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Women in NYC: A Guide to Downtown New York

by The Masculine Traveler

The women in NYC within Downtown Manhattan are some of the most beautiful in the city.

“I regret profoundly that I was not an American and not born in Greenwich Village. It might be dying, and there might be a lot of dirt in the air you breathe, but this is where it’s happening”.

-John Lennon


All things being equal, Downtown is unquestionably the place for a player to secure a pad in New York.  Downtown has the highest concentration of young, hot talent in the city.  This is where all the action is, day and night.  Prime logistics in Downtown is status, in of itself and will ease the process of pulling girls from clubs and dates that you set up close to your apartment.

For our purpose of meeting women, I advise the neighborhoods of the Lower East Side, East Village, Soho and West Village.  Each of these areas is uniquely positioned to give you prime access to the city’s hottest women. If you want more on meeting women in New York, check out this guide for meeting single girls for more info.



The area referred to as Downtown is the section of Manhattan below 14th Street.  Downtown is easy to walk, but a bit more difficult to find your orientation as the street names deviate from the typical numbered names in uptown.  It will take some time to develop your orientation.  Midtown and Brooklyn are easily accessible by the subway.

  • East Village: is the area between Houston Street to 14th Street; East River to the Bowery.
  • Lower East Side: is the area between Canal Street to Houston Street; the East River to the Bowery.
  • Soho: The area from Canal Street to Houston Street; Lafayette Street to Varick Street
  • West Village: The area from Houston Street to 14th Street; 6th Avenue to the Hudson River



  • The East Village has been a well-known party scene since the 1960s. The East Village has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars to choose from.  Alphabet City is a mini neighborhood that is set up for bar hopping.  The talent will not be the best in the city, but it is easy to score.


There are numerous bars in the East Village.  The best venue really depends on the night and the concentration of talent, as it varies from night to night.  Fortunately, it is easy to move around from bar to bar until you settle in on a venue with solid talent. Generally, I recommend the bars on Avenue A and Avenue B.

I also recommend:


  • Beauty Bar: 231 East 14th Street


  • Lower East Side: This is the easiest neighborhood to get laid in New York via Nightgame. Like the East Village, the Lower East Side boasts numerous bar selections and opportunities for venue changes.  There are numerous drunk, easy girls in the bars on Ludlow Street. Unfortunately, for what you gain in ease of pulling, you sacrifice in quality of talent.  The talent on the Lower East Side, is no match for the high-end clubs in the Meatpacking District.


I recommend the following venues for the best combination of talent and east of pull:


  • Hotel Chantelle: 92 Ludlow Street
  • Beauty and the Essex: 146 Essex Place
  • Pianos Bar: 158 Ludlow Street


  • Soho: Is the best area for Daygame in Downtown Manhattan. The most beautiful girls in the city come to Soho for the shopping, cafes and art galleries.  Soho should be the main location for meeting girls during the day on weekends.  Women dress to impress.


This is your opportunity to meet the high-end girls who hit the Meatpacking District at night without the hassles of long lines, uncertainty of gaining entrance and obscene costs.  The loop to focus on is between Prince Street and Grand street; Broadway to Thompson Street.


For access to elite talent, bring your best restaurant game to:


  • Ciprani: 376 West Broadway
  • West Village: Is probably the most upscale neighborhood in Downtown. This is where Manhattan’s elite and celebrities look to buy property.  Renting an apartment in the West Village will set you back quite a bit.


New York’s most beautiful women hit the clubs in the Meatpacking District.   Most players come to this neighborhood for the Nightlife.  However, there are ample opportunities to meet girls through street approaches during the day.  Hitting early evening dinner spots, clothing stores and coffee shops in the West Village for Daygame is one of the best kept secrets in this city, as most players only frequent this area for the Nightlife.


The Women

Simply stated, the most beautiful, feminine and stylish in New York.


The women in NYC in Downtown has the highest concentration of young, beautiful women in New York.  The most beautiful women are found walking around the day in Soho and at night in the Meatpacking District.  The talent falls off on the Lower East Side and East Village, but it is much easier to get laid in these neighborhoods.

Downtown is unquestionably the place to secure a pad and concentrate your Game pursuits if you have the bankroll.

Check out more neighborhood guides to New York.


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