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Kazakh Girls and The Almaty, Kazakhstan City Guide [2019]

by The Masculine Traveler
Almaty Kazakhstan

Our Kazakhstan adventure during the summer was one of the wildest trips yet. Prior to our trip, we really didn’t know what was in store for this unknown country. Our friends made jokes about Borat, but the country and the women were a mystery. Nothing could prepare us for the danger and sexy, exotic women and wild parties that lay ahead of us.

Kazakhstan is not a destination for the faint of heart or novice traveler. The local men are some of the most violent and aggressive that we have encountered. They are very possessive of their women and have strong reactions to foreigners dating their prized angels. The men are not the stereotypical Asian nerds. These guys are built, students of MMA fighting and ready to throw down quickly. It is not uncommon to see men carrying knives in public. We even saw one dude carrying a Samurai sword on the street.

Kazakhstan is like the Wild West, or East rather. Anything goes. The police will be looking to make a quick buck from you. They do random traffic stops and look for excuses to intimidate a bribe from you. It is best to pay them. Out of our crew, two of us were arrested for bogus reasons and had to go the route of a bribe to avoid any further complications.

Several times during the trip we asked ourselves if it was worth it. The women were alluring and exotic and the danger had a certain intrigue element. In the end, we decided to stay and enjoy the fruits of this isolated, anything goes country.

Kazakhstan is the pearl of Central Asia – pristine nature and beautiful Kazakh women mixed with Asian and Russian blood await those who are willing to make the long and tedious journey.

Kazakhstan’s close proximity to it’s neighboring countries provides easy access to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and China. Part of the ancient silk road, Kazakhstan played an important role in connecting the East and the West through trade. Previously a part of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan has been independent since 1992, since then under the rule of its one and only president.

Almaty is Kazakhstan’s largest city, just behind the capital city of Astana. With many Soviet relics still intact, Almaty offers a somewhat dull, but energized center that is full of bustling cars weaving down and maneuvering the always under construction center. The best part about Almaty is its solid nightlife for an FSU country, and close proximity to get out of the city and see some of the most beautiful sights that can be found in Central Asia.


The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 4 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 4.5 / 5
Logistics: 2 / 5
Cost: 4 / 5
English Levels: 3 / 5



Temperatures in the summer months can reach extremely humid highs, up to 40C/104F on some days. In the evenings, it can cool off quite a bit, since Almaty is located very close to the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountain range. Fall and winter can also be quite harsh, but the close proximity to the mountains does provide ample opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

If coming in the winter, be sure to pack warm clothing and layers to take on the frigid temperatures that will be found as you enter higher elevations. Casual shorts and loafers are good options for the spring and summer months for during the day, and a nice light sport coat will do you well during the cooler evenings.



Almaty itself is a very Soviet-style city, with a feeling very similar to that of what you will find in Yerevan, Armenia. Kazakhstan is very diverse, with everything from lakes, canyons, to mountain ranges. Many of the best attractions lay outside of Almaty itself, but below are some ideas for things to see within the cities limits:

  • Panfilov Park
  • Ascension Cathedral
  • Green Bazar
  • Central Mosque
  • Monument of Independence
  • Kok-Tobe Hill and Gondola
  • First presidents park
  • Baiterek tower
  • Pools – Tau Spa, 8 Lakes or Ray pool club

The nature that surrounds Almaty is all reachable by vehicle, or by hiring a private/shared taxi. Uber and Yandex Taxi are solid options for finding transportation, but be sure to confirm with the driver first and ensure that they know where they are heading.

Below are some spots worth seeing a bit further outside of Almaty city center:

  • Big Almaty Lake
  • Syhmbulak
  • Kolsay Lakes
  • Mosha
  • Charyn Canyon

If you’re looking for tours and other information on attractions around Kazakhstan, I’d highly recommend checking out Carnivastan.



