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The Boss’s Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines

by The Masculine Traveler

The women in Manila are bountiful and represent a single man dream. Welcome to Manila, the capital of the Philippines and the largest city in the country. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably curious to see if Manila is a good place for a single guy. Or any guy to be honest. Single, married, divorced, widowed, its-complicated or whatever you want to designate yourself.

I’m here to tell you that Manila is a unique city and it’s a place that every guy who wants to have fun (especially with girls) should visit at least once. Now no city is perfect and it has its own unique flaws. The most important flaw to point out is my personal favorite (not), traffic!

One thing you will realize right away is that the traffic in this city is horrendous. There’s no subway, the local surface train (MRT) barely works and is constantly overcrowded. Metro Manila has an estimated population of 13 million people and that figure continues to grow each year.

Cars are relatively cheap to buy for Philippine standards, so people who have the means, choose to drive rather than take public transportation. I don’t blame them either because the infrastructure is either non-existent or on the verge of breaking down. With not enough roads and too many cars, the end result is a city with one of the worst traffic in the world. Yes, the world. Also, to no surprise the pollution is out of control turning the city into a cloud of smoke. One time I blew my nose into a tissue and the snot came out black. True story.

The traffic is so bad that it will dictate your daily way of life. Going to work, run an errand, go sight see (really not much to see tourist wise), going out for the night and everything in between. A simple trip that should take 15-20 minutes can sometimes last 3 hours.

There were times where I would want to smash my head into the dashboard of my Uber or Grab because of the traffic. But the gods were kind to me and I ended up figuring out the best days and times to be on the road. I am pleased to introduce to you my traffic schedule! It’s quite simple really, if you follow this simple schedule you will save yourself from traffic induced suicidal thoughts.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines


Monday – Saturday: When to avoid being on the road

6am – 10am | 4pm – 9pm


Sunday or national holidays

God’s gift to us as there is no traffic on these days. No one works on these days, except those who work in retail or if their employer is truly evil and they make them come into work. But aside from that, the roads will be relatively clear and free of traffic.


Long weekends

I call this the perfect storm. So, let’s say there is a holiday that falls on a Saturday or a Monday. If the holiday is on a Saturday, the traffic the day before, which in this case is Friday (particularly in the evening time when everyone finishes work) will be insane.

Especially, anywhere near the airport or on the skyway going to the airport. Many people will be flying somewhere for the long weekend. Same thing applies if the holiday is on a Monday. The traffic on Saturday will be Ludacris. During these perfect storms the traffic could last all night long.

Best way to avoid this is to make sure you’re not arriving or departing Manila during these times or just being on the road in general. Why do I know so much about some stupid long weekend traffic you ask? Because I got caught in one of these perfect storms once, not knowing it was a long weekend. And I promise you this, I am fully prepared to do unspeakable things to someone or something to avoid from going through that again.


Helpful Tips

If it rains, and trust me it will rain (especially in the rainy season). The traffic will be twice as worse. The best time to be in Manila or the Philippines in general is the dry season, which begins in late November and ends in May. Dry season is best because the temperature is cooler and not as humid. Also, rain makes being outside annoying anyways. Now it will still rain in the dry season, but just not as much as the rainy season and typhoon season.

A must own app for your smartphone is Google maps or Waze. These apps monitor traffic real-time and will show you where the most congested areas will be. It’s funny to see traffic during rush hour on your screen. Because the entire city is just one big slow-moving parking lot. Make sure to google the national holidays of the Philippines so you can plan for the perfect storm.

It seems ridiculous that the first page of this guide is about traffic. But I promise you friend, once you go through Satan’s gauntlet of Metro Manila traffic you will see where I am coming from. Be fortunate that you’re reading this and have all the information you need to avoid it. I on the other hand dealt with it first-hand. Hooray for me…

I know what you’re thinking. So far, the thought of going to Manila sounds terrible and you’re asking yourself why the hell should I even go there. Fear not! As there’s one simple solution to all this. There is one place in Manila that has all the best clubs, bars, restaurants and everything is brand new. It’s in a central location and all the local Filipina girls know how to get there. Some of them work there as there’s many companies and organizations. All the buildings and facilities are modern and you will be thinking that you’re in a first world developed area. You never really need to leave this place and everything is in walking distance. No need to stress about traffic here as well. This wonderful place is called Bonifacio Global City or BGC as everyone calls it. As long as you’re in BGC the traffic schedule I mentioned earlier no longer applies, as well as the long weekend schedule.

