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Peruvian Women – Where to Meet Them in Lima (2019)

by The Masculine Traveler
Lima Peru City Guide and Peruvian Women Overview

Peruvian women are some of the most eye-catching in all of Latin America, and Lima is an excellent spot to enjoy a nice trip with some beautiful Peruvian company.

Lying on the Pacific coast, Lima is the capital and largest city of Peru.  The 10 million residents in Greater Lima are deeply mixed ethnically and racially. The largest groups are Mestizos, a mix of American-Indian and European (mainly Spanish).  European Peruvians make up the second largest population and tend to be in the higher socio-economic class.

The following datasheet and dating guide is based on one week in Lima.



The Masculine Traveler Rating Index

Attractiveness of local women: 3 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 4 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 4 / 5
Logistics: 4 / 5
Cost: 3 / 5
English Levels: 3 / 5 



Weather in Lima

Lima has a warm, comfortable climate which sees two seasons: the winter (May-October) and the summer (November-April).  Winter temperatures are comfortable, in the 50s-60s F and the warm summers run in the 70s and 80s F.

Most apartments do not have air conditioning, so keep this in mind during the booking process if it’s going to be a dealbreaker for you.


Costs in Lima

Peru’s currency is the Sole which exchanges with the U.S dollar currently at rate of 3.2: 1 (February 2017).

  • Decent Apartment in Miraflores: 30-50 U.S. Dollars
  • Beer at a bar: 10 Soles
  • Gym membership at BodyTech Av 28 de Julio (Best Gym in Lima): 80 Soles per day pass; 100 U.S. Dollars per month. Gold’s gym is closed as of February 2017.
  • Lunch at a nice restaurant on Malecon: 30-40 Soles
  • Taxi from the airport to Miraflores: 15-20 U.S. Dollars



Peru’s cuisine ranks as one of the best cuisines in South America.  Lima’s cuisine boasts a mix of seafood, meat, creole food and chifas.  Restaurants take pride in their worldly status for excellent food.  Peruvian food rivals the best of the world and is on par with Mexico.

Also, be sure to check out Mangos in Larcomar Mall for their lunch buffet and beautiful views of the ocean. Tanta is also highly recommended for both the quality of Peruvian food and ocean views.

Pizza street in Miraflores, has serval options of Italian food, and of course vast selections of Pizza and toppings.

Many other international cuisines are available in quality and moderately priced in Lima.  I had the best Venezuelan food at Asuu Arepa.

Eco Tienda Natural is a great health food store and a perfect way to start your day with a smoothie or coffee.

Pisco Sour, a brandy made from grapes is the national drink.  Be sure to try it!



For a basis of comparison, English levels are higher than Colombia.  Younger Peruvian women and people from higher socioeconomic status speak English well. You can probably get by in Lima without Spanish; however conversational Spanish will open up doors and set you apart.

I recommend Pimsleur language system for learning Spanish.



Lima is an interesting mix of colonial architecture and a modern city.  Safety is not a concern, however, there is widespread poverty in Lima, but you won’t be affected by it in Mirafolres.

Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) serves greater Lima, located in Callao.  Lima also has 5 other airports for domestic and military flights.

The scene at the airport upon arriving is hectic.  Taxi drivers and entire families picking up their loved ones crowd the exit.  Also, international flights seem to arrive at the same times.

A taxi from LIM to Miraflores will take about 45 minutes.  Taxis are numerous at the airport.  Use the Certified taxis inside the airport to be on the safe side.  Some Airbnb hosts will offer to hire a driver for you.  You can negotiate the price with your host.  Taxis are relatively cheap and Uber is an option at your disposal.

Buses from the airport are more economical options.  The public bus, IM-18 runs to Miraflores for 2 Soles and will take about 90 minutes to arrive in Miraflores. Some hotels offer shuttles services from the airport.  Inquire with your hotel.

Peruvian Women - Where to Meet them in Lima (2019)

Miraflores or San Isidro is where you will want to get your pad or hotel. These are the nicest areas to stay in Lima, albeit a bit touristy.  Miraflores has great infrastructures and all the amenities you will need.  It is very walkable and safe at night.  This is where you will concentrate your Nightlife and Daygame pursuits.  The ideal location is between Kennedy Park and Ave 28 de Julio.  There are several options for renting apartments on AirBnB.

For hotels with the right logistics look into:

Crowne Plaza Lima Hotel
JW Marriott Hotel Lima
Estelar Miraflores Superior

Several hostels are in the Miraflores area with private and shared dorms. DragonFly Hostel is a popular one.

Take a look at Booking where you can run a quick search and find hotels based on our logistic recommendations above.


Things to do during the day in Lima

Some things to keep you busy during your stay and to visit with your Peruvian girl are as follows:

  • Malecon: spectacular views of the ocean
  • Larcomar Mall: Open air upscale mall with great restaurants
  • Pargue Amor: “Lover’s Park” with scenic views of the ocean
  • Kennedy Park: Main meeting point and hang-out spot in Miraflores
  • Huaca Pucilana: day trip to the pre-Incan Pyramids

Peruvian Women - Where to Meet them in Lima (2019)


Peruvian Women in Lima

Peruvian women receive mixed reviews.  For some, they are exotic and beautiful, while others cite they are too “indigenous” looking.  In reality, the average on the street in Miraflores during the day is not stellar.  You can wait a long time without seeing a beautiful woman.

The talent picks up between the hours of 5-9 p.m. near Pargue Kennedy.  While the average Peruvian girl is unattractive, the upscale talent can be stunning.  Unfortunately, unless you are in their social circle, you won’t have much access to meeting them.  They are usually not found walking around Miraflores, as they get around mainly by cars.  Your best bet is to hit up the high-end malls and join BodyTech on Ave 28 De Julio to have a crack at some of these beautiful chicas.  The upscale Peruvian women I am referring to, speak fluent English and have more European features.

