors that will influence your dating success. We will also provide you with comprehensive information that will facilitate your travel and dating experiences in the capital of Japan, Tokyo.

What are Japanese women like?

The women from Japan are renowned for their beauty, sophistication, and elegance. They pay careful detail to their appearance and are keenly fashion conscious. By western standards, Japanese women are tiny, petite, and slender. They have the nicest skin out of all the Asian women.

Their skin is light in complexion and soft to the touch. They also have much less skin blemishes and acne than their other Asian cousins like Vietnamese women.

Their long, dark, and straight hair is one of their most attractive features.

dating japanese women

Japanese women are very fond of looking young, as it is the preferred look for Japanese women. They often wear mini skirts, even in the cold winter months. Despite their child-like dispositions, Japanese girls are highly sexual. Their culture is predicated on stark contrasts of sex.

While one-night stands are frowned upon, they certainly occur, particularly at nightclubs. In most cases, three dates are the norm for bedding local women in Japan. This slight stance towards sexual conservatism is in conflict with their renown porn community and acceptance of sexual fetishes.

Understanding the sexual trends of Japanese women takes quite a bit of time and most foreigners who do not live in Japan will have difficulty gaining full comprehension.

Their personalities can be characterized as bubbly, friendly and shy.  They can act almost child-like at times. Despite, their physical sophistication, Japanese women can be immature. Their naivety is both endearing and at times annoying.

The personal qualities of Japanese women either completely enamor foreign men or drive them insane.

One of the main features of their personalities is submissiveness. As women, they are raised to assume a submissive position relative to men and older people. Their submissiveness is expressed in their high voices,  child-like attire, and in their deferring interactions.

They expect the man to lead and make decisions.

Even if they disagree, Japanese women will almost always go allow the program. In one word, they are passive.

What do Japanese women look for in a man?

Most seek a financially established man who is confident and expresses what he wants directly. While not all Japanese women seek foreigners, many have a preference and a natural curiosity about Western men. Some will want to experience sex and a relationship with foreigners, particularly White men.

Japanese women also expect their men to dress well and place a priority on cleanliness. Japanese women favor showering before and after sex. This is another example of how important hygiene is to Japanese women.

An excellent sign that a Japanese woman likes you is if she kisses you in public. This display of affection is not always common, although it happens in nightclubs. Kissing Japanese women, in general, is usually a strong indicator that she is interested in having sex.

dating japanese women

In foreign men, they especially look for them to be more affectionate, passionate and caring than Japanese men. While Japanese women admire the differences in Western men, they also want foreigners to respect their culture. Japanese people are proud of their ancient heritage and culture. Learning Japanese goes a long way in seducing Japanese women.

Since many of them do not speak English fluently, we advise men to learn at least basic phrases and sentences in Japanese.  Pimsleur Japanese is the best language learning program that will help you get on your way toward the basics.

Japanese Women – How should you act around them?

The following points are to be taken into consideration:

  • Be a leader: Always lead interactions and make decisions. Many Japanese women actually directly state that they want men to take control. This should include selecting venues for dates, ordering meals for her, and paying the bill.
  • Due diligence: Cities like Tokyo can be a hassle to navigate. Make sure you plan your dates accordingly and anticipate potential barriers. Also be aware that most Japanese women live with their families. Make sure you have proper logistics, preferably an apartment without a roommate.
  • Learn fashion: Japanese people are highly fashion conscious. They pay careful attention to current trends. At a minimum, wear stylish, fitted clothing. Make sure your clothes are ironed and clean. Nothing turns off a Japanese girl like a shabbily dresses man.

dating japanese women

Barriers to dating Japanese women

Not all women from Japan are dying to date foreigners. Japan is a very homogenous country. Statistics demonstrate that only about 2 percent of Japanese people marry outside of their ethnicity.

It is actually statistically rare for women to marry outside their culture. There are several reasons for this:

  • Low English levels: very few Japanese women actually speak English fluently. In fact, even young Japanese women surprising have a poor command of the English language. We estimate that only about 30 percent of women in their 20s speak English well enough to carry on a normal conversation. These low English levels illustrate that Japanese girls who are attractive, know their value.
  • Social stigma: in some cases, many Japanese girls will be teased for dating men outside of her culture.
  • Disapproval from family: Her parents may not approve of her dating a foreigner. Most Japanese parents wish for their children to marry within their culture.
  • Economic stigma: Many foreign men work as English teachers. While teachers are generally respected, their salaries are often not sufficient for raising a family.
  • Short-term stay: Most foreigners stay for a short period. Unless you have a long-term business contract and know the language, Japanese women will assume that you will leave Japan shortly.
  • They are all players: Foreign men are notoriously classified as sleeping with as many women as possible. While this may garner respect in the West, it is frowned upon in Japanese culture.

Japanese women – Do they make good wives?

The women of Japan are well known for their caring and nurturing dispositions.

It is not uncommon for them to:

  • Cook for men.
  • Wash and iron clothing.
  • And assume the primary caregiving responsibilities for children.
  • They accommodate to a man’s preference and lifestyle. Japanese women will watch the movies you want to see, eat meals of your preference and have sex in your desired position.

Here you’ll find a lot of the qualities that a man seeks in a woman for a long term partner.

dating japanese women

What are the best ways of meeting Japanese women?

Online Dating in Japan

Japan has a long history of being the epicenter of technological innovation. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that internet dating is quite popular. The best dating website for meeting Japanese women is Japan Cupid.

Japan Cupid boasts almost 700,000 profiles.