I will explain more about BGC in the next section below. Let’s go!



The Philippines was a U.S territory for almost 50 years. During this time, the English language was enforced throughout the country. After the Philippines gained independence. English continued to be taught in the schools and it’s currently the second language of the country.

Thus, your average Filipina girl will have a decent grasp of communicative English.  Some are more fluent than others.

The local language is Tagalog, which is the national language of the country.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines



Try and find a hotel or AirBnB in this area.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines

BGC is a brand-new district within Manila. It has many luxury shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and malls. The pollution and traffic here are better than the rest of Manila because Jeepneys are banned in this district. Jeepneys are old military style jeeps that the U.S military left behind when they closed down some of its bases.

The local Filipinos reconfigured these jeeps and made them into city buses for the public. These Jeepneys are diesel fueled and creates lots of pollution and noise. They are bulky and the drivers don’t follow the traffic laws. These vehicles are a part of the problem with the traffic. But, in BGC you won’t see them.

As long as you stay in this little bubble of freedom you’ll be fine. Once you leave this area and venture into the rest of Manila you’re hit with poverty, broken roads, unwalkable sidewalks and torn down buildings. The next city over is called Makati. Makati is the financial district of Manila and is home to many banks and companies. Makati was the place to be before BGC came into existence. Some parts of Makati are nice but I would say BGC is still the best.

I stayed at Park West in a 1-bedroom apartment from AirBnB. I would highly recommend this place. It’s in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) near Uptown Mall. It’s a brand-new building with a pool, gym, library and 24-hour security. The good news is that the receptionists at the front desk are not strict about signing girls in. You can walk with your girl hand in hand straight to the elevator and they won’t bother you. But if they do ask, just make sure your girl has ID on her as they will not let her up without it.

The best thing about this place is that it’s a short walk to Valkyrie, Palace Pool Club and Revel. Which are the 3 biggest clubs in BGC. The only thing is that there’s lots of construction around BGC. Thus, they turned many of the roads near Park West into a one-way road.

Calling an Uber or Grab can be difficult as the drivers are forced to go all the way around due to the one-way roads. Also, the Uber or Grab GPS system has not updated for the one-way roads. Thus, the drivers get frustrated and end up canceling the ride. To make it easier, I would walk to Uptown Mall and then order your Uber or Grab to pick you up there.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines



Grab is the South East Asian version of Uber. They operate in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines. The application is similar to Uber and is easy to use. You can connect your credit card just like Uber or pay in cash. As of June 2017, Uber is only in Manila and Cebu. The other cities in the Philippines only have Grab. I would recommend using both of these apps.

In Manila and Cebu, I noticed that 90% of the time Uber is slightly cheaper than Grab. If you’re not in a rush, I recommend doing Uber Pool or Grab Share. The cost is cheaper and sometimes when they pick up another rider it can be a cute girl. Get her number and try to set up something later on. If you get her number, sometimes they text back, sometimes they don’t. Most of them work on the weekdays and can only meet up on the weekend. But it’s a good way of combining day game or in this case “Uber/Grab game” with your daily travel.


The Women in Manila Defined

This is probably the main reason that makes Manila a worthwhile visit. Getting laid in the Philippines is quite easy. The wineb here love being with a foreign man, especially from western countries. The thought of them being with a foreign guy excites them, so when you start talking to them they are really open.

Filipina women have an exotic beauty to them having mixed blood with Spain and other Asian nations. Filipina women traditionally are petite, slim and dark skinned. There is a big community of mixed race Chinese/Filipinos who are called “Chinoy”.

Chinoy girls will have lighter skin and more east Asian characteristics. Chinoy girls can be confused with Chinese or Vietnamese girls because of how similar they look, but they are Filipina through and through. Not all Filipina women fit the bill as being skinny and short.

Due to the growing influence of western fast food and a high pork diet of the Filipino cuisine. Some girls can be quite thick and curvy.

