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Manhattan Women: Meeting Them at Special Events and Niche Venues

by The Masculine Traveler

Manhattan women can be met in many other locations besides nightclubs. The following will provide you will a list of alternatives to meet Manhattan women other than in nightclubs.

New York has an an abundance of events to meet when beside the standard Daygame and Nightgame.

  1. Fashion Week in New York  is a superb event for meeting Manhattan women. It generally runs the second week in September and the second week in February.  Fashion week attracts models, fashion students, industry workers and beautiful women from all over the world.  During the week, this event is host to many opportunities to meet women through fashion exhibitions, runway shows and after parties.

 Special Events and Niche Venues In New York For Meeting Women

Entrance to Fashion week events can be expensive.  The right connections to the shows and after parties are worth its weight in gold. However, there are still opportunities to meet women through Day game at Fashion week eventsand in the surrounding areas.

Fashion week events are a place to be seen, but surprisingly bitch shields are low.  Manhattan women are very approachable and they are open to meeting a well-dressed, international man. If you can choose only one event to visit New York, I advise to schedule your trip around Fashion Week, preferably when the weather is perfect in September.


  1. U.S. Open Tennis Championship is one of the best sporting events in the world and a great place to meet high quality women. The grounds are like a small city with bars, restaurants and events that supplement the actual matches. The Open is held in late August through September.



  1. The art galleries in Chelsea is a goldmine for meeting young, attractive women without having to do traditional Nightgame. The main galleries host exhibits several times per week with Thursday being the best time to go. Events are usually free and serve complimentary wine. Visit artnet.com for a list of events.

Special Events and Niche Venues In New York For Meeting Women 

  1. The Open center located on 30th Street and Madison Avenue. The Open Center offers educational programs and networking in the areas of health, spirituality, yoga and nutrition. Some of these events are free to the public and most frequented by women. These events are another way to mix it up without hitting the clubs.


  1. Salsa Dancing is a great way to meet girls in New York on weeknights. The talent will vary from night to night.  Check out Salsanewyork.com for a listing of events.


  1. Language schools are some of the best locations for meeting foreign girls during the day. Many of these girls don’t live in Manhattan, so you need to go to the source. Most of the newly arrived foreign girls will be taking classes to improve their English. Check out the following language schools for Daygaming foreign girls:


  • Eton Institute: 116 West 23rd Street
  • Fluent City: 1450 Broadway in the Theater District
  • Manhattan Language: 26 Broadway in the Financial District
  • Rennert New York Language School: 211 East 43rd Street
  • ABC Languages: 146 West 29th Street


New York is all encompassing with regard to meeting women through Daygame and Nightlife. Cold approaching and loud nightclubs gets tiring. This article focuses on different way to meet women while enjoying all the future that New York has to offer.

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