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Mexican Women: Dating Guide (2019)

by The Masculine Traveler

Mexican women are some of the most misconstrued and difficult to figure out in all of Latin America. As with Peru, travel and dating reports run the gamut from Mexico being proclaimed as a paradise for men; to characterizing the United States’ southern border as a dangerous destination with mediocre women.

Adding to the confusion is the perception of Mexican people solely based on experiences within the United States. The stereotypes of Mexican women in the United States are short, dark, indigenous-looking women who are only looking for green cards. Confusing the situation further are reports from men who’s basis of conclusion on Mexican women are predicated on trips to Cancun. This would akin to generalizing the United States based on a trip to Las Vegas.

This article will provide you with all you need to know for successful dating go Mexican women. Let’s delve into the characteristic of Mexican women and important dating factors in Mexico.

What are the women south of the border like? Mexican women are more varied in looks than most believe. There is a sizable portion of women who are short, indigenous-looking women who are in commonplace in the United States, basically economic workers. However, there are also many Mexican women who have a mix of European and traditional Latina features. Still, many other women who are in appearance are mixed racially. Mexican women can be attractive at all racial variants. It is important to note the with Mexican society, White people tend to be higher on the economic ladder. Seducing higher class Mexican women, weather White or not requires a bit more work and a longer stay in Mexico usually. However, these women can be  truly hot and it is worth the investment.

On average Mexican women are:

  • Cuter than Guatemalan and Nicaragua women. Although it is close, I rate Mexican women more attractive than the women from Costa Rica. Generally, they are hotter than most women in Central America.
  • The average Mexican woman is not as cute as Argentinian, Colombian, or Brazilian women.  However, the top-tier women in Mexico can rival any women from the aforementioned women from South America.



Socioeconomic Status

As with most of Latin America, socioeconomic status matters. Mexicans are very well aware of their position in the social hierarchy. Although not a fixed rule, most of the White/European looking Mexicans occupy the highest social and economic positions. The wealthy white women in Mexico are not fantasizing of a Gringo to swoop in and save them from their miserable existence. They hold passports, have studied abroad and traveled to Europe and America.

The White women in Mexico are often the most beautiful and sought after. These women know it and are selective in their dating prospects. They can be met at upscale gyms, shopping malls, and high-end nightclubs. Their social circle will prove difficult to penetrate on a short-stay, but men who have the right combination of style, Game and who are in the country for a while can do some damage. These women will speak English fluently and will most likely prefer to speak with you in English.

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Long-term relationships with Mexican women

As with most countries in Latin America, infidelity is embedded in the culture. However, Mexican women are more loyal and trustworthy, less likely to cheat than their Colombian and Brazilian counterparts. The sweet spot for finding a suitable long-term relationship or wife lies in the middle of the socio-economic hierarchy. Look for Mexican women who are not poor, come from an educated family and value upward mobility through school and hard work. These women will be much more loyal, feminine and trustworthy than most women in the Anglo countries.


Select the right cities

Cancun and La Playa del Carmen are great places to party and chill out on the beach. However, other cities such as Mexico City are much more fruitful for meeting sweet, beautiful Mexican women. I have a personal preference for capital cities, due to the high volume of students and young professional women. However, Monterrey and Guadalajara are also solid options. Monterrey is widely considered to have the best combination of local talent and receptiveness to foreigners.

Areas to avoid:

  • Most border towns are they are crime-ridden and dangerous.
  • The south of Mexico – the women are way too indigenous looking.


Learn Spanish

Outside the higher class White women, learning Spanish will enable you to meet a broader range of Mexican women. Developing at least a basic level of Spanish is essential for navigating Mexico and seducing women.

I recommend Pimsleur for learning Spanish.


Maximize your looks

Attractive Mexican women have standards. Your passport is not enough to secure quality women here. Mexican women value a fit, well-dressed man who attends to his looks. intakes only a bit of attention in distinguishing yourself from the backpacker look in Mexico. Nice, polished shoes, a fitted v-neck and stylish blazer go a long way.