In general Filipina women are sweet, caring and are open about sex. I’ve met a few Filipina women that wanted it more than I did. Overall, if you can speak English, dress decently and carry on a conversation you’ll do just fine.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines


Online Game

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines

On Tinder, I noticed that around 25% of the girls were lady boys. Filipino Cupid was much better and had fewer lady boys. One red flag that a girl might be a lady boy is if she or he or it texts you first. If they text you first on tinder and they’re in a quick hurry to meet you. 95% of the time it’s going to be a lady boy. Only twice have I encountered a girl who text me first on tinder and she was a real girl.

Tinder is a good resource in Manila as it has a high volume of profiles. It’s not uncommon for a girl to come straight over to your place from Tinder. You don’t need to meet them elsewhere or go on a date, they’ll just come right over. Not all girls are like this, but some of them just want sex and don’t want to waste time doing the whole date bit. You’ll be overwhelmed with all the matches you get in Manila and won’t have the time to go through all of them.


Day Game

Any SM or Ayala mall is good. Manila has many malls in this concrete jungle of a city, my personal favorite is Uptown Mall. As it was conveniently walking distance from my apartment. Many Filipina women go to the mall when they’re bored and just hang out there. So, it’s a good place to approach and chat them up.

Now even though it’s during the night time. The night market at “A. Venue” in Makati, near the Century City Mall is cool. The girl I was with took me here. They have cheap good food with a live band and I saw a good number of girls just hanging out. It’s open every night and it’s a good date spot.

For those of you who stay in BGC (like I did). They have a night market of their own every Wednesday – Saturday night. It’s located on the corner of 7th Ave and Federacion Drive. Right next to the McDonald’s in BGC Forum. BGC has many corporations and business located there. If you meet girls who work in BGC then this is the perfect meet up. They won’t have to fight traffic to meet you and vice-versa. If anything, she could walk to the night market from her office. The food is cheap and I think they sell beer…? But if not there’s an Australian sports bar nearby called “Skippy’s Bar & Grill”. Good place to venue change in my opinion. Unfortunately, the BGC night market is closed on Sunday-Tuesday.



Sunday – Tuesday are the slowest nights of the week. But there’s certain spots in the city that have people. You may not find a lot of normal girls but sometimes you might get lucky and find a few. Wednesday – Saturday there’s many places to go out and party. I will mention the clubs and bars that I have visited.



Black Market

In Makati. Doesn’t start getting crowded till 11pm, so no need to worry about traffic as all of it will be finished by then. Small-Medium size club. But good size dance floor. My favorite club in Manila and the BEST place to be for Wednesday night. It’s packed here every Wednesday night. Their Wednesday night theme is “Bad Decision Wednesdays”.

This place is still good on the weekends, but for right now they own the hip-hop scene for Wednesday night in Manila. Beware they do have a cover charge of 300 pesos every Wednesday night. But, if you show up with 1 girl you get in for free. Since I’m traveling solo I just find a girl waiting in line and ask her to be my +1. They always agree, and it’s a good way to open her or her group of friends.

The main dance floor plays mainly Hip-hop of all genres (old-school, 2000’s, underground, current). On the second floor, they have another club called “Mao’s”. It’s like a club within a club (more like a separate room) but Mao’s is not as big as Black Market. It’s fairly small but I like the atmosphere there. Sometimes the dancefloor in Black Market gets too crowded so I like to chill at Mao’s. They play the same type of music at Mao’s but sometimes they throw in some punk rock, which is a welcome change of pace. Good ratio of girls for both Black Market and Mao’s. Good mix of locals and foreigners. Drinks are affordable.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines



In BGC. Uptown Parade. Open Wednesday – Saturday. Gets packed on the weekends. Wednesday – Thursday there’s an 800-peso cover charge that includes 2 drinks, but there’s not as many people inside. Better to go there on Friday – Saturday which is the most crowded night. The cover charge increases to 1000-pesos but that still includes 2 drinks.

The best way to get in for free on the weekends is to find 2 girls who are on the guest list. Because 2 girls on the guest list can bring 1 guy in for free. Its free for the girls to get on the guest list, they just have to text the promoter their names plus yours and that’s it. Make sure you have ID on you (driver’s license or passport is good).

