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Serbian Women – Beauty in the Balkans

by The Masculine Traveler
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Intro to Serbian Women & Serbia: First Impressions as a Country

Serbian women have a lot to offer – but before we dive into the good stuff, let”s start with general impressions on Serbia as a country. Serbia has a unique place in Europe, oscillating between East, Central and South. Serbs speak a Slavic language though act more Mediterranean than their northern brothers. The winters can be harsh and the underlying Slavic culture is reminiscent of other parts of Eastern Europe, yet something about Serbia feels “warmer” than say, Russia. English is widespread, even among the elderly. Serbians have one of the highest English literacy rates in all of continental Europe. This makes logistics and getting around easy. So how does one make sense of this country?

If we take a look at the capital; Belgrade itself showcases the East meets West atmosphere. You’ll find Roman, Celtic, Ottoman, Austrian, Communist, Capitalist and of course, native Serbian flavors in this city. Serbia has a complex history and Belgrade itself has changed hands, been razed and rebuilt throughout history.

There are still some rundown and even totally bombed out buildings standing from the 1990s in Belgrade. Some of these are acting as an open-air museum of sorts, depicting NATO’s brutality. When the weather’s nice you’ll find numerous street vendors peddling their wares, while old men roast chestnuts all across the sidewalks, giving parts of the city a bazaar-like feel.

Belgrade has a unique charm that draws from other cities while retaining its identity. It has reminiscences of Berlin and Budapest, especially in the artsy neighborhoods. You have former industrial and warehouse districts turned to restaurants and bars. All along the city you’ll find graffiti ranging from typical anarcho-punk leanings to more traditional, nationalist and even pro-Russia messages. While Serbs are not ones to dwell on politics, they will make their position known and are not afraid to stand up for their country.

There’s no true metro in Belgrade; public transit is via tram or buses. They’re on schedule and are well laid out to be able to take you wherever you may want to go.
Taxis can be the biggest scam. Research legitimate taxi companies and get a quote before committing. There is a local Uber-type number to order a taxi, unfortunately, it’s in Serbian. Western-friendly apps are popping up as well.

Serbian cuisine is not for the faint of heart. Lots of meat, thick bread with cheese and sauces, and some more meat washed down with local brandy. It’ll put hair on your chest and make you a pro at tennis serves and firing machine guns single-handed. I would describe the food as a mix of Slavic, Ottoman and Mediterranean influence. Those too timid to scarf down loads of red meat every day shouldn’t fear: there are western vegetarian spots and various international cuisines dispersed throughout.

Serbian women


Serbian Women: How They Look

When you first get to Serbia, even coming from other parts of Eastern Europe, you may initially think: “Wow they’re all tall, slim and hot. I’m moving here!” Serbian women are indeed a sight for sore eyes, especially if you’re into the tall, sporty, tanned girls with long, flowing hair. Many women here have a pretty face, and that’s excluding the obvious Botox lips and assorted makeup and plastic surgery you’ll inevitably see (and also find in any female population). Their natural features are simply on point: feminine and exotic, similar to what you’d find in Ukraine.

In fact, my biggest “complaint” I started to have after a while was that all Serbian women started to blend together. “Was that the girl I talked to last week?” I’d think as I realize it’s a totally different girl with the same general appearance. There’s not as much diversity as compared to a larger, more cosmopolitan city. This makes sense because Serbia is a smaller country with a more homogenous population.

Serbian women appear as a strange blend of exotic and classical. As a man, I think “that’s what a woman should look like.” Your tastes may differ. Some guys have clear preferences for certain types of girls. The typical Serbian girl is a darker, Slavic version of the classical woman.

Serbian women are generally, but not exclusively, brunettes, from the lightest to the darkest. Natural blondes are not as common but they do appear. You’ll find olive skinned, pale and every shade in-between as well. Imagine if the Mediterranean was populated by Slavs, if Spanish and Italian girls said no to feminism and that extra cake.

Gym culture is popular and you’ll see athletic bodies ranging from super slim to curvy, though generally more on the curvy side. Serbian women may take the gym too fear and develop ridiculous thighs and booties; but if that’s your jam, more power to you!

While Serbian women are, in general, above average in attractiveness, it’s not the mythical “poosy paradise” the digi-conquistadors are in search of. Like any place, there are average to below average ones as well. The below average ones seem to have lived abroad in the West, usually in Germany or the US, or have preference towards Western over local culture. They’ll sport the typical markers of tattoos, piercings, funny-colored hair and oddball style.