Despite the subpar talent on average, Peruvian women are friendly, soft-spoken and polite. They tend to have kind and tender dispositions and are welcoming to foreigners.  Lima can be a great place to rack up notches as your foreigner status is high.  For the seasoned player, the dearth of high-end talent can be frustrating.  You will have to work a bit harder on scouting out locations where the high-end stunners shop, have coffee and hang out.

It is worth noting that some of the best looking girls are from Colombia and Venezuela.  Unfortunately, many of these women come to Lima as “women of the night”.  if you meet a normal girl from these two countries, seize the opportunity!

Lima also gets a fair amount of tourism from all over the world.  So you are not limited to local Peruvian girls.  Plenty of Gringas staying at hotels and hostels.  Check out hostel events, walking tours, and pub crawls as ways to mix it up with the tourists.

Peruvian Women - Where to Meet them in Lima (2019)

Peruvian women are a bit less feminine than other Latinas we have covered such as, Colombian and Brazilian women. They tend to dress more casually. On the streets in Lima, you won’t see too many skirts and high heels. Peruvian girls also seem more Americanized. However, their personalities are quite pleasant. They are generally fun to hang out with and low maintenance. Dates tend to be very low key such as a walk in the park or meeting at a coffee shop.

There are also fewer gold-diggers among Peruvian women than other Latin American countries. Money isn’t their chief concern. They aren’t preoccupied with showing off money or status. They use Instagram less than women from other countries, notably Russian. Overall, there are few Peruvian women who are looking to extract resources from men.

While Peruvian women are not scammers, it is important to recognize that Peru is a developing country. The salaries are quite low compared to the United States. Therefore, Peruvian women will expect a man to pay for dates. There are plenty of low-cost dating venues in Lima. A Peruvian woman will be just as responsive if you take to a quiet café or an upscale restaurant. You don’t need to spend a fortune. dating in Peru.

Having casual sex with women in Lima is fairly easy, especially for White men. There is a niche of Peruvian women who are “Gringo Hunters”. These women tend to be the easiest to bed. However, they are usually average to below average looking. The more attractive Peruvian women will require more work and won’t be as easy.


Online Dating in Lima

LatinAmericanCupid is the most widely used dating sites for Peruvian women who are looking to meet foreigners.

It is super easy to meet women Peruvian women from Latin American Cupid, as all of the Cupid products are really a go-to in terms of online dating. The rest are really not even worth one’s time.

If you want to have women ready for your trip prior to arrival, I’d highly suggest jumping on Cupid to start meeting and conversing with Peruvian women prior to your trip.



Online dating, Nightgame and Daygame are all viable options for the player in Lima.  Tinder can be solid and you will find yourself with many matches; however, some of the top level talent on Tinder will be solicitation for prostitution and fake profiles.  Tinder is still a good option to get your feet wet in Lima and for sure, a great way to mix it up on a short stay.

LatinAmericanCupid is a great site if you are more serious-minded and looking for a long-term relationship or mini-relationship.  I had a nice mini-relationship with a hot Venezuelan girl that I pipelined.

There are plenty of options for Nightlife in Miraflores almost every night.  Mondays are the slowest nights.

There is a strip of bars on Pizza Street which draws a mix of local Peruvian women and Gringas.  The talent is hit or miss.

Some venues to check out:

Sargento Pimienta: Tuesday night Salsa

Club Help: Thursday nights, has a reputation for young, gringo-hunters

Bizarro: nice local girls on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Eca Bar: Language exchange on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Talent is hit or miss, but an easy way to meet local girls who are eager to lock down a Gringo.

Meeting Peruvian women during the day is frustrating due to the lack of quality.  The quality and quantity pick up after work hours (5 p.m.-9p.m on Larco Street and Pargue Kennedy.  These are prime hours for street approaches.

There are also a few malls that are solid for Daygame:

  • Ave 28 de Julio mall
  • Larcomar Mall
  • Ovalo Gutierrez Mall
  • Jockey Plaza in Surco
  • Saga Falabella Mall


Verdict on Lima

Lima is a great destination for Latin America travelers. It is safer than the cities in Brazil and Colombia. Gringos are generally well received in Lima. Other counties with beautiful women have their challenges. Venezuelan women are beautiful but the country is in complete chaos. Argentinian women are smoking gorgeous, but not easy. Peruvian women strike harmony for Latin American newbies.

Miraflores is unquestionably the place to stay in Lima, with world-class infrastructure, great logistics and renown cuisine.  This is the most happening, safest neighborhood with the best congregation of girls in Lima.  Miraflores is a cool mix of modern living with some old world charm.

For women on average, Lima falls behind the Big 3 in South America: Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina.  However, the upper-class Europeans girls are stunning and attainable if you have tight game, looks and time.

Peruvian Women - Where to Meet them in Lima (2019)

Lima is one of the easiest cities in South America for mixing it up with local girls.  For local Peruvian women, your foreigner status will carry more weight than the Big 3. Lima also has a solid blend of opportunities for online dating, Nightgame and Daygame.

Lima is a great place for the novice player to develop his game with Latinas as they are approachable, polite, and sweet.  The advanced player will feel some frustration with the lack of overall quality, but he can challenge himself to crack into the upper-class beauties which are worth the effort.

Ready to start meeting Peruvian women today? Get started now.


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Samuel August 10, 2020 - 1:10 AM

It is very difficult to socialize in Lima if you do not speak Spanish!
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