Obviously, you don’t get the 2 free drinks but that’s why you pre-game at bars before coming to the club. Best way to find girls on the guest list is to approach any 2+ girls that are hanging out near the entrance or already in line. The good thing about Valkyrie is that once inside, you also get admission into Palace Pool club for free. Vice-versa as well. Getting admission into Palace Pool club via guest list or paying the cover charge, grants you admission into Valkyrie for free. But this does not apply for Revel.

Back on topic. Valkyrie is probably the biggest and most popular mainstream club in Manila. It’s a big luxurious club, but it has a small dance floor. Most of it is consumed by tables. Mostly EDM and top 40 music. Sometimes they have guest DJ’s and artists from around the world that perform here. Upscale crowd. Ratio of girls is good.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines


Palace Pool Club

In BGC. Uptown Parade. Open Wednesday – Saturday. Same thing applies with Valkyrie where its so-so on Wednesday – Thursday and obviously the most crowded on Friday – Saturday. Massive outdoor pool club that is in the same building as Valkyrie and Revel.

During the summer months which is also the rainy season here in the Philippines, it can be too hot to stay outside for long. When it rains everyone goes inside to Valkyrie or they go back to their tables, which has a cover overhead to block the rain. But when it’s not raining and it’s a cool summer night (rare but happens sometimes) it’s a good place to be.

They have a giant dance floor, probably the biggest I’ve seen in the Philippines. But not as many people go on the dance floor because it’s too hot to dance for long. No one swims in the swimming pool (not when I was there) because who’s going to wear a bikini or swim suit to the club. Good ratio of girls. Same type of music as Valkyrie. I think this place is much better during the winter months when it’s the dry season.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines



In BGC. Uptown Parade. I think it’s open every day. Same building as Valkyrie and Palace Pool club. I’ve been here on weekdays and it was very mediocre at best. Handful of people at most. Weekends are the best time. I don’t know if the 2 girls 1 guy guest list rule applies here. But I do know that there’s a 1000-peso cover that include 1 or 2 free drinks on weekends. Weekdays are free. My local friend told me that they have Hip-Hop night on Saturdays, but I never got a chance to check it out. Maybe someone can go and confirm that for me. Medium size club. No dance floor to speak of. Nothing but tables on tables.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines



In BGC. The Fort Strip. There were maybe 20 people grouped in tables and that was it. Small club. No dance floor to speak of. My local friends tell me that this place has been forgotten ever since Valkyrie, Revel and Palace Pool club opened. Never been on weekends but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t busy.



In Malate. Seedy red-light district. Open every day. 90% if not 100% of the girls here are pros. Medium size club. Small dance floor. Lots of Koreans and a few Japanese. Gets crowded at 1am. Super thick cigarette smoke smell. Very poor ventilation. You’re only bet here is to try and shore one of these pros. Good luck. If you’re desperate to go out on Monday or Tuesday night then this the only spot I found that had lots of people in it.



In Malate. Basically, a smaller less popular version of ZZYZX. The vibe, the girls and set up is exactly the same. Except that there’s not as many Koreans and Japanese (when I was there). I saw more locals and foreigners from elsewhere. But I could be wrong. Regardless, I wouldn’t go here. Give it a pass.



Finders Keepers

In Makati. Same building as Black Market. Open Wednesday – Saturday. This is one of my favorite bars. It’s a small bar but its crowded every night its open. Just like Black Market they play Hip Hop of all genres. Great late-night spot open till 5am. Good place to start the night. Good ratio of girls.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines


Skinny Mike’s Sports Bar

In BGC. Cool sports bar with affordable drinks for BGC standards. Good place for a chill night of beers. Good spot for dates.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines


Yes Please

In BGC. On the 2nd floor of Uptown Parade. Next to Revel. Went here on the weekend and this place gets busy. Great place to start the night. Good ratio of girls. I don’t know how it’s like on the weekdays.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines


My Experience

I enjoyed my stay in BGC. I was walking distance to the clubs, Uptown Mall and High Street. It’s safe, new, big wide roads, sidewalks are clean and not broken down. Air quality is better here since Jeepneys and Tricycles are forbidden. But once I leave my little bubble I’m reminded of the shit traffic, pollution and terrible roads/sidewalks.

