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Polish Dating in Poznan: An In-depth Review

by The Masculine Traveler

Polish dating in my experience has taught me that Polish girls are very easy going. Generally, they are polite, sweet and easy to get a long with. For newbies to international dating, Polish dating is a great place to start. Polish dating is less complicated than with Russian and Ukrainian women. The culture in Poland is easy to adjust to than other Eastern  European countries.

This article will review will cover how Polish dating in Poznan, a top city to meet Polish women.

Poznan is one of Poland’s largest cities, weighing in around 600,000 inhabitants. Located within reach of the capital of both Poland and Germany, Poznań has easy access from both West and Central Europe by train, bus and also plane.

With the rest of the larger Polish cities, Poznań has become quite a popular tourist destination within the past 5-10 years, especially with the mass improvements and achievements reached by the Polish economy.


The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 3.5/5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3/5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3/5
Logistics: 4.5/5
Cost: 3.5/5
English Levels: 4/5



Poznan offers a typical Central European climate with cold winters and warm summers. You will need an apartment with an air conditioner in the summer and warm clothing and a working heater in the winter.


Tourist Attractions

Poznan is an attractive city in regards to its appearance, but doesn’t offer a ton to do in terms of sights. Many of the streets worth visiting are directly connected to or very near the square, better known as rynek. It’s best just to have a walk around the center, and you’ll easily bump into most things worth seeing.

There’s a nice neighborhood by the name of Śródka within walking distance of rynek, that presents some quality cafes and restaurants which are worth checking out.

Polish Dating in Poznan: An In-depth Review



Due to its small and compact center, Poznań is extremely easy to navigate on foot. You’ll definitely want to secure accommodation directly in the center. The closer to rynek, or on the rynek itself, the better.

Since you’ll be on foot mostly, taxi and public transport won’t be needed in most cases. Trams do run throughout the city, providing easy access to also get to outer areas which might take a bit longer to ready by foot. Uber is also alive and well in the city, and much cheaper than using a taxi from the street. Normally you’ll be roughly 2 zł per km.

Poznan has its own airport, with public transportation directly to the main station Poznań Główny. Taxi from the airport should run around the 40 PLN mark.

If arriving from another Polish city or abroad, PolskiBus provides cheap tickets and will be cheaper than a train in almost all cases, when speaking of trains not originating in Poland.

Another popular option is car sharing, which can be booked using BlaBlaCar.



Prices in Poland are much cheaper than the majority of Western Europe, and although they’re rising due to a rising cost of living, it remains quite affordable. A studio or mid-sized apartment in or near rynek will run around 30-40 EUR per night for a short term rental. Expect prices to slightly increase during the summer months.

Numbeo has a great breakdown of what to expect in terms of price while in Poznan, and also let’s you compare to other cities around the world.

In the past months, the Polish złoty has remained quite week in comparison to the Euro and Dollar — expect this trend to continue in the future.



English levels on the ground are very high in Poznań, especially among the large student population. As anywhere, higher end talent will have less English ability, so like always we encourage to do some Pimsleur prior to arriving. It’ll go a long way, and after only completing the first few chapters, you should have enough to be able to run through a date and handle basic conversation, attempting to use English where needed, within a 2-3 month period of intensive practice.

Polish is said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn, but it can be done with dedication. There’s also some similar words to Russian, albeit often times with a different spelling or pronunciation, so knowing Russian or even other Slavic languages prior to will certainly accelerate the learning process.



Polish girls are sweet, caring and feminine. They take care of their appearance, and like to dress up while they go out. Walking around in Poznań, and the rest of Poland, you certainly won’t see the same quality as you’d find in Kiev or Moscow, but the lack of stunners can be made up in the terms of higher English levels and easiness to game.

Quality overall is decent, but if you’re looking for the best Poland has to offer, you’ll mostly be finding that in Kraków. Kraków is one of the most rich parts of Poland aside from Warsaw. It’s kind of like how people see Munich and the area of Bavaria in Germany – rich, and upper class. In Kraków, you’ll also find a hearty serving of Ukrainian students, which also certainly helps bring up the average.

The women of Poznań are certainly open to conversations with foreigners, but don’t expect to be the first they’ve met passing through.

Wittyness and jokes work well with polish women, but try not to overgame and stick more towards the natural side. Expect to go on 1-2 dates prior to sealing the deal. This will almost always be on by the third date.

Check out our guide to dating Polish women for more insights.

Polish Dating in Poznan: An In-depth Review


Online Game

Online dating in not popular in Poznan. If you want to to do online Polish dating, you can check out International Cupid.


With not the best options in terms of online or night game, day game is your best and maybe only option for meeting higher quality girls in Poznań. Some women will have been approached before, but for many it’ll be their first experience, especially the younger students. For starters, check out the following malls:

  • Avenida
  • Stary Browar
  • Posnania

Additionally, rynek is a great place (also for gutter game) along with the main connecting street Szkolna ul.



Nightlife options in Poznań are not great at best. Large amounts of guys packed into bars and clubs (especially foreigners in the spring and summer) coupled with not many targets make for somewhat of a disaster.

The following venues are what you have to work with during your time in Poznań:

Pascha – Not far from the rynek, a large bar and seating upstairs, with a dance floor downstairs. 25 PLN entrance, with some minor face control at the door. Slightly older age range inside, around the 23-35 mark.

Czekolada – Popular on Thursday nights, especially among students. Quite a young crowd inside.  Small dancefloor in the back, with a long bar at the entrance to work with. Don’t forget to walk and have a look upstairs, where there’s a larger dance floor, smoking area and bar.

Hola Hola Bar – Younger crowd inside, gets quite crowded starting on Thursday.

Cuba Libra – Known to be the spot for foreigners to go. Extremely cramped dance floor downstairs, but packed on the weekends.

SQ – The best you’ll get in terms of “posh” clubs. 20 PLN entry fee, with a large dance floor and bar.

Pijalnia – Cheap bars made for student drinking. Very packed inside, usually lower quality.

Dragon Bar – Bit on the hipster-ish side, but worth a look. Could be an option for later in the week.

There’s other bars and venues as well, but the above are a few of the most well known.

Polish Dating in Poznan: An In-depth Review



Polish dating in Poznan has several key advantages. Overall, Poznań is a charming city that offers some solid day game options. If you’re looking for friendly and mostly feminine women of good quality who speak English who are open to meeting foreigners, Poznań is a good starting place.

If you interested in another city to check out in Poland, read our guide to Wroclaw.


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