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Korean Dating & 14 Tips You Need to Succeed in 2021

by Dantes
korean dating

If you have traveled to South Korea, you will have noticed an abundance of cute Korean girls. Korean girls have a solid reputation in the international dating community. They are regarded for their beauty, style, and quest for maximizing their appearance. Korean women possess great skin and are often obsessed with taking care of it.

Having white skin is a mark of social status among Koreans. Korean women avoid the sun and wish to preserve their fair complexions.

How do their looks compare to other Asian women?

  • We rank Korean women as more beautiful than Japanese women.
  • Also more beautiful average than ThaiIndonesian, Cambodian, Vietnamese or Filipina women.
  • On average they are more attractive than Chinese women, but the top-tier Chinese women compare well with top tier Korean women.
  • Overall, Korean women have the best bodies in Asia.

Many Korean women prefer dating within their culture. However, there are a multitude of them who have a genuine interest in dating a foreign man.

There are large communities of Koreans in the United States. The two countries have been linked politically and economically since the Korean war. Korean women are very well versed in American culture and way of life.

It is probable that they have lived or visited relatives in the United States.

In this article, we will review the most important strategies for Korean dating. We will provide an in-depth analysis of Korean dating so you will have a full understanding of how to meet, seduce, and date Korean women.


1. Selecting The Best Korean Dating Site is critical

korean dating

Unless you speak very good Korean you are going to meet the majority of women you date online. Korea is extremely tech-forward and a huge portion of dates start online now, especially post-pandemic. If you want to find success dating in Korea, or meeting a Korean girl in your hometown, online dating is almost always going to be your best option to start with.

Now, there are two options that are going to work best for foreign men in Korea as well as men looking to meet girls local to them.

If you just want a hookup Adult FriendFinder is the best option for you

This might come as a surprise to some of you given how popular Adult FriendFinder is in most English-speaking countries. However, the fact is that AFF has been the best hookup app we’ve found for meeting girls both in Korea and in just about any city we’ve tried that has even a small English-speaking population. It’s really popular and attracts women who are serious about meeting up.

Tinder can be OK if you’re really good-looking but AFF has worked the best for us as well as for the guys we know that are pretty average looking. Give their free trial a shot here and see what we’re talking about. They have over 70 million active members so there is going to be options for you.

Guys who want a relationship should try Korean Cupid first

Korean Cupid is the most well-known website for foreigners who seek to date Koran women as it boasts over 500,000 registered users. Korean women flock to this dating site in droves every day.

The Korean girls who create profiles do so in with sincere intentions of entering a relationship with a foreigner.

The registration process for Korean Cupid takes just a few minutes. After you register an account, you are free to browse the vast profiles of Korean women. It’s very much focused on connecting foreign men with girls so it’s a pretty good experience.


Korean Cupid is one of the most reputable dating sites out there. They have a long-established history of linking men to Korean women. It is not uncommon to come across spammy or fake profiles, but rest assured the site administrators act quickly in removing fraudulent profiles.

2. Understand Korean culture

Korean culture is a bit different from other Asian cultures. In order to understand Korean culture, one must look back to their tumultuous history and the long-standing conflict with their cousins to the north.

South Korea is technically at war even though the conflict ended roughly 70 years ago. The tensions with North Koreas have certainly shaped contemporary South Korea culture. Every day, South Koreans face an existential threat from the North.

This ongoing conflict has shaped Koreans into being very strong and disciplined. Koreans have a long-standing trait of being hard-working, industrious people. Education is prominent importance in Korean households. Korean children are expected to make their families proud of their academic achievement. Scholastic excellence is expected, and most Koreans are expected to excel in math and science. They are also expected to attend top universities.

Korean culture is predicated on saving face and being a strong member of the community. Koreans expect strict adherence to law, norms and social guidelines. Bringing shame to the family is the worst thing a Korean can do. Korean parents are strict disciplinarians and expect unquestioning deference form their children. Korean girls are raised to respect men and take a passive role with them.

The cultural influence help men understand Korean dating. Dating usually starts when one is in university or in early career. Korean women are expected to be loyal, honorable, and passive wives. They generally defer to men and expect men to be strong, financially robust, and provide for their families.

3. Going against the grain

Despite the strong cultural ties in Korea, many Korean girls resent their culture and find it too controlling and oppressive. They see Western men as a breath of fresh air in escaping their cultural shackles.

If you can be that outlet for her, it’s going to give her an escape from the everyday grind of life that she is used to, and be some adventure.

They may even project a fantasy on you as their savior.


4. Religious factors in Korean dating

Korean dating is also greatly affected by religious factors. Koreans are the most Christian of any Asian nation. It is very common for a Korean girl to attend church regularly and participate in church activities.

In fact, the Korean church takes on an integral part of Korean life. Korean women usually prefer a man from a Christian background.


5. Keeping up with appearances

Korean women are keenly aware of their social standing. Couples in South Korea usually meet through social circle, often through a friend’s introduction. When dating a foreigner, Korean women do not want to look easy. They may delay sex longer just to show you that they are not a slut. They also don’t want to run through many foreign boyfriends as it would tarnish their reputation in their peer group.

How her life compares to her friends is also very important to Korean women. They are keenly aware of how much their friends make, what cars they drive, and how expensive their homes are. Korean women love to tailor their social media presence as living a perfect life. This is all to impress their social group.

Korean women also spend an inordinate amount of time on their Smartphones. Most of this time is perusing Instagram and Facebook and keeping tabs on the social activities of their friends.

korean dating


6. Respect

It is important to treat Korean women with respect. They are prideful people. Respect her culture and religion. Don’t try to change her ways.

Embrace the differences in your cultures. Show her that you are a serious man and she will reward you.


