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Salvadorian Women in El Salvador: High Risks, Big Rewards

by The Masculine Traveler

Salvadorian women in the capital of El Salvador are more attractive than I anticipated. But is it worth the hassle and risk of traveling to El Salvador to meet local Salvadorian women ? In this article we will provide you with all you need to know to answer this question.

Are are a risk-taker, drawn to danger, excitement and hot babes? If so, then El Salvador could be the place for you. You need guts and a little bit of craziness to visit this notoriously crime-ridden Central American country.

Tourism to El Salvador is greatly thwarted by media reports of gang violence and danger. These headlines have kept this country relatively untouched for adventure travelers. Most will venture to a safer, more “gringo safe” destination like Costa Rica and Panama within the region.

Despite, its reliance and influence of the United States, El Salvador’s culture and natural beauty is relatively untouched. The media reports of violence have kept this small Central American country relatively isolated.

How do Salvadorian girls compete with other Latin American girls?

Salvadorian women are:

  • Hotter than Guatemalan girls
  • On par with Costa Rican Girls.
  • Hotter than Nicaraguan girls
  • Hotter than Panamanian girls
  • Hotter than the women from Belize

In fact, they are about as good-looking as they come for talent in Central America. The local girls in El Salvador look typically Latina with long, straight dark hair. They tend to be less curvy than other Latinas such as Dominican and Brazilian girls, but they have great asses. The top tier girls in San Salvador can complete with almost any other Latina. What makes Salvadorian women special is how eager they are to meet Gringos. I can’t think of another country where the upscale girls have such a strong desire to land a foreigner. At nightclubs in San Salvador in particular, you can tap into some high quality.

Personality wise, they have a typical latin-style, care-free attitude. Life is to be enjoyed with friends and family. Worrying about tomorrow is a waste of time. So, it is safe to say that Salvadoran girls are easy-going and live in the moment. They are care-free spirits, living in the moment in an unstable country. Life is too short to worry about the small things. Salvadorian women love to dance, smile and flirt.

The Masculine Traveler Rating Index 

Attractiveness of local women: 2.75/5
Logistics: 3/5
Cost: 3/5
English Levels: 2.75/5



The climate is tropical and pleasant in the winter with temperatures running into the mid 70s to low 80s F.  The rainy season runs May-September and the country looks very green and it there will be a light rain almost every day. The dry season runs from October-April.



Similar top most  countries in Central America, English level are relatively low. However, English is increasingly due to the influence of the United States. Also, many people from El Salvador have immigrated to the U.S. and returned to their native home to start businesses. Nevertheless, I recommend Pimsleur for learning Spanish.



San Salvador is the capital and largest city in El Salvador. The greater El Salvador area has a population of around 1.7 million people. El Salvador is an important financial and transportation hub for Central America.

Americans can travel visa free to El Salvador, but they need to purchase a Tourist Card, which costs 10 U.S. Dollars.El Salvador International Airport is located close to the beach, 45 minutes outside the city. Avianca is the main airline that services San Salvador. San Salvador is a major hub in Central America with flights to New York, Guatemala San Jose, Panama City and Bogota.

El Salvador boasts some amazing nature and world-class surfing. It is becoming the fastest growing surf tourism destination in Central America, despite its dangerous reputation.

El Tunco Beach is worth the 30-40 minute drive from San Salvador. This is the main hangout for backpackers and surfers in El Salvador. The beach itself is nothing to write home about but it is packed with lively bars and a party crowd. This is a solid place to hook up with other tourists. On the weekends you can give it a shot with some of the local girls from the city that come to party. El Tunco is generally safe and has a fun vibe, party vibe. It offers an offers more relaxed scene than the capital.

Salvadorian Women in El Salvador: Is it Worth it?

I recommend staying in a hotel close to one of the major malls, as opposed to a private apartment. Staying in a hotel ensures safety and proximity to malls such as Multicentro, which will be your main point for Daygame, nightlife and setting up dates. I recommend the following hotels for prime logistics:

Barcelo Hotel and Real Intercontinental Hotel with both hotels that place you within prime logistics of shopping malls and nightlife, in safe areas.



Uber is generally safe an reliable. The cost from the airport to the city will run about 10 U.S. Dollars.


Salvadorian  women in  El Salvador will not blow you away like other destinations reported on The Masculine Traveler like Kiev, Moscow, or Colombia. Walking around the capital can be dangerous. This has an effect on the talent to be seen on the street. Most of the best talent during the day will be at the malls. For Day game check out Plaza Future Mall and in particular,  House of Coffee which has outdoor seating.

The quality of talent significantly rises at nightclubs. El Salvador is a poor country. Women from disadvantaged backgrounds do not go to nightclubs because it is too expensive and it is unsafe to use public transportation at night. So unless you have a car or can afford safe taxi services, only women who have cash to spend will be at nightclubs. This effect creates higher quality of women at nightclubs.

Perhaps in no other country in Latin America, will your foreigner status be higher. There are very few tourists in El Salvador.

Nightlife in San Salvador centers on the bars by Multiplaza Mall in Santa Elena. This area is usually quite safe and concentrated. There are several cafes, bars and clubs, which get crowded on the weekends. Salvadorian women will be in dismay to meet a Gringo in a local nightclub. There really is a rockstar effect. Women are instantly hooked with the prospect of hooking up with cool foreigner. Once you have sex with them, they become ver clingy and possessive. They are keenly aware of your unique status and will go to lengths to ensure you don’t hook up with other women.

The following nightclubs are the best in San Salvador:

  • Zanzibar: This club has high quality talent and a solid place to start the evening,
  • Los Alambiques: Overall the best bang for your buck and easiest place to score.
  • Alive Club: One of the most high-end clubs in the city. The local girls are beautiful here.
  • Republik: It is a solid place for ladies’ night on Wednesday. This is an easy place to meet locals.
  • Circo: This club has the best talent in all of San Salvador. It can be a bit difficult to crack into social circles though. Best to go with a group of people.

I have visited many other Latin American countries and El Salvador is the most dangerous. I felt safer in Brazil and Colombia for example. If you plan on hitting nightlife, you must understand the danger. Be sure to take the following precautions:

  • Do not go out alone. This will make you an easy target. Always go out with a Wing.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. Have fun but keep your whit about you.
  • Do not venue change at the request of a girl unless you know the place.
  • Do not go home with a girl. Always have her come to your hotel.

Online Game is solid in El Salvador. Latin American Cupid is the only dating app worth using. There aren’t many Salvadorian women using Latin American Cupid, but those that are registered are specifically looking for foreigners. The response rate for Salvadorian women on Latin American Cupid is off the charts. Remember, your exotic factor is extremely strong  in El Salvador. This is exemplified by how eager women are to connect with you online.


Salvadorian Women in El Salvador: Is it Worth it?

The Verdict

El Salvador is not a destination for the novice traveler. However, I recommend it for those who have explored Latin America and are in search of a novel experience with sweet local girls who are  eager to meeting foreigners. San Salvador is off the beaten path for most travelers. The safety concerns have made this destination off limits for most. While the safety concerns are overstated, travelers to San Salvador should take precautions in selecting an upscale hotel in a safe neighborhood.

The quality of the Salvadorian women is a step below others destinations in Latin America such as Colombia and Brazil. However, your foreign status is exceedingly high and should yield solid results for men seeking a novel travel adventure experience.



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