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London Girls: An Exclusive Dating Guide

by The Masculine Traveler
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London girls are not the most exotic in our coverage of international dating. London remains one of the top destinations in the world. However, it is overlooked by men who search for adventure with women. Instead, most men set their sites on Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, overlooking the abundance of women in the capital of England.

Based on my stints in London, I have found the overall quality of women to be much higher than they receive credit for. For starters, there are numerous women from all over the world, notably from eastern Europe. It is not uncommon to meet CzechPolishUkrainian and Russian women in London.

In addition, to foreign women, London attracts the best looking women in all the United Kingdom. The local girls in London are actually much more attractive than I anticipated. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many cute British girls out an about on the streets and in nightclubs. London also attracts very elite women in the fashion and modeling industries.

In this article, we will underscore how underrated London girls are in reality. A closer examination indicates that London girls are in fact worth a second look.

The following will provide an in-depth review of the best places to meet, seduce, and date the women in London.


Meeting London girls during the day

The logistical design of the center of London, makes it very easy to approach the voluminous amount of women in the city. London has a multitude of women to approach during the day. The following represent the best places to meet London girls during the day:

  • Oxford Street: The most famous day game place in all of London. Some argue that this is where Direct Day game was invented. The best time to approach is between 5-8 pm on weekdays. Be prepared for harsh blowouts, as the word is out that men spam approach here.
  • Universities: Many of these campuses have no official entrance, so you did not need to be a student to enter. Universities are the direct source to meet younger women.
  • Soho: Solid hunting grounds. Less packed than Oxford Street.
  • Regent Street: Less foot traffic but the women are more approachable here.
  • Covent Garden: Solid area to approach tourist girls.
  • Piccadilly Circus: A very hectic place to approach. It is worth a shot for short periods of time. The volume though renders it a must in the Daygame circuit.
  • Kensington: There is very high-end talent women shopping here. It is worth a look here if you are up for top tier talent.

london girls


Nightlife in London

London is definitely a party city. Londoners love to drink and mix it up for happy hours and beyond into the early morning hours. There is a plethora of bars, lounges, and clubs to choose from in London.

It is important to note, that while London clubs have some of the best concentration of talent in the world, they are difficult to gain entrance. With that said, gaining admission can be done by the following:

  • Buy table service
  • Get on the guest list: look at the club’s Facebook page
  • Be accompanied by beautiful women
  • Arrive early
  • Do not arrive with more than 2 other men.

In general, you if you at night owl, we suggest concentrating your time in Mayfair, an area with beautiful girls and high-end clubs. The ratios excellent by London standards.

The following will provide you with some of the best nightlife venues for meeting London girls in the Mayfair area and beyond:

  • 100 Wardour Street: This place is crawling with pretty London girls looking to party. Make sure to be on the guest list to gain entry
  • Radio Bar: A great venue to start the evening. Radio has solid talent, great ratios, but it is difficult to get in.
  • Aqua Bar: Similar to Radio Bar, but easier to get in. Located near Oxford Circus, this venue is frequented by beautiful women and has a great rooftop bar.Toy Room: A venue close to Aqua Bar. Toy Room has very young, and hot girls (college age) going on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • The W Hotel: An upscale bar located on L-Square with beautiful women. This is also a solid place to start the party.
  • Maddox: A small club with beautiful girls and solid ratios.
  • Libertine: This venue probably has the highest concentration of beautiful London girls in the city. However, entering this club will be difficult for most.
  • Cirque: This club is frequented by models and has solid ratios.
  • The Box: This club is super difficult to get in, unless you have a solid connection. It has some of the hottest London girls though.
  • LouLou: One of the most exclusive nightclubs in all on London frequented by Russian and Ukrainian girls. You will need to join the Member’s Club to get in.
  • Tramp: Another exclusive nightclub that caters to billionaire and models. You will need to be a member or accompanied by one to gain access.
  • Tiger-Tiger: The talent is lower than the previous venues covered; however, it is usually filled with easy tourist girl looking to mingle.
  • House-House: Also, a Member’s Club with a mixed crowd, slightly older.
  • Mnky House: Located in Mayfair, this venue has a nice restaurant and bar. It is popular with the Russian ladies in the early evening.
  • Project: This venue is high end and popular with Ukrainian girls. It is a great place for an older man to pick up younger women.
  • Café de Paris: A nightclub that is decent for meeting tourists.
  • Proud: Is a large club that is great for pick-up if you are a young man.
  • Shaka Zulu: This is a huge club that should be your go-to place if you want to meet Asian girls.
  • Cuban Bar: This small bar is hit or miss, but can be solid for meeting Latin women.

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Meeting London girls Online

London boasts limitless opportunities to meet women online. Tinder is very popular among London girls. However, competition is fierce and it will be hard to match with quality unless you are young and very attractive.

For older men and for those who don’t have much luck with Tinder, we recommend International Cupid. London is home to countless foreign girls from all over the world. It would be impossible to find all of these girls using various niche dating websites. Fortunately, International Cupid gives you access to women from around the globe.

There is a sizable population of foreign women who use International Cupid who are working in London or visiting on holiday.


Other factors related to London girls

  • Due to the substantial housing cost, many London girls do not live in the center of London. This created logistical problems. Your chances of having sex greatly increase if you have an apartment in the center of London. While living without a roommate is preferred, girls will still shag you even if you have a roommate. Check here with Airbnb for apartments in London.
  • London is very multicultural. Girls from London do not have strong racist attitudes. Therefore, they are open to dating a variety of races.
  • During the summer months, the following neighborhoods are solid for Day game: Notting Hill, Soho/West End, Kensington, Chelsea.
  • During the winter month, the numerous coffee shops, galleries, and museums are great places to meet women during the day.
  • Museum Lates: Refers to when museums have a specific night that they stay open late. Often DJs and bars are incorporated into a special exhibit.
  • Young professional women work long hours. They often compensate for a stressful work life with binge drinking on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Roughly one-third of London girls were born outside the U.K.
  • Based on observation, Romanian girls seem to be moving to London more than any other group of women.

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Closing thoughts on London Girls

London girls do not receive a lot of attention when we discuss the best location for dating. They have a reputation for being unattractive, overweight, and ill-mannered. My several stays in London have taught me otherwise.

London girls are in fact underrated. They are some of the most diverse women. In London, you will have the opportunity to date women from all over the globe, especially from eastern Europe. In addition, the young British girls are much more attractive than given credit for. They are also generally easy going and will give you bonus points if you have an American accent.

In general, London women are easy to bed. The capital of England is one of the best one-night stand cities. There are few social consequences to having sex on the first night of the meeting. London girls are sexually liberal and have no qualms of sleeping around. Attractive women are not scarce.

They can be seen in abundance walking around the city. The main unique advantage is that there are several ways to meet London women: nightclubs, Day game, and online. All three methods are great ways to meet women.

London is, in fact, famous for Day game. The layout of central London makes it an ideal for Day game with the shopping streets, parks, squares and parks all within walking distance.

With so many ways to meet attractive London girls, they have earned a solid place in our rankings of top places to meet women.

Start meeting foreign women based in London on International Cupid.


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