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Meet Mexican women online

Most men have limited time for travel. Fortunately, Mexico is a short flight from the U.S., but with limited time men need to be efficient. I recommend creating an online profile on MexicanCupid. Mexican Cupid is a niche dating site geared for foreigners looking to date local Mexican women. The Mexican women on this site are in a sense, pre-selected for meeting men outside of their homeland.

Create an interesting profile with solid pictures and start messaging girls prior to your trip. As previously mentioned, Mexican women are less flaky than other Latinas; therefore, building a report with women prior to your trip will likely pay off for when your boots are on the ground.

Mexican Cupid is the best online dating site for these purposes.

The Dating Guide To Mexican Women (2019)

When using Mexican Cupid, it is recommended that you to communicating with girls before you land in Mexico. Mexican girls take longer to seduce in general, compared with other Latinas. The seduction process requires time and attention. Mexican Cupid is a great platform to start the process before your Mexico trip. This site allows you to log-in from any location and messages the tens of thousands of Mexican women who have registered accounts.


Keep conversation light

Mexico is always in the news for one reason or the next. Crime, violence and drug-tracking have been long-standing problems. In addition to immigration and Trump’s Wall, these topics are very sensitive to Mexicans. It is best practice to avoid these topics and to keep conversations light and fun, at first. As your relationship progresses, you can share your political thoughts and ideas more freely.

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Don’t be a miser

Mexico is not an expensive country to take girls out. As a Gringo, you have a built-in status. With that status, comes the expectation that you have money. While you do not want to be an ATM machine, it is advisable to pay the bill for food and drinks. Mexican women will in fact, offer to contribute to the bill more than other Latinas. This is a solid indication that she is interested in you.

If you are on a budget in Mexico, put the time into selecting the right venue that is within your means. There are plenty of nice inexpensive restaurants and bars in Mexico that are sufficient for a date venue.


Take a balanced approach to seduction

At least in the beginning stages, it’s best not to discuss sex. Mexican men can be quite aggressive with women. It is not uncommon for Mexican women to get felt-up on buses and cat-called while walking down the street. There is a balancing act between making your intentions known and scaring her off. The best approach is to be a gentleman and establish trust. Treat her like a lady and escalate slowly.

With that said, men should always display dominance with Mexican women. Treat her kindly but firmly. Mexico is a tough place to grow up. Men need to display strength and strong character. Mexican women will take advantage of weakness in men. You do not want her to walk all over you. Master the art of being a gentleman who projects masculine dominance.


Pick up on subtle cues

Mexicans are not confrontational people in their social interactions. They do not like to deliver bad news. Mexican women have a tendency to be polite to men whom they have no romantic interest in. A solid indication is how often she texts you. If you are initiating texts more than 75% of the time, then there is an issue. Mexican women love to send messages throughout the day when they are interested in a man. If there are long periods of radio silence it is probable that:

  • She is dating someone else
  • She does not like you and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Always keep your options open until you are secure in her affection for you. There are plenty of dating options in Mexico. It is important that you are firmly certain she is loyal to you.


When in doubt, approach

Mexican girls love to be pursued by men. The number one mistake Gringos make in Mexico is not approaching enough. The women in Mexico present as shyer than other Latinas such as Brazilian and Colombian ladies. Instead of sustained eye contact from the latter, Mexican women will give fleeting glances.

They give just enough to signal interest.

Being feminine women, they expect men to make the first move. With the exception of a woman in the company of another man, there is never an ill-advised time to approach in Mexico. There are vast opportunities to approach in cafes, malls, and nightclubs.


Invest in yourself

The greatest asset you have in life is yourself. Despite being from a developing country, high-quality Mexican women are not desperate. Young, attractive women have standards. Men need to bring something to the table besides their passport to secure quality women in Mexico. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate your value is by dressing well. There are quite a few backpacker types in Mexico that dress like they haven’t used an iron or a laundromat in months.

It is easy to differentiate yourself from these men. Wearing stylish, fitted jeans and a pressed button-down short is simple, but goes a long way in your presentation. You don’t need to sport expensive jewelry in Mexico. In fact, it’s not advisable due to safety concerns. Wearing clean, stylish, and fitted clothing is an essential part of attracting Mexican women.