An ideal Night Game schedule would look as follows:



B-Side at Collective. Never been but I heard it has reggae nights on Sundays and it gets crowded. Worth a shot.


Monday – Tuesday

ZZYZX. Personally, I would rather just stay in on these nights because I don’t like ZZYZX. But, if you’re desperate to go out then this is the only place I found that was crowded.



Black Market



Black Market | Valkyrie | Palace Pool Club | Revel. These places may not be packed but they’ll have some people. Also try “XX XX”. It’s near Black Market and I heard it was good.


Friday – Saturday

Any club is good. I would try Valkyrie, Palace Pool Club or Revel first.




In Old Manila. Probably one of the few tourist spots in the city. It has many old Spanish churches and monuments.

The Boss's Guide To Women In Manila, Philippines


Verdict on the Women in Manila

The women in Manila make traveling to Manila a great city for single men. There’s a reason why it’s mentioned so much on pick-up websites. Online dating works great. Night life is plentiful, cost of living is relatively cheap, and of course the girls. Yes, traffic sucks, there’s not much to do tourist wise and Wi-Fi speeds can be hit or miss. But the formers still outweigh the latter’s. Just stay in BGC and you’ll be fine.

Start meeting local girls with Filipino Cupid.


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Arg September 30, 2018 - 11:06 AM

Hi. I don’t think that finding a girlfriend in Manilla is as easy as you write. I am a White who arrived here two days ago and no girl showed me any interest so far. The only people interested in me I’ve met here are beggars.

The Masculine Traveler October 2, 2018 - 5:25 PM

Two days isn’t much, give it some time.

How are you trying to meet women there?

A. Martorell December 18, 2018 - 2:35 PM

Educated, employed (not working in a BPO/call center), independent (I don’t live with my parents or extended family member), single (never married and no children) Filipina here. Born and raised in MNL. Travelled solo to Europe. Not being arrogant or anything – but me and my friends are not your target market.

“The thought of them being with a foreign guy excites them, so when you start talking to them they are really open.”

I laugh at this. “Exotic” Filipina women (the ones from the provinces who are usually the household help, the uneducated ones) love white guys like you. Why? Because they think you, white guy, will be the solution to their problems – you’re a walking U.S. dollar sign to them. Because we Filipinos – excuse my language – have been fucked in the head by our colonizers. Centuries of subjugation and colonial mentality. It irks me to hear people from the service staff address white people as “ma’am” or “sir”. Common people think all white people are rich. That is not the truth.

Sure, I’ve dated European white men (a diplomat, an academic, a translator) but I don’t treat them as my atm machine. I admired them for their intelligence, independence and wit – not because of their skin color. Not because being with a foreign guy was “exciting”.

PS: B-side at Collective is already closed.

Jose Rizalito February 4, 2020 - 3:19 AM

Filipino here, well connected in the PH. Trust me, in my 24 years existence here, the best, wildest and most beautiful women are the shy and soft spoken ones. I suggest go for the Chinitas, they’re kind and good natured. I swear, the females that has strong personality like Martorell are the ugly, fat and dark skinned ones, they get so angry at dating posts because they’re trying to compensate for their horrible looks. Probably been single for the rest of their life. Because if these hogs are contented with their dating life, then why are they on online dating blogs? Doesnt add up.

Rick James March 13, 2019 - 5:13 AM

Dam she owned you hella hard bro. I wonder how much she would charge for boom boom tho. idk.

Floss August 29, 2019 - 7:48 AM

Rarely do I leave a comment but I read A. Martorell’s comment and totally agreed with her. I’m Asian origin but born and educated within a western country. I was working in Asia at the university and the biggest culture shock I experienced was the arrogance of the expats!
This ‘white’ superiority is long gone and just wake up and look around! Why would a decent Asian girl want to to be with you? Your culture is about bars and alcohol, your family values are not so strong, religion is predominantly atheist, food is totally tasteless and bland, personality is all about partying. Any educated individual would show the shame that the western society has done to the Asian cultural values, let alone the historical colonial ruling. Those are all prehistorical and look around now! In western society Asians are dominating within academia and businesses also in high powered/profile positions. Can you honestly confidently say that an Asian girl would love to be ‘excited’ by a western guy if she had a choice. In all honesty that sort of girl would not be my type. Putting all that aside the biggest point that I wish to say is that we are all human beings and the biggest attraction is not all this superficial identity and profiling but the inner self. ‘Beauty is only skin deep but the soul is more attractive’. The Filipino’s have such a friendly open minded culture that is second to none, so they value this more than just how you appear and stereotyped. Please be thoughtful and respect Asian culture, along with how things have changed and moved on within society globally, when writing on such topics.