Uber is currently running is Almaty, but is said to soon merge with Yandex Taxi. Both services offer great coverage in and outside of the city, at extremely cheap prices. A few mile/km ride that lasts 10-15 minutes will run you around 400 Tenge. Longer rides can be had for also cheap prices. Uber is also a viable option to get outside of the city, to visit some of nature and other attractions Kazakhstan has to offer. Be sure to first confirm with the driver when getting into the taxi, that they are willing to take you to the further away distance to where you’d like to go. It can happen that they will change their mind, or simply not notice you’ve requested a 1 hour away drive into the mountains.

Almaty also has a single line metro, and bus connections that run throughout the city. Again, with prices for Uber being so low, it makes much more sense to use this to easily get around Almaty.

Getting from the airport is also made easy by taking a taxi again by using Uber or Yandex Taxi. The cost should run around 2-2.5k Tenge, and take roughly 30-40 minutes to the center depending on traffic and your exact location where you will be staying.

A word of caution – it’s common for locals to hail random cars to get from point A to B, but I’d recommend against this as a foreigner. If you’re not street smart and have a lack of Russian language skills, this probably isn’t the smartest idea with cheap access to Uber and Yandex taxi and at a mere dollar or two per ride.

Car rental is also a feasible option to visit some of Almaty’s surrounding nature. Many agencies will only rent for limited kilometers included in your contract, so be sure to seek out an agency that will allow travel with unlimited kilometers. A few big rental companies do exist in Almaty, including Avis and Hertz.

Do be aware that police will be eager to pull you over, and find a reason to request a bribe from you since you are a foreigner. This is common practice in Kazakhstan and is tough to avoid. If you’re venturing out of the city and driving on your own, it’s best to take a local with you and have some extra cash in case you enter into a situation with the police. At the minimum, bring a Russian speaker who can help to manage the situation – you don’t want to end up in a Kazakh jail while they sort things out and wait for some money to turn up.


Kazakhstan is a large country located in central Asia. Virtually, there isn’t a large, international city located within hundreds of miles. Flights can be difficult and expensive. Direct flights can be found via MoscowMinsk, and Kiev. Almaty is the former capital and regarded as the best city for Nightlife and beautiful women.

Almaty itself is a very spread out city, where it’s hard to pinpoint an exact center as you’d have in other FSU countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, etc. During the time of writing this article, the condition of the roads and pedestrian walkways in Almaty are in a deplorable condition. Entire streets are blocked off, and pedestrian walkways are littered with mounds of dirt and bricks strewn across your way.

The best logistics can be found directly in the Almaty’s center close to the “Almaly” metro station as shown in the map below:

This location will put you within a close vicinity to the majority of Almaty’s nightlife, and also put you nearby to many stores and restaurants which can also double as great date spots.

Other areas outside of the red box above are also feasible, but you will probably spend a bit more time taxing around to maneuver your way through the city. Daygame can be tough due to the city’s layout, but you will be close to a few of the cities parks if you stay in this area, which will give some ample opportunity during the warmer months.

The below are a few recommendations for trialed and tested accommodation spots in Almaty:

Mildon Hotel

The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Both hotels have solid logistics and are Guest Friendly.


Overall, Almaty’s prices are very reasonable for dining, accommodation and especially transportation.

Lunch and breakfast can be had for around 2000 Tenge, and dinner costs run around 4000-5000 Tenge for a full course at a decent dinner spot.

Below are some solid dining options in Almaty’s center:

  • Nedelka – Great breakfast and cafe spot. Also a solid data spot for a late evening.
  • Crudo – High-quality steakhouse.
  • My Cafe- Excellent service, and another solid date spot.
  • Pinch
  • Dunganka
  • Vizir
  • Tyubetika
  • Madeni
  • Manga Sushi

Grocery stores have a solid selection of goods, also at quite low prices. A lot of goods are imported from Russia, which can be slightly more expensive than some of the similar local items.

Accommodation costs run around 40-50 EUR a night for a solid hotel in the city center. Apartments in the center will run around 25-30 EUR per night but might be a bit outdated on the in and outside. Hotel is certainly the recommended way to go in Almaty.