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Be flexible with your options

There is a plethora of cute women in Mexico. The odds are you might click with cute chicas on Mexican Cupid. By all means, keep establishing rapport until you arrive. However, do not close any doors until you get a lay of the land in Mexico.

In addition to all the cute Mexican girls, there are numerous women from around the world working and studying in Mexico. For example, there are many women from other countries in Latin America who are living in Mexico City. Women from Brazil, Colombia, Peru come to Mexico City for better economic opportunities.

They might be difficult to find on a short stay, so your best bet is to meet them online. While Mexican Cupid is great for meeting Mexican women, Latin American Cupid should be your go-to dating app for tapping into girls from all over Latin America.

You can use Latin American Cupid to search specifically in Mexico and by the specific city if you prefer. it is also a great dating app to connect with women from all over Latin America.


Secure proper accommodation

Mexican women are sexual creatures, but they are also very socially conscious. Having a private apartment or hotel room will help to ensure her privacy. They are also keenly aware of the perceptions of others.

They do not want to be perceived as a slut. Securing a provide pad is will increase the probability of her going home without fear of reproach.


Closing thoughts on Mexican women

Despite its proximity to the United States, Mexico is often overlooked by men who are interested in dating Latinas abroad. Some Mexican women rival the most beautiful women in all of Latin America. There are a multitude of Mexican women to be found that are loyal, faithful and feminine.

Mexican girls garner about the least amount of attention when discussing Latinas. However, they are much more attractive then given credit for. Americans and Canadians are at district advantage to visit Mexico due to short flights from their respective countries.

Mexican girls are not easily summarized; however, I hope that this article helped elucidate dating in Mexico and is the start of an exciting journey.

Start meeting Mexican girls now online with Mexican Cupid.

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Ana May 28, 2019 - 2:27 PM

This article is full of stereotypes and doesn’t consider the fact that we’re a mix of everything. Also, just cause the author likes white girls better doesn’t mean they’re the prettiest. I am a brown skinned Mexican and I’m usually asked on dates by foreigners, and I’m not even tall. So please, stop spreading opinions as facts. We Mexicans are a very diverse society, with beautiful women in all colors and shapes, just like the rest of the world.

TMT May 31, 2019 - 3:38 PM

Thanks for the comment Ana. We agree that there are very beautiful women of all shades in Mexico, not just the White women.

Ana k August 26, 2019 - 2:07 AM

Dumb and racist article . You dont know shit.

Estefany Perez September 13, 2019 - 5:11 PM

This is too racist. Mexico is made up of a diversity. I came to your website through an article on how to date with a Latina, in which you describe general characteristics such as jealousy, roles and I planned to share it with my boyfriend from San Diego (we have been dating for a year) and I started exploring your website and wtf! this is shit! This article is racist and offensive! I am a Mexican, lawyer, worker, I speak English, I am brown and that does not make me less beautiful. I have dated men from all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand and of course the USA and everyone has loved my skin color and curves. This is really insulting.

TMT September 15, 2019 - 7:32 AM

We recognize that Mexicans are very diverse. This is why we wanted to shed light on the faulty stereotype that many hold of Mexican women. We also acknowledge that Mexican women in all shades can be beautiful. If you read our other article on dating Latinas, you will have read that we respect and value these women as people, holding them in high regard for relationships. It seems you have taken exception to some of the racists elements in Mexican society and conflated it with the writer’s opinions.The writer is not espousing racist views, simply making an observation about the importance of the racial hierarchy in Mexican society. Furthermore, if you have browsed our other articles, you will see that we have covered what it is like to date women from diverse cultures around the world. In our coverage we often recommend to western men, that they consider dating women from these cultures, particularly if they seek a feminine woman for a traditional relationship.

Gio October 9, 2019 - 1:56 AM

Good article. I don’t understand why there’s women commenting on a website called the MASCULINE travler lol.

TMT October 9, 2019 - 6:48 PM

Thanks for the feedback. Cheers

Gordon R August 9, 2020 - 8:48 AM

I’ve been to Mexico a few times but I’m planning a longer stay next year. I came here for advice but this article is racist, sexiest, and even trashy. I’ve seen pretty white and non-white girls in the North, Center and South of Mexico. This article is shitty , not wasting my time


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