Some others may have never been abroad nor care about America but simply are attracted to the counterculture. It’s nowhere near as common as say, Berlin or New York, but it is there. If you want fast, easy action and aren’t bothered by quality, these are probably the girls who are most up for it.

While I don’t think it’s a big deal (no pun intended), Serbians are on the tall side. Some men have beliefs about only dating girls shorter than them. If this is an issue for you, Serbia may present a challenge. If you like long legs and are comfortable with your height, game on.

Despite the counterculture oriented Serbian women you might find, there’s another subset of girls who may look “gothic” (i.e. dark clothing, dyed black hair and nail polish, leather) but rather than automatically paint them with the fast-sex Western mentality, these girls may actually hide a very traditional outlook. If a typical “good girl” in the US would have the preppy J-Crew look, her Serbian counterpart might look like a biker.

It’s a style I noticed that even married women took on as they strolled with their husbands. As a disappointing rule of thumb, the more of a bombshell she is, the more likely she’s taken. That seems to be the case in Eastern Europe where favorable ratios give local men the top pick of women.

Now how do Serbian women dress? When the weather’s warm, they don’t wear much. It’s not uncommon to see short shorts (perhaps with ass cheeks nudging out) and a low cut top with belly button exposed. If I had to be somewhere and see a line of Serbian women out and about in the summer, I’d never make it anywhere.

When the cold comes, expect to see a mix of sporty and classical looking girls. Think either Adidas or fur coats. I’ve never seen so many fur coats as in Serbia. Sometimes they’d even mix latex pants with fur coats which looks absolutely ridiculous except for the fact that it somehow works. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of beauties to go around.


Serbian Woman’s Personality: Brains With That Brawn

There are several factors which shape a Serbian girl’s personality. Orthodoxy is a huge part of the Serbian national identity, though with 20th-century socialism and 21st century Eurozone influence, there is a push and pull between the conservative and the liberal. I would describe Serbian girls as open but traditional.

They’re open in the sense of wanting to know about the world. You see this most in the variety of restaurants, music and fashion choices taken on. However compared to other parts of Europe, Serbs are more conservative in social values, including casual sex. Family, meaningful relationships and strong social bonds are more important than individualism, thrill-seeking and hedonism.

As I mentioned before, you do have progressive, cosmopolitan and atheistic elements, whether they’re Western groupies or nihilist subculturalists is up to you to find out. I found it amusing to find a tabloid newspaper with a naked woman taking a selfie being sold at a central street kiosk. Yet do not mistake this for Amsterdam or Paris.

On the weekends, it’s very common to see entire families strolling up and down the center, couples holding hands and wandering through the side streets, girlfriends walking together arm-in-arm. Unlike say Prague or Berlin, I didn’t detect a sleazy or dirty vibe in Belgrade, even in the nightlife districts.

In terms of personality archetypes, I’ve found two general types of Serbian girls: the bookish academic girls and the sporty outdoorsy types. Mind you these two can mix together in an alluring way. You have a girl who knows a thing or two about the world and knows how to take care of herself; brains to go with the brawn.

Even more refreshing, they can banter back and forth with a man without drowning in narcissism and one-upmanship that Western girls tend to embrace. While sporty and tall girls may be intimidating for some guys, I was surprised at how much conversational ability these types of girls had. Not ‘airheads’ by any means.

Despite their brains, Serbian girls don’t live under a rock, inhibiting their WiFi access. Like their sisters around the world, iPhones and Instagram are rampant, and many prefer to use Facebook more than other messengers or SMS. It’s not uncommon to add a Serbian girl on social media and see she has between 600-1000+ followers and friends, a mix of her friends, family, and orbiters.

Serbian girls respond well to masculine presence, but you don’t need to hammer it on with caveman alpha street cred. If you’re not a Slavic guy or a natural caveman, don’t try to emulate their “brutal” alphaness. In fact, I’d even say that the overly aggressive style can be a turn-off. Go with the contrast, the soft dominance of leading with words and action while being physical at the right times.