Transportation costs are a fraction of what you will find in the West. For 5-10 EUR a day, you can easily hop around the city using a taxi hired from Uber or Yandex Taxi. Busses and metro are also available, but a bit limited. Taxi is the recommended option, as it is so cheap.



Kazakhstan is a multilingual country, where the official two languages are Kazakh and Russian. In Almaty itself, you will find that most people will speak Russian with one another while they are out and about. Russian will go a long way, and will certainly help to navigate your way throughout Almaty and outside of the center. Many younger Kazakhs from Almaty will not even be fully fluent in the Kazakh language.

English levels are decent, and most of the time you will be able to have enough of a conversation in English to get by as needed. Don’t expect any English though from taxi drivers, store attendants, etc.



The women of Kazakhstan are a beautiful mix of both Slavic features you’d find among Russian women, along with the influence of Asian features you’ll find within this part of the world. Despite Almaty’s relatively isolated location, the women are well aware of their value. They pride themselves on being the most beautiful in Central Asia. It is common for them to ask men their assessments of the local women.

Despite their high opinions of themselves, the local women are sweet and nurturing. They enjoy their submissive role with male-female dynamics.

The women of Almaty have mostly very dark to black hair, petite figures and are on the average taller than the majority of their Asian counterparts.

Kazakhstan is a predominately Muslim country, and the majority of Kazakh women will say they are practicing Muslims. Although this is the case, this has no effect on how women in Kazakhstan dress. Women in Almaty certainly love to doll themselves up and dress their best once the weekend arrives. You’ll see a solid collection of high heels, accompanied by dresses/skirts and make-up. Kazakh women do enjoy drinking, and you’ll find plenty of women out hitting it Friday and Saturday night.

It’s not uncommon for women to live with their families in their 20’s, and is seen as a display of honor to take care of their family and loved ones. This makes them somewhat conservative in a way, as they have curfews and rules to abide by, set by their families. Some girls will constantly be getting calls from their family as they are out, checking up on their whereabouts and to ensure that they are safe.

Despite their traditional culture, the women are oozing with sexuality and crave excitement and adventure. They enjoy dressing sexy and dancing provocatively. Kazakhstan is still a man’s world. Several women indicated to us that men are legally able to beat their wives and marry multiple women.

One night stands are possible in Almaty. However, most girls will require a few dates. The Asian women are stunning and sexy. If your reference is white women, there is a minority of ethnic Russian living here, roughly 15 percent of the population. The Russians will be slightly less conservative. Many of these girls are starving for Western, sophisticated and cultured men, in a country dominated by Asian barbarians.


Tinder will feed you a solid list of English speaking leads, but as with most places, you won’t be finding the best quality here. Matches are easy to come by, and girls will be interested in you as a foreigner. If going out on a date, stick with the usual half-hour park routine (Gorky Park is a solid option) to screen them out first, before proceeding for the second.

Opening girls via Instagram is another option for Kazakhstan, as girls are friendly and seem to reply well to both direct and indirect openers. Check out some of the geotags for the main clubs and bars listed below in the nightlife section, and this will give you a good starting point for a list of leads to contact. Girls will love to meet up and show you around their city. Remember, no English lessons.

Russian Cupid is the best option for ethnic Russian girls who are relationship-minded, although there’s not a ton of Kazakh women with profiles in Almaty.

Kazakh Girls and The Almaty, Kazakhstan City Guide

For Asian girls living in Almaty, we recommend the dating website,  Asian Dating.

Kazakh Girls and The Almaty, Kazakhstan City Guide [2019]


As already mentioned, Almaty is spread out and it’s difficult to find a volume of solid talent to approach. You will see a few sets per hour on some of the main streets, and there will certainly be a lot of idle time when waiting for the next solid one to approach.

Due to the spread out logistics and lousy infrastructure, Almaty is not a walking and mass transit city. There is a Metro line, but most people transit by means of taxi and car.