TMT September 1, 2019 - 2:39 PM

Floss, thank you for taking the time to make an informative comment. We appreciate your perspective. We agree with many of the points you made. Western culture has lost its way with respect to family values. We also understand that Asia is developing rapidly and holds an important place in the world. Many western men seek women from Asia based on some of the points you made. Of course race is only one aspect that people consider in assessing a man or woman as a perspective partner.There are many more traits that come into play. Any reasonable person would acknowledge this.

Dee October 10, 2019 - 2:18 PM

Mate your article is total bullshit.

Been in Manila for two weeks, doing day game in malls, coffee shops, etc and most women look like scared deer in headlights when you open them. Even after eye contact and a smile I get ignored.

I am polite, well dressed, tall and fit.

Diamonds dancing October 31, 2019 - 11:26 PM

Manila is a played out shithole with low IQ inhabitants, sky high prices, and ugly girls. Big time stigma being seen with a foreigner. Everybody is incredibly rude and not hospitable.

You get 5s that have a little bit of money like that flip girl Martorell above and suddenly they think they think are oligarchs lmao.

If you are cool with 5s and 6s and the occasional 7 shore then ok but it’s heyday is definitely gone.

TMT November 27, 2019 - 5:42 PM

Thanks for the comment.

The upper tier is lower than many of the countries we have covered in Europe.

Nina November 2, 2019 - 11:49 PM

I’m sorry but coming from a Filipino girl I can say for sure this entire article is absolute bullshit. You have the typical white man attitude that you’re better than everyone else just because of your skin colour and salary. You also appear to be under the impression that all of the women in the Philippines are just there to fuck you, regardless of how they feel about it. I personally feel sorry for all of the girls you came into contact with. Tell me, we’re you at all interested in their culture? Their religion? All of the personal struggles that they’ve had to go through that your white privileged ass couldn’t even imagine? Any of the things that define them as actual people, not just “petite, slim and dark skinned bodies”. You don’t know shit, you can’t just “define” every single woman in Manila. Those girls probably only put up with you because, as A. Martorrel said, you are essentially just a walking dollar bill to them, or the chance of having somewhere warm and safe to stay the night. I’m personally sick of all of the sleezy ignorant white men like you who come to our city thinking that they own the place, and all of the girls who live here. Pull your fucking head out.

The one Juan November 11, 2019 - 11:33 PM

Sorry but TMT nailed it for me and you know it, Nina. You can speak exceptions, but given the millions that stupidly voted for Dutz, you know fine well how our own just roll over for our richer more powerful own. We are the worst when it comes to putting up with rubbish for favors and grace. A few white (or any color – why presume its all-white??) guys in town are insignificant to the concubinage from our political elite and the arrogance they show to us further down the chain. Maybe direct that anger to the people who facilitate the sex tourism trade – hint, they are not white.

paul March 23, 2020 - 9:18 PM

I think that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I have traveled expensively around the world on business for years. And I have found that being kind, and respectful no matter what position a woman (people in general) may have leads to pleasant conversation. I also find that because I am not as interested in getting a score that I am able to have pretty good conversations with “womem”. As a medical scientist, I love intelligent women…the smarter the more I like them because the conversations are more interesting. BUT I have found that just talking about other topics..family and other interests is also pleasant….

And yes I have had “close friends” relationships with women when I travel…in fact I generally see these friends for extended periods of time and on subsequent trips…for me…its not a numbers game…

So women everywhere are pretty much the same…economics always effects relationships to some degree…money is only a tool…being kind goes a long ways and iot needs to be more common….one can only hope.


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