Serbian girls know their value. They generally keep a wide circle of friends, have good relations with family and prioritize relationships over fleeting encounters. This can present an issue if you’re traveling but not living in Serbia: even if the girl likes you, she knows you’re leaving, which means she may mentally shut off from pursing an intimate relationship with you. You meet a nice Serbian girl, she’s initially enthused, though she may start speaking to her friends and family about who she met. Suddenly the social pressure builds and what were initially enthusiastic texts turn into lukewarm ‘meh’ to eventual full-on ghosting.

You can try and turn it around with persistence, tight game and textual dominance, but more times than not, it’s better to pursue fresher, warmer leads with girls who seem obviously interested. A dead lead may ping you later out of the blue, but don’t count on it, and remember how she treated you before that by ghosting.

Make no mistake however, underneath the conservative exterior is a volcano trying not to erupt. Once you’ve been intimate with a Serbian girl, she’ll cling to you faster than a tortoise snapping its jaw shut. She’ll start talking more, wanting to do things together, and generally moving towards solidifying the relationship. Central, South and East this is, the West it is not.

Serbian women


Best Cities in Serbia: The Country of Provinces

Depending on your style (night game, day game, social circle, online), different cities will appeal to different sensibilities.

A top 4 for Serbia is difficult to say because while Belgrade is 1.2 million (1.7 if you consider the sprawling out administrative areas), the city shrinks considerably after you’ve stayed for more than a week. There are only so many walkable areas in Belgrade and straying too far from the center brings you into a no man’s land of nature, socialist-era block buildings and 21st-century corporate financial centers, which have their purposes but are not what you’re really looking for.

The 2nd largest, Novi Sad, is a mere 270,000. Below that you get Nish at 187,000 and Kragujevac at 150,000. There are plenty of other cities in Serbia, and most are on the wrong side of 10,000, which means you’re not really dealing with urban atmospheres anymore but towns.

Belgrade is the easiest option, and along with Novi Sad, the most cosmopolitan. From talking with several travelers who have been to the smaller southern cities, there is a slower, rural, traditional vibe. A friend said that Nish is nice and cozy if you’re visiting a local friend, and while some of the girls were even more attractive than in Belgrade, it’s so small that everybody knows each other’s business. If you stayed long term and had some sort of connection or purpose, you may be able to make things happen. But a mere traveler probably won’t find what he’s looking for romantically in these small towns.

No matter the country you’re in, small towns seem to have the same energy. If, as a foreign traveler looking to game in a city, I’d recommend 650,000 population minimum to be able to generate enough leads while having some anonymity. Even at that level, the center usually isn’t big and the city will start to shrink after a week. There are only so many daygame spots and nightlife areas one can check out.

Belgrade is the best starting point. Mainstream articles have talked about Belgrade as having the best nightlife in Europe. Funny enough I’ve heard several foreign men tell me they hated Belgrade’s nightlife due to the large mixed groups everywhere.

A few loved Novi Sad for nightlife as the girls were easier though more hipster. Novi Sad may be a good alternative if you’re coming from Budapest as it is closer. It’s also smaller and cheaper so you can spend a few days getting a feel for Serbia and see if you want to dedicate more time.

Novi Sad Serbia


Nightlife in Belgrade: Circles, Tables and Boats

Nightlife in Belgrade is strange. There are many very nice venues to go and have a good time. The quality of alcohol is great. The music, both live and recorded are pleasing. There are lots of girls who go out to dance and socialize. Coming from the West it’s relatively cheap. So what’s so strange?

The biggest issue in Belgrade nightlife is there are always big groups of friends who know each other coming and going together. It’s very common to see mixed groups of 4 or more, all seated together talking and drinking. This isn’t just with teenagers but adults as well. It’s like a perpetual high school clique. You can whip out your Mystery Method tactics and start magicking. Depending on how high energy and entertaining you are, you may be able to merge into the group. More than likely you’ll be shown social politeness, maybe even get some contact info, but unless the girl is really up for it and nobody in the group cares, it’s likely they’ll all leave together as they arrived. Provincial mentality and strong social pressure makes nightlife difficult.

Unlike in the West, many venues are sit-down which makes approaching sub-optimal, coupled with lots of mixed groups going out, and it starts to become clear why the awesome nightlife tag doesn’t sync with the awesome night game one.

Like most of Eastern Europe, the really hot girls seem to get into serious relationships early and the local guys generally have their pick. If you see a very attractive girl sitting down, make a mental note if there’s a boyfriend.

