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Mongolian Women: A Surprising Dating Discovery

by The Masculine Traveler
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As a long time reader of TMT, the adventures in Kazakhstan inspired me to set forth on a trip to Central Asia which culminated in an interesting experience in Mongolia.

Due to the relatively isolated location in Asia, little was unknown to me about Mongolian girls prior to my trip.

Despite my attempts in researching these mysterious women, I was able to uncover any reliable accounts on dating in Mongolia. 

Firsthand experience is always the best indicator in assessing a country’s dating scene. In this article, I will unpack all there is to know about dating Mongolian girls from my first-hand experience. 

Characteristics of Mongolian Women

Genghis Khan has a keen eye for beauty. Mongolian women have beautiful, angelic features, complimented by long and slender bodies.

They do not need to wear much make-up are their natural beauty distinguishes them as some of the most beautiful women in Asia. 

Mongolian men are famously overly protective of their women and at times, hostile towards western men who pursue them. Despite the overprotection from men, Mongolian women occupy an important role in society.

In comparison to other Asian women, they are more independent and assertive in their interactions with men. However, their greater autonomy does not detract from their feminine nature.

Mongolian women are nurturing and attentive to these needs of her man.

Mongolian can be flirtatious at night and display outward interest in foreign men at night. However, they are sexually conservative and typically prefer long-term relationships over casual sex.

English levels are surprisingly high in the younger generation. Young Mongolian women are open to dating western men despite interracial dating being frowned upon by local men.

In comparison to Kazakh women, Mongolian women seem slimmer and more fragile than their voluptuous cousins. With a different physical appearance, they are just as beautiful as the women in Kazakhstan. Mongolian women are fashion conscious and take great pride in their appearance 

Dating in Ulaanbaatar

Almost 40 percent of Mongolians live in the capital, Ulaanbator. Mongolia boasts beautiful nature outside the capital. However, for dating purposes, the capital is the only city to consider.

Ulaanbator is the financial, educational, and cultural center of Mongolian. It is unquestionable the best place to meet single, young Mongolian women. 

Meeting women in the capital is not without its challenges and western men need to be cautious.

Mongolia is not a popular destination and its citizens are not accustomed to receiving visitors on the scale as other Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, and South Korea.

As previously stated, Mongolian men are wary of western men picking-up their women. 

Hence, it is best to keep a low profile. 

With these challenges in mind, online dating tis the best way to meet local women. 

Asian Dating is the best dating app for meeting Mongolian girls.

ulaan baatar

Pro Tip 💡

I recommend using Asian dating to establish rapport with local women a few weeks prior to your trip to Mongolia. This will allow enough time to establish rapport and to schedule dates within a few days on getting your boots on the ground. 

Mongolian girls on Asia Dating are looking for long-term relationships with foreign men.

In addition to meeting women through Asia Dating, men are advised to carefully approach women during the daytime. Malls are the best place to meet local women during the day in the capital. Shangri-La Mall is a new, modern shopping center frequented by fashionable young women. Indirect approaches are the name of the game in meeting women during the day here. 

In addition to malls, there are three nightlife venues with checking out:

  1. Zu Club: located on Seoul Street is the most popular club in town. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best night to go. The music consists of Hip-Hop, Top-40 and House.
  2. Mint Ulaanbaatar: is the second-best option for nightlife.It is best to hit Mint on Saturdays. 
  3. Chinggis Brewery and Grand Kan Irish Pub are solid venues to start the evening before hitting Zu Club and Mint.

It is important to note that nightlife has very favorable women-to-men ratios – this ain’t the west no more.


Mongolia may not be the first country in Asia you think of for meeting beautiful women.

However, the beauty of the women and lack of tourism render it a surprisingly attractive destination for foreign men seeking feminine women. 

A relatively isolated country, dating in Mongolia is not without its challenges for western men.

Caution needs to be exercised when interacting with local women and safeguarding measures taken into the potential aggressive responses from Mongolian men.

Therefore, online dating is the best method for meeting Mongolian girls. Flying under the radar is the best approach.

Online dating can be complimented by indirect approaches as malls and hitting select nightlife venues with favorable ratios.

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