Street approaches are possible, but it is not advisable to post up for long periods of time. Instead, be ready for possible targets when you are out and about. Indirect openers followed by a Direct statement of interest is the best strategy for daygame.

If you want to run more concentrated Daygame, there are a few areas in Almaty worth checking out for daygame, including the following:

  • Mega Center 1
  • Mega Center 2
  • Estentai Mall

These malls are large and you will see a lot of traffic. These maps are the best venues to run a few hours of Daygame.



Almaty offers some of the best nightlife in the FSU. All venues are packed on the weekend, and there’s an endless selection of both Russian and Kazakh talent to work on. ONS is possible, but the best plan of attack is to head out and number farm to have a solid set of leads lined up to keep you busy during the week.

Through the week, it will be tough to find a single place with any people inside unless there is a special event happening. Once the weekend hits – things start to jump in all of the bars and clubs throughout the city. Almaty has a wide selection of places to visit and the following are recommended spots to check-out on Friday and Saturday night:

Sky Bar– This is the hottest spot in Almaty. A huge outside complex of different bars, with a large round main bar in the middle of the venue. This is an excellent spot to start out at, and later to dip into one of the clubs nearby. The cover is normally around 3,000 Tenge on the weekends, and face control exists mostly for locals. Dress-up and stand out in this place.

Delight Pool Day Club – Situated in Northern Almaty, a solid spot to check-out during the day for drinking and chatting up local women while enjoying the sun.

Vzletnaya – An after hours club open after 5 to 6AM. This is your la

Территория Соединенных Баров (TSB) – Probably the best club option in Almaty. Inside, you’ll find a large population of Russians.

Chukotka – This is said to be a foreigner hangout. Inside, you’ll definitely see a few foreign guys at the bar. Quality here is decent, but Sky Bar seems like it has more to offer. This is a good place to have a look in before heading to either TSB or Ooh Chic.

Gan Bei – Higher-end club, which attracts Almaty’s elite. More of a seen to be seen place. Long bar, good for opening. Nonetheless, worth a look on the weekend.

Friday Club (Esperanza Complex) – This place seems to have a bit of a dodgy vibe to it, and is said to also have some P4P action going on inside. Supposedly is a good spot for women looking to hook-up for foreigners, but the quality is also lower than some of the other places in Almaty.

Ooh Chic – Located not far from TSB, a good spot to check-out around midnight or 1AM on the weekends. Like TSB, this place also has a large population of Russian women inside.

Overall, nightlife in Almaty is pretty solid and a ONS is certainly possible. Women will be attracted to you as a foreigner, and you should certainly play this car to your advantage. It’s better to roll out in a group, or with at least another wing in order to avoid any issues with drunk guys during the later hours. They can become quite hostile after downing a half bottle of vodka.


Verdict on Kazakh Women

The beautiful and distinct look of Kazakh women is a clear winner and enough of a reason to visit Almaty and Kazakhstan in general. Kazakh women are warm, receptive, and are generally pleasant to be around. Daygame can be a bit tough in Almaty, the nightlife is some of the best in the FSU, right behind Moscow. Coming in for two solid weekends or longer should definitely heed some results.

Your best bet for getting in contact with Kazakh women is through Asian Dating  and Russian Cupid to have a few ready to meet once on the ground.

Almaty is an adventure. Your foreigner status is high.  You are surrounded by beautiful, exotic women with unique features. The country can be a bit dangerous, and it’s recommended to have a bit of command on the Russian language, as well as some general street smarts in order to make it around without any major incidents. Rolling out solo is possible, but can become a bit difficult in some of the clubs as the night progresses. Best case, take a wing out and enjoy Almaty’s excellent nightlife and top-quality women.

Thinking about going to Kazakhstan? Let us know on the comments.


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Thanks for the feedback, Daniel.
Unfortunately, don’t know anyone on the ground at the moment.

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Please-please come and try to make one night stand with our women, if we find you we will beat shit out of you.
So foreigners are welcome in our country to visit, and we will treat you good, but otherwise RUN.

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