7. Fear of womanizers

White men, in particular, are often assumed to be running through a multitude of women. Korean women will prejudge White men as womanizers and playboys.

They have an understanding that White men in Korea receive a lot of attention from women. You will need to earn her trust and demonstrate that you value you her and aren’t only interested in sex.

Be prepared for her attempts to check your phone to see if you are communicating with other women.


8. Sex and Korean Women

Sex does not usually occur fast in Korean dating. One-night stand culture is not the norm in Korea. While fast hook-ups do occur, men should moderate their expectations that most Korean women are looking for a serious relationship.

Casual sex is taboo in South Korea.  While the three-date rule is in effect in even some moderately conservative countries like Russia, Korean girls are even more sexually conservative.

In fact, many won’t have sex with a man until they are in a long-term relationship.

korean dating


9. Marriage and family

Korean dating almost always involves the woman fantasizing about marriage. If she truly likes a man, she will hope to be married one day. Most Korean women value family and wish to have children of their own. It is important to be very clear with Korean women from the onset about your intentions.

Family is so important in Korean culture that her parents will be overly involved in her life. Korean parents are very protective of their daughters and may meddle in their relationships. They will want to ensure that she is dating a man who is suited for marriage. The approval of their parents is a very important component in Korean dating.

Korean girls will want her parents to accept you fully.

It is important to note that most Korean women live with their parents until they marry. This just illustrates from a practical standpoint how involved parents are in their lives.  If she is serious about you. A Korean woman will want to introduce you to her parents. This is a serious step in Korean culture.


10. Special occasions

Korean women will expect gifts on their birthdays and religious holidays.

Korean women love brand name clothing, jewelry and flowers.

On special occasions, Korean women will expect their man to take them to a fine restaurant to celebrate.


11. Materialism

Korean women have a materialistic side to them. They are very concerned with fashion trends, love to wear expensive clothing, and drive luxury cars.

Eating at expensive restaurants with their boyfriend and friends are a regular occurrence. Korean women expect their boyfriend to be big earners, drive fancy cars, and play the part of a provider.

Remember – their appearance is important.

South Korea has one of the largest plastic surgery industries in the world. Many Korean women have facial cosmetic surgeries to enhance their looks. They also tend to spend money on very expensive cosmetics. Korean women truly attempt to look their best.

korean datng


12. Travel

Korean girls love to travel, and many are intimately familiar with popular destinations in Asia Europe, and the United States. Traveling provides Korean women with a chance to escape their parents’ control and have new experiences. South Korea is a rich country, so many of the women have the funds to see the world.

Korean women enjoy talking about their experiences abroad and they appreciate a well-traveled man. Listen to her travel stories and share your own.

Travel conservations are great for building excitement and establishing that you are a high-value man in the eyes of Korean women.


13. The best places to meet women at night in Seoul



Hongdae: is an area in Seoul where foreigners seem to focus on meeting Korean girls. This area is known to be somewhat easier for meeting local girls. There are many Korean students in this area. The bars in Hongdae seem to cater to a more alternative crowd. It is has a reputation for young Korean girls who are interested in foreigners.

Be sure to check out the following night venues:

  • Aura
  • Bar Da
  • Cocky Pub

Gangnam is an area that is well established for having the most attractive Korean girls. The women here are often from upper-class families, are very socially conscious, and materialistic.

Men who attempt to meet girls here need to bring their A-Game. Although it can be a difficult place to pick-up girls, there are a number of bars to choose from. Therefore, if you are getting blown out, it is easy to attempt a different venue.

The following are a list of solid bars in Gangnam:

  • Arena
  • Mass
  • Answer

Itaewon is a solid neighborhood where the women tend to be slightly older (late 20s to early 30s). This area has a mix of dive bars and upscale clubs. The women tend to be less snobby than in Gangnam.

Solid bars in this area include:

  • Glam Lounge
  • Cakeshop
  • B One


korean dating


14. The top places to meet girls during the day in Seoul:

Like Tokyo, you will see plenty of beautiful girls walking around Seoul during the day. Meeting them on the street and in malls are your best options. The following areas are best for daygame:

  • Dongdaemun is a main shopping district where you will find numerous girls during the day.
  • Ssamziegel District has many women walking around as well. They tend to open up well in this area.

We also advise shopping malls as a great place to meet girls. Check out the following malls in Seoul:

  • Times Square Mall
  • Central City
  • Lotte
  • IFC
  • D Cube Mall


Closing thoughts on Korean Dating

In this article, we reviewed 14 factors that influence Korean dating. Korean women are some of the most attractive in all of Asia. They possess beautiful skin, slender bodies and a remarkable sense of fashion.

They are highly feminine and assume traditional gender roles as women. Korean women are committed to their partners and children. They make a strong contender for potential wives.

They have strong cultural and religious ties, but they are also very well adapted to living aboard, most notably in the United States.

Korean dating is more complex in nature than in other Asian countries. We hope that in reading this article you are more prepared with the unique factors at play in Korean dating.

Start your Korean dating experience with Korean Cupid today.

Have you ever dated a Korean girl before? Share your comments below in the comment section.


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South Korean women may be Westernized. But, they still seem easier to approach, talk, and connect than their American counterparts are.

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Hi Guys

Thanks for the info

Have just started to date a South Korean lady and your points so far are on the money

Questions me about been a playboy which I’m not.

Does not want to be seen as easy. I asked the wrong question and she defended herself about not liking me when I thought she did. Said that I had misread the situation. Positive I hadn’t. But all good. If not for your website I would have been totally confused

Yes I think you need to be educated. Seen as important

And I can see culture has an influence on her thoughts and actions. But we all have that I suppose

So see if the points come true!

She has checked out what I do and earn


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