The reason we strongly recommend this site is because most of the women are looking for foreign men. As a foreigner, you are already preselected on Japan Cupid.

Dating Japanese women during the day through daygame

Daygame works very well with Japanese women. There are ample opportunities to chat up young pretty Japanese girls during the day. In such a dense country, street day can be an experienced Daygamers bread and butter. One must, of course, be immune to the fear of opening women in public while others take notice.

However, there is no risk of bystanders interfering.

Women during the day are basically always in play unless they are walking with parents or a boyfriend. Opening Japanese girls who are walking in groups can be particularly fun. More times than not, they will be surprisingly open and friendly. Malls are also a fantastic place to approach women during the day, especially during cold months.

We recommend opening girls indirectly.

Playing the lost foreigner and asking for directions while simple, often works well. This should be followed up by a statement of interest that is succinct and simple. Be sure to grab her Line number and set up a date according to your schedule.

Nightlife in Japan & Toyko

Nightlife is certainly the fastest way to seduce Japanese women. Many Japanese women love to hit upscale clubs to drink and dance the night away. In the following section, we will detail the best nightclubs in Tokyo for meeting women

Tokyo has been the undisputed king of Asian nightlife for many years. With so many clubs opening in a city so large, it is difficult to decide on which place to frequent. The following is a list of great clubs that will help you narrow down your search.

  • AgeHa is a music see venue in Tokyo. It has some of the world’s most famous DJs. This club is massive, boasting 4 dance floors, 3 VIP sections, 3 bars, an outdoor pool, and an eating area. The summer parties are wild with the legendary foam parties every weekend.
  • Alife recently reopened. It is a great place to meet local Japanese girls and listen to top 40 music. Girls in this club are approachable but be aware it gets very crowded on weekends. We rank this club very high because it has a reputation for having the most beautiful Japanese women, many of them models.
  • Club Camelot is widely popular. It boasts 4 dance floors, five different bars, and a large VIP seating area. It is regarded as foreign friendly and relatively has short waiting lines. The unique feature about this club is that varies its parties almost every night of the week. Therefore, each night of the week feels like a different venue.
  • 1 Oak Tokyo has a very international crowd. Dress to impress in this upscale venue. This is a great place to mix it up with elite talent from all over the world.
  • Feria is a five-floor madhouse that is one of the best places to hook up in Tokyo. Friday and Saturday nights are the primes times to go and party at Feria. The cub doesn’t get going until around 1 a.m., so plan to arrive around Midnight. There is a cover for men.

dating japanese women

  • R2 is a solid spot for Friday night. It is also a great warm up to Feria, located across the street. The crowd is slightly older than Feria.
  • Geronimo is a dive bars which gets a mix of expat and local women.
  • A971 is located close to Feria. It has a solid outdoor patio, in addition to an inside bar.
  • Mist is a solid choice is you want to go out on Monday.
  • ELE Tokyo is a cool place which employs sexy go-go dancers and top DJs.
  • Womb is a solid selection for Saturday night, when is stacked with gorgeous Japanese women.
  • Atom Tokyo should have strong consideration for the best parties during the week.
  • Vision-get your EDM freak on at this cool club with several different dance floors.
  • Harlem club is a great hip-hop club. For Black players this such be your go to venue for Japanese women who have a Black fetish.

To expand on aspects of dating women in Tokyo, we will provide everything you need to know for your stay in the capital of Japan and provide an in-depth guide to dating the local women in the following section.

Visas to Japan

Most Americans and Europeans will receive a  90-day visa-free entry to Japan. A permission stamp will be provided to you in the airport.

If you want more info on visas according to your citizenship, check out Passport Index.

Arriving in Tokyo

Tokyo is served by two main airports: Narita which is located 40 miles outside the center of Tokyo. Bus and train will take you about 90 minutes to reach the center from Narita.

The second is Haneda which is only less than 10 miles south of the main train station. Haneda is much easier to transit to the city, only taking 30 minutes by train.

Where to stay in Tokyo

Roppongi has a bit of a seedy feel in some areas with immigrants from Africa trying to sell you items. It is also a hub of massage parlors. Despite this seedy element, this area is where most men should set up camp as it places you in a great location for bars and nightclubs.

It is recommended that you stay within Roppingi Station as it will be the easiest to move around the city and also ideally situated to the nightlife. Hotels in Tokyo are very expensive. It is advisable to check AirBnB for apartments in this area.

Important apps for dating Japanese women

Be sure to download Line – it is the texting app that is used most often. Think of it as the WhatsApp of the United States or Europe.

Dating in Tokyo can be a player’s dream. Most men are floored at how many hot, young Japanese women are roaming around the city. However, Game in Japan has changed over the last decade.

White men can no longer stroll in and kill it just based on their race.

Men need to bring much more to the table to seduce quality Japanese women. With that said, men who have a fashion sense, and a way with women can absolutely live the dream with a plethora of beautiful local women.

dating japanese women

Closing Thoughts

Japanese women are the clear favorites among Asians based on their beauty, femininity, and ow they assuming a submissive role. A high-quality man can do quite well in the Japanese dating market. Whether you are looking for sex or marriage, Japanese women have so many qualities to offer.

However, there are language and cultural barriers that men must pay careful consideration to I order to reap the full benefits in their relationships with these ladies.

We hope that this guide was useful in providing a blueprint on how to meet and date Japanese women. For those who are planning a trip to Tokyo, we have provided detailed information on making your stay as easy as possible and placing you in an optimal position to meet local women.

Start meeting beautiful Japanese women on Japan Cupid now.


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