If you have these thoughts that Serbian guys are violent and brutal, you don’t need to worry. Serbian men are friendly, they understand you’re a foreigner and want to make a positive impression. It’s easy to strike a conversation with them, and they may even help you wing and try and ingratiate into a Serbian girl’s social circle.

Belgrade Serbia

Out of the many places I’ve traveled around in Eastern Europe, I’ve found nightlife in Belgrade to have the least amount of strangers hooking up on the same night. It does happen but compared to a place like New York or Berlin where it’s ok and even expected to hook up the first night, Belgrade feels much slower. The most action I saw was with people who were clearly already together and it was mild at best. I saw lots of foreigners hanging out with Serbian girls, but there weren’t indications that anything sexual was going down.

Mind you Belgrade was the capital of the Former Yugoslavia. Serbian girls aren’t the only girls you’ll find here. There are plenty of universities and international operations happening as well. The Chinese and Saudis are gaining a foothold in Real Estate development. It’s not uncommon to find fellow Yugoslavs like Bosnians and Croatians (the former being even more conservative, the latter more open to adventure), and also random Europeans, Turkish, Asians and Americans visiting as part of a tour of the Balkans, Hungary and ‘the greatest nightlife in Europe’.

If you’re interested in that, I’d recommend the Splavovi (rafts) as those seem to be the most “tourist friendly” nightlife options. The splav is basically a large boat docked on the river that generally plays electronic music. You’ll find a mix of people going to these, and the splavs themselves are big reason why Belgrade is considered to be great for nightlife. The splavs don’t move so you don’t have to worry about motion sickness while getting your techno on.

The center has unlimited options for venues including the Old Town and Savamala. If you just take out Google Maps you’ll see too many choices. Find something that resonates with your vibe and have a look. Or be adventurous and just walk around and see what comes up.

If you like more swanky bars and restaurants, Dorcol area (formerly “Silicone Valley” for the Silicone bearing women looking for rich providers) has a very Old Town Budapest vibe. I can’t say it is ideal for gaming as it is mostly sit-down, but there are lots of nice venues for dating there.

There’s also an entire enclave of bars by the waterfront at Brankov Bridge, including the Brankov Club, which are open every night. You’ll probably start seeing the same other tourists that are in Belgrade for a week or so hanging out here at night. If you’re solo and need a wing, you can probably find one in one of those many bars.

Other parts of the city have clubs scattered around ranging from hipster to turbofolk to extremely fancy. Just note that they’ll generally command a time commitment for travel, so it’s best to have a good taxi app on lock to avoid potential scams.

Serbian women


Daygame Belgrade: Burn, Baby, Burn

Now if you’re trying to daygame in the center of Belgrade and you’re not battle-hardened, I’m telling you now: expect more blowouts. Due to PUA bootcamps flooding the place in the last few years (both foreign and domestic) and local social networks and media picking up (heh) on the PUA phenomenon, it’s just best to say it now so you don’t feel shocked if you try.

An unfortunate disclaimer daygamers need to consider: yes she’s hot, but does she want to be approached? Does she look available? Did she give off any positive signal that she wanted you to talk to her?

Cold approaching, while a skill in its own regard, can only take you so far and isn’t optimal when you’re in a more provincial, laid back city. By all means, do what you feel you must with the skill you have, but if you’re interested in optimizing and keeping a pleasant energy while also having success, it would be best to look for signals that a girl seems available and is interested in you.

I found Serbia to be one of the tougher places in terms of getting solid numbers and dates. Getting a girl’s contact info is not hard in and of itself. Masculine calibrated daygame approaches are received well, but there’s no guarantee a solid street interaction will lead to a date. Many things can and do go wrong in the interim, one of the bigger being social pressure. Girls may like you but due to their large social circle, a possible boyfriend, being short on time, or other unknown unknowns, many numbers vanish in the ether, more so than other places I’ve been to.

The daygame funnel is not like in Russia where getting a girl to stop, taking her number, and even going on a date are relatively easier to do. Whereas in Russia I’d have to be more conscious to filter out for girls trying to waste time on dates (let’s be friends, practice English, pay for my drinks I’m meeting friends), in Serbia I noticed that girls were more discerning early on. They want to be polite to foreigners but are very savvy as to meeting with a man. If she’s taking her time to reply to messages, keeps derailing things with irrelevant chit chat, and simply doesn’t seem keen to meet, just move on. Save your textual gymnastics and energy.

