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Meeting Girls in Phuket, Thailand – The Executive Guide

by The Masculine Traveler
Meeting girls in Phuket

In this article, we will review the complex task of meeting girls in Phuket. Phuket is a tropical island destination in Thailand that conjures up widely diverse images ranging from high-end luxury holiday resorts to a seedy expat destination filled with ladyboys and prostitution.

Phuket remains one of the most frequented island retreats in the world. In fact, Bangkok has recently been proclaimed the most visited city on the globe. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Phuket is burgeoning with tourism.

Phuket is filled with contradictions. Wealthy families from all over Europe flock to this island to escape harsh winters. On the other hand, Phuket has long had a reputation of attracting foreign men looking for fast and easy sex with ladies of the night. These contradictions are confusing to most and make it difficult to understand the complex social fabric of the island.

Phuket, in fact, is a large island filled with exotic beaches, mountains and a host of water sport activities. There are certainly enough activities to supplement your lazy days basking in the warm sand.

Getting there

Traveling to Phuket from all over Asia is cheap and easy with many low-cost carriers such as AirAsia. From Europe, there are many flights that connect in Bangkok, Singapore and the Middle East that are reasonable in price. From North America, Qatar Airways offers great fares with a connection in Doha.

From the airport, a private taxi will cost 800 Baht. A cheap option is to take a minivan for 200 Baht. The ride is longer, but they will drop you off at your hotel.


What about the Thai women?

The Thai girls in Phuket are less attractive than their counterparts in Bangkok. They very concerned with being seen with a foreign man as the island has a long-standing reputation for prostitution. Being seen with a foreigner can severely hurt their social standing on an insular island for locals.

With that said, there are opportunities for meeting girls in Phuket, specifically Thai girls, if you can distinguish yourself from the seedy sex tourists.

In addition to local women, you will have many opportunities to meet Thai women from all over the country who are on holiday.

The women will be more inclined to spend time with a foreigner as Phuket is not the center of their social world.

Meeting women in Phuket


Phuket boasts a whole host of women who are on vacation from all over the world. The most attractive of these women tend to be from Scandinavian and Russia. The Scandinavian women are beautiful and have no reservation in showing off their exquisite bodies in the warm sun.

They tend to travel in larger groups and will present as shy. The Scandinavian girls in Phuket do open up more at night and after a few drinks. However, it is extremely difficult to separate them from their social group. Often, they tend to be a big waste of time, outside some polite conversation.


Russian girls make up another well-represented group in Phuket on holiday. The Russian women in Phuket tend to be the most beautiful. For example, it is not uncommon to see stunning girls on the beach and in the nightclubs.

Unfortunately, many of these women are with their boyfriends or husbands, rendering them essentially unavailable.

Occasionally you will see a lone Russian girl who is on holiday by herself. These girls should be the main targets as they are most open and available to have a mini-relationship with on the island.

They tend to stay for a few weeks in late December and early January. In fact, beaches like Karon and Kata seem like little Moscow. You will hear Russian spoken everywhere. Many cafes even offer menus in Russian, for instance.

There are a minority of Russian girls traveling in small groups with their friends. These women represent the second class that you should target. They are more open and friendlier than Scandinavian girls.

You can have a legitimate shot at a mini-relationship with one of these beauties if you have a solid wingman. One large barrier is their English levels are often low. Knowing some basic Russian will go a long way.

meeting girls in phuket



Where to stay in Phuket

As we previously discussed, Phuket is large and diverse. Most of the night action is centered around Bangla Road in Patong. Bangla Road is a pedestrian street packed with bars, strip clubs, and nightclubs. It is a double-edged sword because all the talent will be on Bangla during the evening; however, this street is as seedy as it comes.

It is filled with Ladyboys, massage parlors, and strip clubs. Dodging these seedy characters and dealing with the blaring music becomes tiresome. Here’s what you can expect in that area:

Our recommendation is to stay on the border of Patong so you avoid the loud music when you are sleeping, but you are still within close proximity to Patong beach and night venues. In our opinion, the Hyatt Place Patong is perfectly situated for these purposes.

It is ideally located just at the beginning of Patong. It is a short walk to the beach and a 20-minute walk to Bangla Road.

A Tuk Tuk to Bangla will cost 2000 Baht, or 63USD.

Taxi prices are much higher in Phuket than other places in Thailand, and as always, remember to negotiate taxi rides.

Online dating and Thailand

Thai Cupid is a solid website for meeting Thai women in general.

It is worth checking it out in Phuket as you may get likely in meeting a normal local girl of a Thai girl who is on vacation from another part of Thailand.

The girls on Thai Cupid are very open to meeting foreigners and often have solid English abilities.

Start messaging Thai women on Thai Cupid, now and get a jump start prior to your time in Phuket.

Meeting Girls in Phuket, Thailand - The Executive Guide


Closing thoughts on meeting girls in Phuket

Phuket with its mixture of people is one interesting place to visit. It has its own unique obstacles and challenges. However, a high-quality man can do well here with the women in Phuket as there are ample opportunities with Thai and foreigner women. It is fairly easy to differentiate yourself from the low-quality men who hang out at Bangla Road. Selecting the right location will make your trip.

Start messaging Thai women on Thai Cupid, now and get a jump start prior to your time in Phuket.

What do you think about Phuket and the women of Thailand?

Have you visited or do you have any experience with Thai women? Leave a comment below, and let us know.


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Bruce Jones July 22, 2019 - 10:59 PM

Visited Patong, Phuket for 2 months. Stayed in a hotel off the beach. Very comfortable, air conditioned, room cleaned every day. Visited a couple (or so) beaches while there just hanging with a friend and his wife that lived there. Some were clothing optional and others were not.
Visited Bangla Road a couple of times but thought i would go deaf if I stayed too long. I was interested to see how attractive some Lady-Boys were (but only looked, not into that).
It was an EXCELLENT 2 months but because of a renter back in the US not paying his rent I had to go home to address the problem. I will be back !
I loved all the beautiful ladies there, especially in the mall during the day.


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