When I filtered away the noise from all the number crunching, the girls who did come out were definitely interested, and it became a matter of filtering for the ones who wanted a serious relationship versus the ones who were interested in adventure.

Serbian women

Some girls will try and tool you with “being friends” though I haven’t experienced this as much as in Russia. Don’t take the bait. Let her know you’re interested in her as a man; otherwise consider ending the date so you don’t waste more time. If a girl has a boyfriend, she’ll let you know early. It’s OK to ask. You won’t get penalized like you may in the West. Relationships are more common here.

Now with all that warning out of the way, when you do reach a hook, Serbian women are friendly and will give you the time of day, however they can also be quite cautious. Do not mistake her stopping to talk to you or even laughing, smiling and asking normal questions as solid, sexual interest. Be direct; put your intent out there. See how she reacts as a woman. Is she responding to the “you” as a man or the “you” as a novelty tourist? It can be subtle, but it does make a difference.

As a foreigner, you will be treated with intrigue so don’t mistake that for attraction right away. Even the guys are pleased to meet foreigners. This dynamic also happens in other parts of Eastern Europe, so careful what you classify as an “IOI”. Also remember that Serbs take great pride in their country and history and like to represent themselves to the outside world with warmth and interest.

Always see how a girl reacts to you. If she’s asking you “business” type questions, she’s really just being polite. You need to see where you stand in the conversation, and if she likes being touched or not. If she is curious as to who you are as a man, say by commenting your style, interests, appearance, physique and such, then she’s probably attracted.

The best signal that a Serbian girl is really into you is if she agrees to come out with you. A coffee/lunch/walking date can work, I wouldn’t discount it right away, and if she’s in a bar with you, it’s likely she’s interested in pursuing intimacy. Just escalate and confirm the attraction.

While there will always be girls interested in status, entertainment and money, I think since Serbian girls put a premium on education and strong social values. This means she will appreciate what you have to offer on life. She will look under the hood, curious to see how the engine works. Any girl can go on Instagram, post suggestive photos and find a way to make money these days. Local guys offer all the alpha credentials plus familiarity and stability the girl wants.

What do you bring to the table? Novelty and adventure is one thing, but I’d argue they ultimately want someone mentally strong, reliable and stable. The hardest part will be time: are you willing to drop everything and live there?


Conclusion on Serbian women

If you’re coming to Serbia, and specifically Belgrade thinking it’ll be a dangerous, rough and tumble warzone with hooligan alpha males running amok while tall Amazonians are strutting on the streets, you’ll be half wrong and right. You’ll actually be pleasantly surprised at just how down to earth and friendly the people are.
While Serbian women have seen their fair share of male tourists and their generally conservative nature won’t guarantee fast action, it is a place worth exploring if you’re into somewhere unusual and not fully taken into the West.

If you’re coming only for girls and are short on time, you may be disappointed. Generally, Serbia is not a dirty, fast sex place. There are deviations but it’s not the norm. Don’t be fooled by the “Best Nightlife in Europe” gimmick. It’s fun to go out and drink excellent alcohol while listening to good music, but if you’re looking to hookup fast and easy, be prepared for lots of groups, polite disinterest, ghosting and hangovers.

Can you get with your personal 8 in one week? Possibly, but I would guesstimate it would take some time, energy and investment. Staying in Belgrade for a short period will be enough to see the city, check out some bars and clubs and possibly get lucky with a Western-oriented girl (or fellow tourist).

Realistically, if quality and a relationship are your goals, you’ll want to spend some time here and get a feel for what the culture, girls and overall vibe is like. Some guys enjoy it; other guys can’t wait to leave. It’s a tough call in a tough town. Only you can make it.

Some may say I’ve painted a grim picture; my purpose here is to make sure you understand the dynamics. Western expectations may simply be unrealistic for a culture that, while open to the West, is not trying to be the West. Serbian women are friendly, but may not be interested in adventure as other places. You’ll have to put in the work to find out, and don’t be surprised if it’s one of the more relationship-oriented cultures when it comes to dating.

Foreign Tourism has skyrocketed over the last few years, so enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes and, of course, the women.

Ready to start pipelining a bit before your trip to Serbia and meeting some local Serbian girls who’re already on the ground? Get started now.


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